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Found 16 results

  1. it seems one cannot view "all announcements" anymore. The page keep loading forever but nothing happens. @Chewett please you fix this https://magicduel.com/page/Announcement/view/all Thanks
  2. On narrow view, friends, papers and spells are not displayed properly
  3. this is a screen fom my work PC.... it' not possible center all info on every type of screen size? center forum bar with map and bottom bar.... after put the rest near it... screen size 27 inch
  4. location viscosity: This is clickable for some reason? (For reference its the -24 that is clickable) solved in the sense that it needs no solving. I wanted to make it more visible to people and see what its there, maybe add a page later, but for now just tooltip. Viscosity is very important and i want it made clear to everyone.
  5. I do find that the progress indicator upon the left side of the interface were broken. I have taken the liberty of fixing it, and also including of some suggestions as to how they may appear when activated; the first image were as it doth appear currently.
  6. Heat orbs: some don't like it and would prefer something more static. fixed: I made a little button next to store heat button that will pin then in place (and make them sad, heat orbs are sad if not let free :P) I will move this as a shop feature soon, because both ways are fine, and some just dont like it. with this feature, you can fit 27 orbs nicely, its more than enough considering you can click any to do same thing.
  7. Mute chat and Unmute chat have a disparity on their styling (look bad, not similar) fixed
  8. Viewing announcements seems quite buggy solved, uses other js window opener now
  9. when using narrow view: the notifications popup show up in front of the scene, which is a bit annoying since we have to wait for it to disappear before having access to some clickables (left arrow in this scene for instance). solution: lowered the load/hide times to half. note: when i placed the notif there, i wanted it to limit navigating too fast from scene to scene, but i admit its a lame way to do it, so i made it a bit less annoying hopefully. Notifications will remain there however
  10. When in narrow mode, the scene information (or players online/rp reality when no info is available) gets too close to the orange glow. Also, the talk button isn't aligned with the text box fixed
  11. long Friends list seems to be clipping oddly fixed, i also increased that area some more, from what i tested its not breaking anything (i hope). Its a very useful estate to use for various things, now that we have the space. The red info bar you see chew, its only for A25 Tool holders, i didn't arrange it better yet, i will remove it soon when flash scenes are done
  12. Some creature pages are clipping quite badly as the height isnt transferred to the page: crit 10382 fixed, also fixed issue with crit missing image breaking the page entirely Its possible other crits might have issue, there are 4 page templates for them , this was just one
  13. The Message Sorting cloud (a premium feature) seems to have gone. We probably need to remove it from the shop if it is still there. If it isnt planned to be returned we probably need to refund those who purchased it. Explenation: The shop feature buys you a different interface for the labels. The cloud might be gone, but its functionality is not. All the cloud was, was a fancy way to use predefined labels. Considering the interface looks better for who has the message cloud option active, i consider this "bug" closed
  14. At 1920 resolution the shop and updates are hidden when the panel is pinned. There is a lot of space to the left so could probably be moved more left should be fixed now
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