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Found 25 results

  1. Hello, i have never created a market entry and had trouble finding a reference for price. I had seen one go for one gold. Am offering 5 silver for one. I am willing to pay more, but I just wanted to kind of understand what a good starting price is. Please comment if you’re willing to sell and for what price. i might even need 2 for a quest so any help would be appreciated Thank you
  2. General price was no less than 3 sc but varied between person to person. PM with an offer and name.
  3. looking to buy the following. 11th anni creature, loreroot archer, resources to make a shmsh, frozen rose thanks!
  4. I'm interested in movelock, turntofrog, silvertongue, ghost, mirrorrit, attacklock, guardianarmy, otherarmy (I have some already) and perhaps locate, also any sendtogoe or sendtopc spell stones pst me if interested low prices only please. Ah yes and any weather spells! Particularly the weather spells! I intend to buy in bulk low prices please. Post here.
  5. I would like to purchase a pack of playing cards or a bloodstained pack of playing cards, PM me if you would like to sell one. **No longer needed
  6. I want to buy 2-3 root warriors, reply or pm if you have one to sell to me. ***No longer needed
  7. I want to buy a bloodpact archer, post here or pm me details.
  8. I would like to buy an image for my Bubble Weaver. I imagine it to draw inspiration from a Dream Catcher, but you may take of course some artistic license with that. You'll also have to name your price, since I haven't the faintest idea what the prices are these days. If it involves creatures or coins, I may have to contact friends, so expect some delays if that's the case. Awi
  9. Dragual

    WTB Avy

    I would like to commission an Avatar. Should have hooded, slightly ragged robes with the hood up carrying a satchel with a book in it. Also generating some sort of energy ball in both hands. It can be drawn up or one that you have seen or have stored away. Price will vary depending on appearance. No credits. PM me with the image and an offer.
  10. [b]WTB[/b]: x1 [b]Unholy Priest[/b] • attached with (minimum) 5+ tokens • age/heat not much required
  11. Greetings, I'm looking to buy the following: [b]- 2 Shades[/b] [b]- Usable items (preferably scripted by Rendril or Mur, but any usable item holds my interest)[/b] [b]- 1 Sword Shade[/b] [b]- 3 Darklings[/b] Find me in-game or PM me (in-game PM's are answered faster than forum PM's). Hedge
  12. I'd like to buy water being that is fully tokened (or as close as possible). Post below or PM if you have one you would like to sell or trade for. I will also pay for a tokening service if necessary.
  13. Looking to buy branches. PM me in game or in forum. Also looking to buy more tea leaves, again PM me in game or forum. Branches have been found. Always still looking for Tea leaves Mod can close this now pls, thanks.
  14. Similar to Rumi, I'm willing to purchase the rights to any of the GC gathering season auction items or spells. Currently, I have several rare creatures and credits. PM me if you want to work something out.
  15. As the title says. I need gold to bid for Acoustic remains spell (auction that I launched in the frame of Mur's GC gathering season). If someone is willing to help me, then please PM me with the rate of Credits you ask for 10 Gold. The deal would be subject to me winning the auction for Acoustic remains... and of course us reaching an agreement on that rate. Thanks.
  16. well again me yes me hahah i want to buy a dark or sword shade i have 25-31 MD credits and 6 gold coins so if you are iterested in get those please pm me also have some creats colorless joker tokens no token too santa and sharp (some tokens on each) pm me here or in game
  17. [quote name='Muratus del Mur' timestamp='1327196732' post='101733'] Seigheart bids 5gc for Bone Resource Collector (note that such an item might be eventually available as shared tool. Resource collecting items will also be offered "probably" to the spentcredits player list. This is not certain on when or if it will involve this specific one but don't say i didnt mention it. Item will be given as personal item and not shared one, OF COURSE.) [/quote] I don't have a significant amount of GC, but I do have a handful of valuable creatures to be sold or traded. If someone with a stock of GC will put a bid in to Mur for an [b]independent rainwater collector[/b], I will trade for it. The same offer goes to anyone on the spentcredits list. If you're interested in creatures I have available for sale or trade, please contact me.
  18. I'm looking to buy any and all enchanted memory stones or enchanting services. I currently have more than 50 memory stones, so I think I'll be buying for a while. PM me in-game or on the forum to negotiate prices. I'm also looking for heat stones and heat solidifying services, if anyone might be interested. Update: I'm now looking mainly for any Chase/Teleport spells as well as protector spells. I have enough silver to buy just a few more, but I also am willing to trade a few semi-rare shop creatures in exchange. Currently I have two sharpies, a BP, an aged angien, and a five tokened joker along those lines. I also possess a few duplicate spell stones that I'm willing to trade for other spell stones. Currently, I can get rid of 2 attack lock stones, 1 mirror ritual stone, 3 papercabin stones, and an other army stone. Once again, PM me if you're interested.
  19. Hi, I'm currently looking for a darkling. I have 12 gold right now, as well as an assortment of semi-rare creatures. I also get paid in two days, so please pm me or post in this topic if you are interested.
  20. Hello, I would like to get a Morph. Only one. I am wiling to pay with credits. I am mostly off until Jauary 2, but I am checking PMs reularly. Feel free to submit your offer via forum PM if you want discretion. Thanks!
  21. I am similiar to Grido as well here, I wish to buy anything that is a rare/unreleased black white creature, or: A reindrach, morph, nutcracker, santa. If in doubt, PM me with the CTC to MDC (not the whole just, just that bit) so I can check. I've got mostly coins to use for these transactions.
  22. Grido


    I want to buy various of the rarer creatures, these include, but are not limited to; [color=#808080](ID:55)[/color]Anniversary Imp [color=#808080](ID:33)[/color]Bloodpact Archer [color=#808080](ID:6)[/color]Darklings [color=#808080](ID:57)[/color]Elucubration [color=#808080](ID:24)[/color]Gg Drach [color=#808080](ID:34)[/color]Rustgold Drach [color=#808080](ID:27)[/color]Santa [color=#808080](ID:39-51)[/color]Snowman (Morph) [color=#808080](ID:37)[/color]Soulweaver [color=#808080](ID:28)[/color]Tainted Angien [color=#808080](ID:1)[/color]Windy ID's; 7, 8, 14, 17, 19, 22, 23, 26 are the others I am interested in. Any creature with an ID under 100k I will also buy. PM me what you have and what price you want for it. Don't be shy, if you're willing to sell, I'm willing to buy.
  23. I was wondering if there was anyone that would be interested in selling a tainted angien. In exchange, I can pay credits and/or creatures. At the moment, I've pretty much exhausted my coin supply. Some creatures that I would be willing to trade in combination for a Tainted are: A fresh nutcracker, santa, rusty, and rein. I also have an aged soulweaver and a sharpie.
  24. so im plaining to buy a reindrach dont care heat i dont need that aged get more value (150+) tokens more value too i dont mind if its young Please pm here or in game with offers i dont want to read pms with (Wats ur offer what u will give to me) so let me say i will pay in GC SC and credits can be combo (coins + credits) or just coins - credits
  25. 200+ age. Joker. preferred price, 3 sc each.
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