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  1. 30 gc, since nobody bid the minimum yet
  2. Auction is closed, Duxie wins the auction. !
  3. i won't accept trainteds, only darks/windys/shades/coins
  4. shades starting at 9 gc, darks at 25, winds at 18gc
  5. rare creatures are Darks/winds/shades for me, i don't know yet how much i would value them for, because i don't know the prices. but coins or creatures are the same for me.
  6. no sorry, i only accept coins or rare crits
  7. As the title says, im selling a morph. i will accept coins or rare crits. i will close the auction when the offer is high enough . Start bidding! Boterham.
  8. Got the same also Player ID : 167492 Creature ID : 696178
  9. As the topic title says, im selling : Reindrach age = 9 Tokens : Stardust claw 1 claw 3 antifreeze fire drop jewel shards Santa : age = 2 no tokens nutcracker age = 2 no tokens [b]AUCTION IS CLOSED, WINNERS WILL BE INFORMED. [/b]
  10. As the topic title says, 5 angiens for sale *can be sold apart from each other 4 of them with 638 age 1 with 636 age no stored heat on 3 of them, the other 2 have 2 won fights no tokens, Start bidding Boterham.
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