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Controversy, and the Way of the Dodo


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It's less likely than you think.

Let's face it, on a daily basis we see things online that even a decade ago would either land us in an insane asylum or be considered so vile and depraved that even the mere mention of it would give people probable cause to call a mental health institution to pick us up.

Adding to that, television is starting to pick up the trend by introducing new and more convoluted efforts to shock and awe their audience by constructing "technical problems" on live broadcasts to increase ratings through sites like YouTube and CollegeHumour.

I started playing KoS when I was 20 years old, approximately 7 years ago, and during that time I've seen an increase in the media to outdo other networks in terms of their content, appealing to the public by introducing new and more torrid devices to garner viewers and pundits alike.

Take Vanessa Hudgens, for example. Going as little back as a decade, had she still been the same age as she is now and under contract with Disney, the leaking of her nude pictures would've caused the contract itself to have been null and void. She would've been fired, simple as that. If you don't believe me, there was a Miss Canada back in the day who had posed for Playboy and they demanded that she return her crown and title upon finding out. Now? Well, now there's a video of two Miss World contestants double-teaming some random guy in a dressing room and nobody gives a shit.

Two Girls One Cup? Once upon a time, that would've caused those women to have been arrested. Today, they're invited on radio talk show hosts to regale listening audiences about how they've been eating each other's excrement since they were 12 years old at a Thanksgiving dinner. Yeah, that's a fact.

And the Saw movies? Sure, the first one was actually not bad, but they've come out with...what...6 of them? 7? It would've been banned ages ago as a snuff-film fantasy. Not just because of the content, but because it's a flimsy death-spree set to a crap script. No major film studio would've touched it.

How can anybody really be an Anarchist at a time where the social norm is nearly criminal? How can anybody be remotely shocking or controversial when almost every major media outlet is competing to be more shocking and more controversial than the others?

Does anybody even find anything controversial any more? Does humanity even have a limit any more? Or is this all we are, just consistently wading through every single morally reprehensible idea that pops into our head like some sort of modern-day interpretation of a bacchanilistic Caligula's Rome?


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We are becoming more liberal, More things are allowed, If this is good or bad is merely your opinion.

Personally i think many of the things that have happened because of our views becoming more liberal are wonderful.

See slave trade abolishing, Womans rights, Black President of USA, freedom to say nearly anything nowadays in "many" countries.

Look at the current protests in the middle east, Unfair regimes are being overthrown.

Change happens, the change that is currently happening is that we are more liberal. if this is good or not is totally your opinion. I think its wonderful. people can be who they want to be much easier.

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I agree, and disagree.

There should be "limits" on what is acceptable and what is not.

Over the last century there have been an astounding amount of positive revolutions, rebellions, and changes in human mentality. It has only recently begun that we, as an entire race, have become so "liberal", as Chewett has put it, that we find it acceptable and entertaining to watch two women excrete in each other's mouthes while having sex.

Why must we constantly out perform our [size="3"]predecessors with grotesque, vile and disgusting performances. [/size]

[size="3"]Do we, as a society, have no where to better ourselves? Are we that disillusioned?[/size]

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IMO, if we are to become conservative, we allow ourselves to be less open minded. Thus, causing MORE [size=3]"grotesque, vile and disgusting performances" [size=4]As you so have called it. Would you not call slavery vile? Or even the fact that a man could beat a woman without act of the law disgusting? Or, or even, that homosexuals were BEATEN and MURDERED just for being who they were without really doing any negative impact on the world? Would you not call that grotesque?[/size][/size]

[size=3][size=4]So what. The world is more open to sex and violence. We adapt, we move on. Nothing short of that. [/size][/size]

[size=3][size=4]Edit: I would also like to state that slavery does continue on [especially in the US and other countries], that homosexuals still face what they do, and men still beat women without penalty of the law. [/size][/size]

however, it is not within our culture to find it 'right' or acceptable. We know it exists, and while the state of the country may be at splits, that does not mean that we as humans have grown and learned and adapted, and then found ourselves changing for the better of the human race as a whole. But, as I would like to quote from War... "They know it exists. They know what goes on. They just refuse to acknowledge it."

Which is true in some cases. But, I do believe people as a whole are as stated before, learning to change their perspective to create some sort of equivalence and understanding.

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I'm not sure where you get that I am saying Slavery, or domestic violence is okay...? Or that being gay is a bad thing?

Just to make it clear, I don't care what other people do in their bedroom, what I am talking about is the fact that they were rewarded and praised for it?

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The world is changing to a more liberal way and i still think its good.

The legal system in the UK was and is designed on the basis that you are innocent until proven guilty. This means that every now and then, some murder or criminal gets away because you couldnt "prove" it, even if you "knew" they did it. This however does mean that many people who are innocent and get taken to court because of circumstancial evidence are freed. It is widely acknowledged that this is a better way, then imprisioning more free people, to try and make sure the guilty are always punished.

In letting a more liberal world, you allow so much freedom and goodness. But you do let a couple things that you might be offended by, or disgusted. But more good things happen than bad.

Curi is saying pretty much what iv said, You let a couple bad things happen, But you allow so many good changes such as the ones she described.

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Pretty much, just giving more clarification, me thinks.

If you don't care what people do in the bedroom, then why care about what people do in 2 girls 1 cup? Hell, I could have even said watch 1 man 1 jar because I've seen it, and as much as it's made me cringe, I'm not going to sit here and point the dirty finger and say: ew. While it may not have been to my tastes, it MIGHT have been for the person performing it.

it is not our duty to go about and point at things, with a jeer and say: ew, gross, nasty, disgusting. While there are things that certainly prove so, I find it childish and stupid. There is not one thing more that bothers me than a conservative prick.

