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Found 4 results

  1. We currently have some help documents under Live help button -> help topics. We also have documents under the top links -> restrictions We also have various documents under "More Info" links which are pretty scattered about how they are displayed. Also below the avatar we have some how to play links. ---- All in all its pretty disjointed. We need someone to talk to others and the newbies currently in gateway (I can give you a way to travel and talk to them) and see what they think, see if they have found anything that does it well so we can do something similar.
  2. I am looking for someone to help coordinate the christmas quests and the rewards. You will need to work with me and keep track of the quests and what rewards they want. In addition, help me reward the questmakers. Your reward will be something special, open to discussion. Please apply here and I will pick someone.
  3. I need someone to go through MD and find every piece of documentation we have. For each piece you need to write a line saying: <What it is> - <How to get to it> - <Direct link if available> Example Fighting docs - press X, then Y, then z - magicduel.com For the person that gathers the most amount pieces of information found here 1 gold coin. Please post all the information and links you can find here in this post.
  4. Christmas is fast approaching and we will want our newbies to experience it. Therefore we need to have a plan so they can either come to the mainland, or the mainland can come to them. I need someone to have a think about what we might want to do and talk with a variety of MD players to see what they think. I want to try and bring them christmas but we need to have a good plan. Once we have a plan you will be in charge of ensuring it goes ahead without a hiccup and the safe return of the newbies. Your reward will be open to discussion. Please apply here and I will pick someone.
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