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The Incomplete Tale


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I participated into the contest and would love to see all stories published, so that I can see how to improve my (poor) writing skills. I will publish mine as soon as i get back to the computer where it is stored (tomorrow I think), but that would be easier if Innocence would publish all of the stories herself by any mean. (I can help with that, if forum account is a problem).


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In Australia the creater of the item is presumed to be the copyright holder unless they have ceded rights to another.

A [url="http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Copyright_notice"][color="#0645ad"]copyright notice[/color][/url] (©) is not required on a work to gain copyright, but only the copyright owner is entitled to place a notice. It is useful in publishing the date of first publication and the owner. Where a copyright notice is used, the onus in infringement proceedings is on the defendant to show that copyright does not subsist or is not owned by the person stated in the notice.

The grey area resides in the TOS of many forums and websites that state anything used or published on them is now the property of said forum, website. I fall under North American copyright rules but they share a commonality with Australian rules. If I display a work on my own website and list a copyright notice on it - linking to said work off another forum does not take my rights away. I still own the copyright and at the MOST only will sell FNASR (First North American Serial Rights) to a publisher or sometimes donate them to a particular forum/website on anything I plan to use sometime in the future. I have elected not to assert those rights on anything written for Magic Duel consumption - these are just fun, quick dashings for me. But Aranna might have different choices for the story written.

Aranna if you elected to put the story on your own site, or an author site (like Author's Den) you would not be giving up the copyright and could link to that external source from here if you wished. That would preserve your future rights and still display the creative work in question. As an author I understand your qualms but wanted to let you know there are ways around them that still keeps your creative work belonging to you.

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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