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  1. I just quit Alliance, cuz I had only 90k exp. When I'll raise up my char enough - I will return to Alliance for Alliances-Wars
  2. Check out: http://magicduel.com/pages/help.gameplaystages.php Just finish some early quests and you will find out! If there is "Live Help" blinking in right side of screen - just click it to send a question to the Live Operator
  3. Btw, Manu. I need 1 more optin to answer: "They are too much (uber). They totally crashes the balance" I would take that one
  4. Why it depends only on creature's level? Shouldn't it be depended on much more values, such as exp gained, wins gained, ages lived..?
  5. Voted for interface. Not for "pretty" interface, but for "userfriendly" one
  6. Actraiser, I wish I could see the full log
  7. Ana, tshhh! =)) Let them think so, it is more excitin! -) Shadowice, hello there! -=)
  8. wait a bit just stay near the statue - there you cannot be attacked and ask for further help
  9. 1. Check out if smb already posted that bug, if it is so - just add your issues to existed topic 2. Do not post a new bug in topic that is created about another one. 3. Try to name your topic substantial (example: Loosing Experience Bug, Healing bug) 4. Describe all things that might be connected with bug. Try to describe the whole situation If you're uncertain whether or not what you're experiencing is a bug, you can post in the Questions and Answers forum; if it is a bug, it will be moved to here.
  10. I bet that is that brick outside the gates
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