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  1. i have the same experince in the ingame mail management- specifically what makes the whole thing crash is, in my case, the sorting cloud. works perfectly fine in firefox, but firefox is then slower in my experience on everything else. more than a MD bug, is an ajax/chrome bug i guess. would be nice to be able to switch off the sorting cloud in some kind of "options panel"
  2. *shrugs* indeed i'm not the patient type, when it comes to exploring XD but the topic is devoted to what might scare off the noobs... in my case, my asnwer is that AP really got me frustrated,particualrly because my real life is quite hectic, and finding myself having to accomodate extra time for ap regens has been a proper turn-off. as it frustrated me, it might make somebody else leave. Simply sharing this for the comunity to know, and bosses to know, it's obviously their decision whether to act about it, or whether the fact that some things ,in game as in life, take a certain amoun
  3. @chew: mmh i think it's 1 ap every 2nd day. after 16 days activity , now i have a mighty 108AP, MDA gates is 200 ap-viscosity(78 if i am not mistaken)
  4. [b]@Kyphis-[/b] i have been trying all sorts of things about the ap bonus from free credits... even switching from 1 browser to another and gettgin my ve and ap down beforehand. true that i didnt' try to time it out with the timer. thx, i'll give it a go! [b]@Pipstickz- [/b] i figured i'd do exactly that [i]i stil would like that my proposition to the makers about a permanent booster of 30 ap for 1$ to be taken in account tho...[/i] it wouldn't affect older chars, but would make a hell of a difference in the gameplay of noobs. the beginning is a constant wait for ap(when buying cr
  5. .. my experince of the issues of the beginnings(that did not manage to scare me away, but it wasn't too far off) [b]-i had no issues with the beginning story. [/b] it sets a frame, a "myth", in which than the MD world is enveloped. In fact, after reading few more posts and threads on this forum,[i] i think some texts in the beginning story- their specific wording- should be tweaked into a more neutral description[/i] of the scenes. (In some sense it feels to me that darkness, as in life, isn't necessary evil, but also something else. in the same way, light isnt' necessary reassuring pure go
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