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Found 2 results

  1. Since I actually do realize my current creature inventory is just too fat, I wish to sell some stuff out. Rarer stuff I am more inclined to keep if the price does not match (so don't expect to get a drachorn for 5sc or something like that), but the not so rare pickings I have I will probably auction off rather easily. I reserve the rights to keep an item if the price completely does not match. I accept only coins and credits (preferrably in codes that I can also keep for a while, say 1-2months). (Notes as well, but coins get preferrential treatment- so someone with a 20gc note loses to someone with 10gc and 10gc note, however small notes/even more coins determine the winner. Pure GC only wins, SC I do not take too many.) [b]So if you bid, please state the exact composition, like: 10gc note, 10gc, 5sc.[/b] Conversion rate between credits and coins, I estimate 1 credit is worth about 2 silver. (So use that to roughly calculate- I may pick the credit user if the amount offered is not too big and I prefer that. If you can, make alternative offers instead, like: Either 2gc or 15creds.) If you wish to somehow involve creatures, you can tell me about [b]RARE(!)[/b] ones via PM/whatever, and I will tell you for how much I would buy them. [This also includes santas, reins, nutcrackers however, seeing as I wish to get a stock of those this year if possible- morphs if they come along, other shop creats I think are a no.] ID: 408848 Drachorn Age 352 Tokens: [b][firedrop][/b] [b][blooddrop3][/b] [b][blooddrop1][/b] [b][blooddrop2][/b] [b][emeraldglare][/b][b][kellethafire][/b] [b][enlightning][/b][b][claw1][/b] [b][claw2][/b] [b][darkshield][/b] [b][onyxfangs][/b] [b][blacktear][/b][b][darksky][/b] [b][claw3][/b] [b][sunshine][/b][b][goldbelt][/b] (Probably will keep this, don't expect good enough offers) [s]ID 292805 Elemental[/s] [s]Heat 11.5mil almost[/s] [s]Age 834[/s] [s](I expect some silver for this, 20sc is considered sold) [/s]sold and delivered. I[s]D 569140 Joker[/s] [s]1.4mil heat almost[/s] [s]Age 457[/s] [s](5sc buyout)[/s] Sold and delivered [s]ID 605977 Winderwild[/s] [s]473 Age[/s] [s](5sc buyout)[/s] Sold and delivered. [s]ID 606625 Joker[/s] [s]1.5mil heat[/s] [s]371 age[/s] [s](5sc buyout)[/s] Sold and delivered ID 696401 Tainted Angien 215 Age (Do not expect to be selling this) ID 697774, 697775 Knators 300 age (4sc buyout) [s]ID 719815, 719817 Daimons[/s] [s]233 age[/s] [s](3sc buyout)[/s] Sold and delivered ID 724724, 725725 Aramors (around) 200 age (this one hurts me, but too many aramors and my inventory clutters up ) ID 740112 Marksman 70 age (1gc buyout) ID 741888 Rustgold 96 age (5gc buyout)
  2. Post, Forum PM or in game PM. Prices are set. [s]Soulweaver - 3 gc[/s] Sold Stored Heat 118209 Age 52 Creature Tokens [firedrop] [s]Anniversary Aramor - 5 gc[/s] Sold Age 172 [s]Sharptear - 12 sc[/s] Sold Creature Tokens Stored Heat 400008 Age 338 [stardust] [s]Water Being - 12 sc[/s] Sold Stored Heat 26660385 Age 62
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