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While I like many artists like Apocalyptica, Vitamin String Quartet, Trans Siberian Orchestra, Within Temptation, and even some dub like Rusko, Deadmau5, The Glitch Mob, or Bassnectar, I also enjoy...vocaloid.

Yes, vocaloid *laughs*

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[quote name='Maebius' timestamp='1327014156' post='101287']
[b] [size=4]Eivør - Undo Your Mind [/size][/b]


Absolut great. Thank you Maebius for posting this one.

There will be soon a new list of songs I "discovered" some new some old.

All the best to all of you, enjoy every second (if possible).

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Here the third gathering:

[i]I will start with one of the best Songs of all time for me. Its complete in all aspects and I devoted it to someone important in the “Musical Portrait”. Hope you enjoy it (if you can digest it):[/i]

[color=#ff0000]As I Lay Dying - “Upside Down Kingdom”[/color]


[i]And I will just continue with the same genre, it just fit´s in here perfect.[/i]

[i]Just enjoy this:[/i]

[color=#ff0000]36 Crazyfists - “Waterhaul II”[/color]


[i]And now a classic in new clothes, and it´s no longer new it´s again a classic nowadays:[/i]

[color=#ff0000]Pantera – “Planet Caravan”[/color]


[i]And I would like to share this version of the same song with you. For me beautiful and deeply emotional in wholeness.[/i]

[color=#ff0000]Emma Russack – “Planet Caravan”[/color]


[i]Now something totally different. I choose this song because it hopefully marks the turning point in Bollywood music because I can´t hear the 14657834[sup]th[/sup] version of the same song over and over again. So here it is:[/i]

Taken from the original soundtrack [color=#ff0000]Rockstar – “Sadda Haq”[/color]


[i]And again you can call this old – I can´t believe it it´s 17 years old. The only “techno-song” ever wich was hitting me very deep. Until today it`s my all time favorite from this genre and I rarely listen to stuff like this – here it is:[/i]

[color=#ff0000]The Montini Experience II – “Astrosyn(Your House Is Mine)”[/color]


[i]special song number II[/i][i]I[/i]

[i](pure irish mood from one of the best DOOM Bands ever)[/i]

[color=#008000][i]Mourning Beloveth – “Autumnal Fires”[/i][/color]


[i]I hope you (or some of you at least) could enjoy some of the above. I will continue posting here because the whole thing seems to be interesting enough.[/i]

[i]All the best.[/i]

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[url="http://ephixa.com/album/zelda-step"]Ephixa - Song of Storms remix[/url]

mp3 link: [media]http://p0.bcbits.com/download/track/91a1f6df94b306632bcd9bd1ac9a7c78/mp3-128/3750196862?c22209f7da1bd60ad42305b8eb189676dff146dbd8b8dc5f7318c81cc1b15b98c0adaece77c66dd98911ce0c75a79c6d048cfa77090974911ba83a924ac8c11056b910a6beda46056f216c6523dad387582931283db84f904419b401a13dce61d55a4b465e77ef1113730937e7f187d1deb191&fsig=607980e8818a5e5021b110e677564a34&id=3750196862&stream=1&ts=1339646400.0[/media]

[url="http://www.newgrounds.com/audio/listen/429515"]Solkrieg - Song of Storms remix[/url]

mp3 link: [media]http://www.newgrounds.com/audio/download/429515[/media]

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It will keep you warm: with some nasty [url="http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zgrpoyV-AfU"]bass[/url] or pure [url="http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2mhmk_oK2Kk"]acoustic[/url].

(London Electricity: Electricity will keep me warm)

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Not sure have I posted this... Anyways, for all those that care to find some interesting music away from the researched western public. I will keep posting stuff occasionally, hope anyone finds it to his or her taste.


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I had the oportunity to see these guys playing live last week (as a trio: soprano saxophone, double bass and accordeon), and they really surprised me.


Hope you enjoy it!


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Part of my campaign, but still, something for you Aelis :)
Last album of one of the greatest musicians in this region, but it was produced in Brazil (as far as I remember). Project is called Angel's Breath.


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I bought something "new" two days ago and was impressed. A mix of Tool and Opeth (the Ex-Opeth Drummer is now the drummer of Soen)

The whole album is very intense. You can find some songs on youtube:



What are your comments?

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I want to share this piece of music from the movie "Passion of the Christ." It is just so beautifully done that I have to share it to everyone. The beat of the drums, the angelic yet diabolic voice of the choir, the sequencing, pitch, tonality, everything comes from the heart, this is how it affects me.


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i saw this post before but i had not time to listen songs from here ..but with plenty time tonight i started some ..Some of em were good . i usualy listen songs that fit my Mood .when i m asleep or bored and want more energy on my phone play
www.youtube.com/watch?v=K83pjuvz2VI -Cold Driven -Rise of the Broken

www.youtube.com/watch?v=KUJmDa7-sNc-Trapt -End of my Rope

www.youtube.com/watch?v=tjk6N7at42o-Theory of a Deadman-Hurricane

www.youtube.com/watch?v=kgS1zjvCPF4-Nine Lashes -Anthem of Lonely

www.youtube.com/watch?v=5LltLbfQdss-Egypt Central-Over and Under
and Moree of em but i noticed i cant post many here .and when i m calm or simply staying in my bed i play

www.youtube.com/watch?v=yZXcf-AaR0g-Daisy x Daisy-Towa no Kizuna

www.youtube.com/watch?v=Q2aM5btBLVU-Soundscape to Ardor

www.youtube.com/watch?v=riV0Rykkmo8-Red -Let it Burn

and also more ,,usually from Naruto or Fairy Tail
hope u like :)

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