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Necrovions coat of arms

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I might be strongly biased on this matter (because of personal reasons and what nc means from my point of view) and it seems i can't reach a conclusion about what should be Necrovions coat of arms, symbol. This is an open request for suggestions, either graphical or in words, but keep it simple and clear, don't write novels to explain. Maybe one of you will see something i missed or suggest a symbol or meaning that i can develop upon and create a suitable logo integrated with the other lands.

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Even though I'm not a citizen of Necrovion I will still post some of my thoughts of Necrovion's coat of arms.

Why not a symbol which has a shade(a face or an upper body picture) then a seal/pentagram/whatever sealing symbol you can think of [color=#ff0000]Mur[/color] at the back?

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- a shade, well, they have no shape
- a mirror...you draw that as a SYMBOL i have no idea how
- @SS ..yeah..but you see..that symbol you refer at isn't quite familiar in md, and looks very much alike some satanic symbols that have nothing to do with necrovion, it will cause confusion and bring nc meaning further away from its path.

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Maybe a sun in eclipse (a bright ring around a dark orb) with drops of dust dripping from the orb. These could loosely from the edges of a symbol, obviously, maybe paired with little shiny stars over the eclipse. Combination of light and dark edges to veil the matrix even more, if you like.

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one initial idea was two masks one while (contour) and one black (filled) intercalated one into an other..like a theatre symbol..but thats the problem, too much similar to a theatre...and that is not the point

or a mask with 3 faces , would be highly accurate to the concept of shades, and quite dark, but..but i saw this once in a movie and i cant stand to copy others. It was an alien race very very much necrovion-like.

Or a mirror mask,..but impossible to draw as a symbol

keep thinking, your ideas are putting my brain in motion :)

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I think I know that movie! ^^ But, I think what should be done is something more like a symbol of the Shades... Maybe a mask that somehow fades as it goes out? i.e. Starts off soild in the center and fades as it moves out.

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[quote name='Phantom Orchid' timestamp='1313970240' post='90549']
What about a spiral, such as the one seen by new players when they encounter the wall shades?

I like the idea of incorporating a spiral into the coat of arms somehow, but I would suggest doing it in the form of a triskelion: three connecting spirals that posses threefold rotational symmetry.

They can be quite simple like this:

Or can get fairly complicated like this:

Either way, the concept of threes seems quite important to me in regards to Necrovion, and I'd like to see it represented in the coat of arms. ^_^

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I still think that a shade be a symbol even if it has no shape because they are the main reason that there is a Necrovion.

So why not a shade trapped in a mirror or a mirror which reflects a shades reflection?

Here's an example:


Yeah I know it kinda looks like a mask but just think of it as a shade that reflects a mask. xD

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It will be hard to create a symbol that is completely original.
Personally I like the image of a black orb as well as 3 spirals and masks.
Perhaps someone can try to incorporate the three concepts in one.
I'm not that good at drawing but will try a few sketches when I have a moment.

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Half circular crest (right half-moon) crest with half scale (maybe should be upwards to enhance not simple reflection character), the shape and scale 'rippled', indistinct:
- completion of all,
- distorted image/ mirror,
- the other side,
very rough sketch:

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(try # 2 - in all seriousness, I like the symbology of my tattoo)

A triskele, triple spiral, with a triangle and Dark Points framing it, enclosed by a Sun.

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[quote name='Grido' timestamp='1314985277' post='91251']
@Azull, just a query if the arrowy thing is intentionally off centre?
-not a disparagement, but it being central provides a different meaning than if it's intentionally not central
Er, no. That is my sloppy drawing. The "arrow symbol" should be exactly in the middle.

Here is another idea. My apologies in advance for any inaccuracies.
(possibly the pentagram and square should touch their circles.)

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Here's a couple ideas that I've been playing with
[attachment=3208:horns 1.jpg][attachment=3209:horns 2.jpg]

and this is how the masks should look on the second triangle if it doesn't show up cleanly
[attachment=3210:3 masks.jpg]

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from Murs mask ideas: What about a mask and the shadow of the mask with opposite emotions (totally sure its stolen from somewhere :) ). For example the "real" mask would have a smile or something and its shadow would have a sad face. Its simple to get and connects to NV in my opinion. I dont really like all these weird deep-thought symbols. I prefer something "easy to interpret". I dont like the happy/sad emotions. I would prefer something like aggresive/calm

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Sorry folks, maybe it's the Irish factor, but no, a triskele would not suit Necrovion I feel. The triskele is a much more than just a nice looking symbol and I for one believe that it definately does not suit Necrovion. If you were looking for an actual existing symbol to use, I would look more towards something like a Ying Yang symbol.

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