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Found 7 results

  1. Edit: Sold out. Please close the topic.
  2. Currently, I have an assortment of enchanted stones, 48 blank stones, a sharpie, and various other creatures and items. I'm interested in purchasing water, tea leaves, and aromatic herbs. If anyone is interested please contact me in-game, or via forum conversation.
  3. [b]WTS[/b] / [b]WTS[/b] [u][color=#800000][b]The Nutcracker[/b][/color][/u] Stored Heat --> [b]6662066[/b] [size=1]updated[/size] Age as of Day 28 Year 7 --> [b]50[/b] [size=1]updated[/size] Creature Tokens: • [[b]onyxfangs[/b]] • [[b]darkshield[/b]] • [[b]purpurmoon[/b]] • [[b]goldbelt[/b]] [i]Never transferred before[/i] Latest bid --> [b]3 Gold Coin[/b] : [b]Princ Rhaegar[/b] - - - [i]Looking for a tokened [b]BloodPact Heretic Archer[/b][/i] - - - [i]Will also accept a trade for credits[/i] - - - [i]Last bidder owns the auction after 24 hours of inactivity[/
  4. Similar to Rumi, I'm willing to purchase the rights to any of the GC gathering season auction items or spells. Currently, I have several rare creatures and credits. PM me if you want to work something out.
  5. Hello, I am able to enchant one Locate Stone and one Silvertongue stone at each spell counter rest. I am willling to trade those for any other enchanted stone on a 1/1 rate. It is for collection purpose. I know people value stones differently, depending on the rarity of the spell, but I have no idea of the market. So just propose if you are willing to trade 1/1, I am not interested in anything else. Thanks! ______ 24 January In stock: Locate x2 Accepting: any stone but Locate, Silvertongue, Invisibility, Noarmor, Otherarmy, Mirroritual, Guardianarmy, Movelock, Heat, Attacklock, Pa
  6. Auction canceled. My reasoning is that due to the amount of time I have and the offers here, there's really no chance of me earning enough money from this auction to bid on what I want before it's too late. Sorry if I've inconvenienced anyone.
  7. Auctioning/Trading Tainted Angien Minimum of 22 gc or 70 credits worth to be considered. Credits/tokened Creatures mainly. Acceptable Tokened Creatures: Rustgold (Base 4 gc) Dark Archer (No base) Blood pact (5 sc base) Reindrach (Base 13 gc) 3 sc per token on any of the creatures + base price. Credits are worth 3.5 sc/credit. Highest offer wins. Will last till Jan 6, + 24 hours after last bid. Messy messy. Might sell two if there's good enough offers. Immediate sell price: 100 credits.
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