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  1. Here is my try and its a good creation to nullify abusive spell users... [spoiler]<?php //adapted to md world $instr['title'] = "Spell Immunity Potion"; //the description will be the only thing to describe the needed steps to the ones that try to help you prepare the recipe //be sure you include all steps in it but tell it so that they wont be identical words with the steps defined below $instr['description'] = " First of all you need an empty bottle and a special water of luck found somewhere mix in some savage claws,a tree bark, nightshades, an egg of mystical property an
  2. May I suggest a few RP and non RP items... Pandora of Tranquility Its a music box which you can use to play different music in an area...if a specific area already had a background music ..that would change while the pandora is at use. you can also use it to transform into any other musical instruments during RPs Dust of Invisibility Allows the user to be invisible with the consequence of not being able to attack or do much other than talking....or else the effect will vanished with a sudden movements...good for playing hide n' seek or just hiding and scaring or surprising people..
  3. I'll join in... 111 for me!!! hurray for 111!!
  4. Is back from hibernation....

  5. [center][b]Valiant Knight[/b] So steadfast and full of might, Not a single trace of fright. You have a sword to strike your foes, A shield to defend from blows. My hero! So true and valiant, You slay dragons that others can't. Too many lass that worships you; But you search only a love so true. You defend and help for honor. Enemies beware! Be afraid in terror! You stand for the truth, for love and glory You seem so tireless and free from worry A knight to be adored; Your deeds widely spread and heard. One day; should a princess await you? You shall save with the best
  6. *smiles and waves* Hello.

  7. I dont know if someone answered this first but I guess its worth trying Umm a part of the painting where the wizard is facing is like a sunset or a sunrise but I aam pretty sure its a sunrise coz the part behind the wizard is dark so my concept about this is that the end of hard labor and suffering for the the creator of the game and a new start or a beginning of a new adventure
  8. Dude some part of what you said is already in chapter 2 and I think that it will only open after you find out what really did happen to the whole city( I think Marind bell a city or village) and how did it turned out to be hallucinated into a carnival(hehe I almost wrote carnival of terror) and what are those nofaced creatures doing somewhere near the passage of war(I dont remember the name of the place but its somewhere in between the wind's crossing and passage of war) And I also have an interpretation to her script "I believe that she is no ordinary spirit but instead the spirit of marind
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