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  1. attack with 3-4 healers when u've been killed (all creatures are at 2-3 HP)
  2. Casualties: Enemy:100%, You:-1296%
  3. up right corner. Got 3.5k+ of it today )
  4. Thx Btw, AnaMaria, I bet in Sweden there are real snowy winters too =)
  5. Thanks a lot to adv, that brought me here! =)) I may say the only thing about adv now. You won't get much not english-speakin' players. It'd be great, if we had some fan-sites about the game in "native" language (Deutsch, Francais, Russian... etc) The Game rests too much on words, so we should help non english-speaking players some ways. Hope once a day we'd be able to choose a language for interface, and, maybe, even for whole stuff we see now in english. Dunno how serious multilanguage system will tell upon the load on server(s)
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