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Necrovions coat of arms

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-a broken rusty coat of arms with liquid Dust maybe with the wings of the shade sentinel

-broke (fragments) moon with liquid dust and brillant (white) (remember eternal night on necro :D)

-the sum of the alliances of necro places into the body of a strange creature or shape dripping liquid dust!!!

Important liquid dust :D

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Alright, so I was thinking about liquid dust, and how it's unstable. Is it a liquid, a gas, a solid? So, the triangle and lines represent solids, liquids, and gases. The spiral represents the place where the wall shade lurks. And, the black streaks are just some random liquid dust, kind of iffy on whether or not I like that (I'm tired).

This is just a rough paint picture:



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Hedge, you have now made me thing about this more...

I would think this symbol says that darkness is natural, alive. I'm thinking the cube in story mode, a white shape with darkness surrounding it.
-Note this is not a specific idea. Mirrors inverse things, right? The masks are opposites. So take any symbol you are thinking of, inverse it (black/white, or directional), and there you go! The necrovion coat of arms :)

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Going off from what I got from Mur's idea:


That's just a rough Paint drawing, again. The mask was copied from a google pic:


Sorry, long link. The pic url wasn't working.

-- I'll try a drawing later. Is this what you meant, Mur, roughly?

And, here's going off of Rhaegar's vein idea...It's a bit patchy:



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Inspired by Hedge I tried playing a bit with the triangle and the spiral, and here it is:
[attachment=3622:Necro CoA.jpg]
I pointed the triangle downwards as a reverence to both the elements earth and water and the darker down side.
The white circle is the border between inner and outer Necrovion
The spiral continues outside the triangle and outside the black circle like Necrovions influence reaches outside Necrovion.

Also inspired by the tear shape Idea I made it into the shape of a tear:
[attachment=3623:Necro CoA 0.2.jpg]
This does greatly alter it's symbolic meaning, but can easily be combined with a mask to get a greater symbol.

I think they would make s nice coat of arms when combined with a mask.

Also the first time I tried to save it it ended up like this:
[attachment=3624:Necro CoA.png]
Not sure what it means, I thought it does look kind of interesting though.

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ah very good pics me gusta

BUT lines are way too thin and way too numerous, and if it gets shrinked (unsure about dimensions in which it would be used) it would look bad, and maybe some more work on tear shape coz atm its too artificial lookin shape rather than natural lookin, but generally its very good

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[quote name='Liberty4life' timestamp='1327862577' post='102794']
and if it gets shrinked (unsure about dimensions in which it would be used) it would look bad

It actually looks really really good on my screen if you zoom out quite a ways. It creates an optical illusion in which it looks like there are two spirals going two different ways, which is kinda neat :))

[quote name='Liberty4life' timestamp='1327862577' post='102794']
its too artificial lookin shape rather than natural lookin

Maybe that's the point? ;) I think the current tear drop shape preserves the spiral pretty well while still obviously remaining a tear drop, but maybe Samon could post some other spiral-in-tear-drop shapes and see how those look?

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My initial thought would be drawing something that mirrored, but a plain mirror would be difficult, and raises the question "what does it reflect?"
So I ended up with the ribbles of water, removing the problem of th mirror, because it's blurred and does not need to be a clear image.

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Maybe a skull impaled by a black-bladed dagger, with it's eye sockets bleeding liquid dust.

Something like this:

Ok, just realised it looks a bit too much like the Caretakers badge... So, maybe a skull with a black/white mask, which is made out of two separate skulls... Something like this:

Edit: Third idea: The skull, with the b&w mask, impaled on 3 daggers, bleeding liquid dust.

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