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Found 11 results

  1. The above image (click to enlarge) breaks down the interface into different areas, 22 in fact, the rest of this post will go over each area as to what it contains and useful info about each bit. If as a new (or old) player, you feel there is information that should be added to this, please send me a message suggesting such. 1 The top bar, often not seen because of it's unobtrusive nature, is very useful. As a new player there are 4 buttons that will matter the most to you, the rest look at, but they're not as beneficial at the outset. - The first being the "View Announcements" button, thi
  2. Split out of this thread: http://magicduel.invisionzone.com/topic/15855-questmaker-spellsachievement/ ~Burns DD, when you are doing quests ... there are some ppl that you can ask for help. But that will come if they think it s worth it. see nim's quests for example. Just because you say you want to do something you'll get help. You have to get a reputation for youself first (and not like yours at least not yet ... i think) or some simpathy.
  3. New or old, you may have questions about what various things do in game, what things are, or what you're meant to do. Whilst some of this information would be spoilers and so shouldn't be public, there's a lot of information around the game designed to help you. The picture below (click to enlarge) is there to indicate where you might find answers to your questions, be that through in game text, or from the Live Help messaging system where you can ask LHOs questions. [attachment=3882:FAQ Help Mk2.png] Anywhere (aside from the game chat) you see a linked "?", "Info" or "More Info" will dire
  4. This guide covers the basics of the combat system: crits = creatures rits = rituals ____________________________________________________ First of all, you'll want to learn about crit abilites. While in-game, go to: the little dragon sign on the vertical left menu (above the inbox) > click on any crit picture from the list > click on [more info] next to the crit's picture. It'll show you what types of abilites crits can do (one crit can't do all) and what are the possible targets a crit can attack. Again, you'll need to experiment on what to use to find out which is the most s
  5. Hello. 1. Yesterday I gained MP4. And then I saw these strange yellow circle and two smaller circles above. When I clicked on them, they were rotating and a number emerged inside. Can you tell me what is that? [attachment=4199:MD 2.jpg] 2. My two grassans advanced on 3rd level. I can choose a name for them. If I name them properly they can gain some special features. Can you give me some clues how to call them or where can I find guidance about that? Thank you
  6. Hey, I'm pretty new to the game and keep getting told to check people's Public Logs for information, but I can never find them! Where are they and how do you access them? I'm sure I'm just overlooking a tiny detail and will feel like an idiot when someone tells me where they are, but nevertheless I can't find them… *Sighs* Thanks in advance!
  7. I tried to edit my Personal page, but decided it wasen't worth it and wanted to turn it back. however, it's completly blanco now. anyone knows how to turn this back normal, just as the way it was before? greetings, Orlando.
  8. Is there some reason that my browser screen goes grey anytime I click on a link? And sometimes when it refreshes it does that too. I turned off my ad blocker function. Is there some other thing I can try? I am using the latest firefox with windows XP Thanks. AbsintheDragonfly
  9. OK there are several new people out there trying to figure out what to do and how to go about it where there creatures are concerned. Many of these things have been outlined by Muratus (AKA King Manu). But for the little details that weren't readily covered, i'll try to give it a go. 1. Get at least 6 creatures. You want to mix it up a bit. Don't stay with the old Aramors and Barren Souls. There are all kinds of goodies out there for you to play with. Aramor - attacker Barren Soul - healer Grasan - multi attacker Water Being - healer/support Archer - attacker Fire Elemental - support Scout
  10. I have not had success putting a picture in my pages. What exactly, and very slowly...should I do?
  11. Main target of this post are MP3 players. Purpose of this topic: - explain the purposes of the rituals, - why should they be created and - how are the picked If you feel you are too advanced for this ... then ... you might still read it and send me some info I missed. For any comments, please use the the "Comments on basics" topic. LE (one year later ): This topic was made by the previous owner of dst's account, currently known as No one. As you can see it is really old (happy B-day Mr. Topic!) but it did not lose its...validity. I checked it and they are few things that need to be adjus
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