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Found 1 result

  1. Earlier today, My dragon Draconas, accidentally *coughs* consumed some Tequila and after a strange turn of events, started hearing voices! I tried to probe his mind to assess what might be the probable reason for hi discomfort and found out that there was a voice whispering in his head commanding him to drown! I am FURIOUS assuming that this is an attempt to murder him or play with his mind or something more! He has been trembling since then and i have never seen him like this before. Not even when he was youngun... Hence I humbly request the help of this community in sorting out Draco's problem along with me so that I can get to the bottom and uproot it forever! 1. What the heck is this? Ans - Its a Roleplay Quest in which you need to speak to the Player Draconas and find out what happened to him. Be tactful and don't irritate him too much though! He might just get scared or eat you. Both are a possibility. 2. What do I need to do? Ans - Roleplay your way into finding out who or what is responsible for his plight and if there is a way out of it. Then submit an investigative report to Nimrodel (in forum Pm) containing the details of what happened to Draco, What/who is responsible and What you think is the way to deal with it. Include screen shots of your RP with Draconas or any other player concerning the said issue if you feel it is important for extra points! The Report will be judged by me, Sunfire and a mystery secret Judge. 3. Come ON! you know what's most important! Ans. Ah yes rewards. First place receives 3g reward. If there are 5 or more than 5 submissions, then first place receives a 5g reward, second place a 3g reward. There might be a Wishpoint reward too if all three of us judges feel that some player deserves the wishpoint due to exceptional performance. All the submissions will be put up in the forum once the judgment is over. 4. Hey! you forgot about the deadline! Ans. - Deadline will be stated right after the first submission is made. Get your thinking caps on! Good luck and don't get eaten! Deadline: 11th June 2018
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