Also, if you're going to go to the television route, I would combat that to say:
1. Blacks weren't even allowed as actors. They used WHITE men dressed in black ink to portray a black actor. A lot of the times? They took the piss out of the blacks.
2. With the acceptance of homosexuality, more shows are portraying actors/actresses as homosexuals. Or have homosexual scenes. So what if they portray what they do in the bedroom? EVERYONE does it.

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The problem with the whole point of 'setting' a limit, is that ultimately someone, or more likely, a group of people, set a limit which, by its very nature, goes against your very nature (if your tastes are the ones being limited).

The point being that if a majority may decide against an individual's will and force it to abide by its rules. This is actually a good thing in many cases, as theft, murder, rape, pedophilia and other such measures, have been 'tyranically imposed by the greater majority on the fringe minority, according to the concept of implicit social contract'. But there is a reason why this is so undisputed; there is clear, active 3rd party harm (someone gets robbed, killed, raped, against their will naturally).

In the case of something that is taste however, jurisprudence /suggests/ that the 3rd party is far less and that the harm is done inactively, not actively, nor even always with the intent of harm (also important).

In comparison; hearing about 2 girls and 1 cup from your friends, not punishable by law. The harm is very subjective (I thought it was funny to gross out my friends, kind of like a very disturbing version of 'pull my finger') and the victim can always walk away or protest (my friends didn't), thereby removing their implicit consent.

Having your movement restricted or the harm forced upon you however, is punishable by law. No one is allowed to tape your eyes to the disturbing movie that crawls its way around the net, nor is anyone allowed to turn up the volume on a radio show of which the content is disturbing (disturbance of public area).

So.. yeah.. uh.. the other things you are talking about concern private institutes and companies, who are allowed to discriminate on non-arbitrary and business necessary traits and attributes.
Your story only reflects a social change, in the sense that Disney thinks that they can profit more and capitalize on the scandal, whereas in the past, the entire social norm was different (more like you I presume) and as such, they were unable to capitalize and had to cut their losses.

However, your story only reflects a change in social norm. It does not however, legitimize or justify a change in law or setting a new arbitrary limit.
Strangely enough, the only outlet you do have, is to fight for it, and protest this social norm, until the majority re-converges on a limit that would suspend such activities as mentioned in your story.

I, myself, hope you fail, seeing as how I truly believe that 'hurt feelings' don't deserve their own amendment in any constitution, especially not when you yourself are in a position to walk away, do the same thing to them (gross them out via a tea-party in front of their house?), or especially when the current social norm still dictates that they will not EVER reach high positions. (politicians and business people, will ruthlessly devour you if you had such a past as would any moderate voter).

So.. your problem is that 'celebs' go further to create shock and generate publicity. I ignore them, and am quite happy with it :)

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Oh, let me change that for you sir. ; D For I was not paying attention as I was quite caught up in the resounding awesomeness of your words that I... was brought to quite a stir in my heart to scream those words that I did.

Huzzah the bunny!

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It's called the fact that it is a free country, and people can do as they pleased as long as no laws are broken.

People do plenty of things that are considered 'disgusting.' I might even say that some things that YOU have done were disgusting. But I'm not going to write a huge rant about it just because I can.

And this IS about something that they did otherwise you wouldn't have even bothered writing about it in the first place! I find this completely stupid and unnecessary to bring in personal debates about something like this in which you demand that people who have certain kinks or fetishes be shunned. Just because they do stupid things does not mean that they are necessarily stupid, or deserving of such criticism.

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You are clearly not listening to me. This has NoTHING to do with what they did. I don't give a rats ass what they did. It's the fact that they are getting praise for it. They are getting rewarded for this crap.

Anyways, since this has clearly gone offtopic, I would like this closed.

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It seems you forget that people always got praised for doing things that were disgusting, controversial and what not. It was just less noticed.

30 years ago, my Highschool English teacher was 18 and so upset with his useless English teacher that he stood up in the middle of the class and took a dump on his desk, in front of all the class. Every student in that school praised his rebellion, but nobody else ever found out.

These days, such actions get filmed and put on youtube, and half a minute later all the world has access to it. Then such people get praised by everybody who has a similar mindset, not just the few who happened to notice.

And of course, any publicity is good publicity. Why not put up nude pictures when your last 2 movies were crap? Some will like, some won't, but everybody will hear about it, and more people will watch your next movie. In a time when Disney was targeting young children, that was not acceptable, but Disney doesn't do the 5 years branch anymore, they're now going for teenies (because teenies have more money, obviously). And teenies usually know what the other sex looks like anyway, so no harm done to Disney, either.

It's actually quite simple, people found new ways to put price tags on their dignity. 20 years ago, people made a few bucks off their friends for drinking pee, having themselves hit with baseballs or running through the city park naked. These days, they make a video of it and call it jackass.

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Burns is totally right, before the internet and such you wouldnt have seen or heard about many of these stupid acts. But now you will hear about it all the time.

stupid people will praise stupid things, its their right to. But you dont have to pay attention to this rubbish, As Metal Bunny said, Im quite happy just to ignore them and let them go about their lives loving the latest stupidity.

and closed since you asked it, But it seemed like you werent getting our point, specifically metal bunny saying his bit, it was very eloquent MB!

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