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Found 2 results

  1. It seems the Protector Statement Papers one should pick up in MDAs Library with the good ol Librarian are bugged at the moment. This is not urgent as only One is MP6, and thus this bug only affects me. Just figured id catalog and report this now if you ever find yourself bored Chewy.
  2. Good morning everybody, currently we have 4 "stable" MP6: *Burns*, Amoran K Kol, *Shemhazaj* and Azull (correct me if I'm missing someone). Both Shemhazaj and Azull would need more adepts/worshippers (or at least not to lose too many) to let them stay on MP6. Besides, we have 3 people willing to be "MP6 for a day" to upgrade creatures and so on (Manda, Lone Wolf, Pipstickz). The question is: is there a way to allow the "stable" Protectors to continue to be so, giving also the possibility to those who are willing to upgrade creatures to do it? I think one way can be found, but I need both your feedback and an estimation on how many active adepts/worshippers can be found in the realms. An indicative number could be found simply counting how many adepts each of the above Protectors currently have. That would represent our community potential. Assuming the sum of all the adepts reaches at least 150, we could allow 1 temporary MP6 at a time (also limiting the risk for the stable ones to fall), just by scheduling the advancements. Let's say, for example: Manda has to be pushed to MP6 (since I think he was the first one to ask it), hence he needs 30 adepts. *Burns* realizes he has 40 adepts, while he need only 30. He can contact 10 of them (I would suggest the most active ones) and ask them to shift to Manda. Amoran, Shem and Azull could do the same, until Manda reaches the required amount of adepts. Once Manda has done with his business, he can contact his adepts and make them shift to the new one (Pip? Lone Wolf?), so that gradually everybody who needs to be a temporary MP6 can deal with it. A calendar can be kept, simply stating who's the next to help (also considering how much the wanna-be-MP6 is close to MP5 cap). Also, a (5?) safety margin can be introduced, if *Burns* thinks he is not sure enough having just 30 adepts he can keep 35, and tell other 5 to shift to the temporary one. This is just my idea to manage it, let me know what you think about it. lashtal
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