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Found 4 results

  1. Given the recent anniversary I have been but in somewhat of a more social mood. To that end it appears the my other half (the player) is reaching their anniversary and I would like to commission some music to celebrate this event. Not just any music will do, no we require a magicduel related parody of songs that already exist. Example: Janie's got a gunJanie's got a gunHer whole world's come undoneFrom lookin' straight at the sun Instead: Granos' got a gun Granos' got a gun His whole void's come undone From lookin' straight at the Mur Note: This is just an example I am no artist This will be decided by community vote, but for more effort more points will be awarded. 1 up vote = 1 point 1 heart = 2 points Written = 1 point Audio = 2 points Video = 3 points The rewards: (note may be increased if there is enough interest) 1st place 5gc 2nd place 2gc 3rd place 1gc The last day of submission is the 5th of June 2021. Go forth and amuse me. Multiple entries are allowed
  2. Brulant


    A handful of you know that I have a very amateur interest in composing music that stems from my love of playing it Unfortunately, I'm not all that great , but I still really like to compose something every now and again because I find it very relaxing even though I don't finish many of the things I start. A couple of days ago, to wind down from practicing for Solo-Ensemble, I asked AmberRune and Peace to give me instruments, time signature, and key. They gave me (although you couldn't tell from the sound palette) Violin, Harp, Bassoon, Cello, 6/8, and D# minor. Over the next hour and half or so I worked out a fairly simple piece that doesn't really have an ending and has some serious balance issues and is overall not very complex, but wanted to share it with you all and ask a question. Is there anyone else who enjoys composition as a form of relaxation? If so, can you share some of your stuff? I'd love to hear it! Maybe it'll inspire me to finish more of my projects. Anywho, feel free to critique the piece, but don't be too harsh! Edit:Oh shoot, the file is too big. Gimme a sec to make a video and add it to youtube. Edit2: Okay, listen to it [url="http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bOgo1kcikNY"]here[/url] Edit3: If anyone is wondering or wants to try doing something just like this, I use [url="http://musescore.org/"]MuseScore[/url]
  3. Just wondering If people liked the song enough to bring it back. Personally i thought it fit perfectly. [url="http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nQ798THmR5Y"]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nQ798THmR5Y[/url]
  4. Chengmingz


    Good evening. I do not know much of coding but I was thinking it would be really cool if we have a spell or an extra feature that lets us broadcast a song or a musical piece for the game. Whether it is for roleplaying or just chilling. 1. I know that some may abuse this so there should be a mute option for those who do not want this. Or an allow music button to control this extra feature. 2. Perhaps this should be deep in the shop so that there would not be a lot of people blasting music everywhere. 3. I do not know how to resolve the issue of more than one song being played at once... perhaps the first one who plays has priority and they shall only play in order. Thank you for considering. C
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