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  1. Yea, not suitable, if you look carefully.
  2. Hello and welcome to the Magic Duel community. Enjoy your time on the alpha test.
  3. Are you Ady?? I'm confused Fenix Noir. - Z e r o
  4. Nice to meet you both. Enjoy your stay and please feel free to post any comments, disreguards to anything. Get into the community. Wow, that sounded a little evil. > - Z e r o
  5. So nobody got it right, meaning nobody gets the prize. Ok. - Z e r o
  6. I read what you can post in here, but nothing is here. Also i'm not sure about the limits and what we are supposed to post and do here. - Z e r o
  7. Yup, i was right. Upon cleaning out my Hotmail inbox i found my beta-tester confirmation e-mail. It was confirmed June 23, it's almost one year of watching the progress and supporting this game. I had to go through like 500 spam e-mails. - Z e r o
  8. Hate to tell you Elder, but that image is off the web. I've seen it on a site a long time ago. Stolen. I would display link on here, but it is considered advertising and is forbided, but if wanted ill add. But if i had to guess, i'd say he is an dark wizard who travels, wreaking havoc, reigning terror on all who come across his path. Trying to conquer and control the lands. - Z e r o
  9. Hey MagicDuel, i'm new here. I've been checking up on the progress of this game since about last summer. Since you guys are so close to beta, thought'd i'd register on forums, i've been signed up on beta since it was available. But my question is are you guys very active on forum? Well i have many questions awaiting you guys when you reply, hopefully they will be answered efficiently and in a decent time.. i'll be here until the release and will be supporting you guys thoroughly. - Z e r o
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