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  1. I hope you didn't use the Barren Soul to attack as he only does Healing. If you did, then my advise is for you to read more carefully the creatures description
  2. ugauga

    Story mode

    Shin, if I see you posting on all forum topic without even looking at the date the post was made of if I see any more one word posts or not on topic you will get warned.
  3. Manu I'll help as much as I can and as much as my time allows it
  4. Change it if you're tired already of it
  5. Resize the image? With mspaint or whatever you have or use THIS! and resize it
  6. If you make that signature img smaller would be great, like half of it because it's kinda big you know
  7. Welcome shadowice and have a nice stay
  8. How about something simple as praying for the girl soul to rest in peace? And to reward the noble gesture she grants you safe passage?
  9. Welcome Nimithiel. Enjoy your stay!
  10. Hey there and welcome. Hope you'll have a great stay and keep on playin'.
  11. Manu, first time we meet I'll treat you to a beer.. or two
  12. I could be doing both I keep the forum open at work almost all the time so it wouldn't be a problem to check for spam and things like that. If live support wouldn't interfere with me playing the game, like a separete account or a switch to turn on the feature would be cool
  13. You are more and more starting to sound like a troll... If it doesn't deliver for you it doesn't mean it's not ok for other players. I had no problem waiting for 24h just like Actraiser and just like many other players who waited for the continuation with enthusiasm. That's how the story goes. Live with it or don't, it's up to you. No one is forcing you to pick the 24h option. If you don't like to wait then don't.
  14. Ohh.. he has around 800 Honor or so
  15. Because maybe you have to do something that gives you those points?
  16. As far as I know it's ok if your points go higher then the max e.g. 16/10 same goes for Vital Energy
  17. I hate spoilers slayer next time please warn about the spoilers :sigh:
  18. Since I don't have that much time at my disposal I pick the 24h all the time. It's not that bad if you have patience
  19. Well.. what can I say... Welcome to the dark side :lol:
  20. ugauga

    Story mode

    I chose the 24h option always except for the first time (I think), but I can manage since I have to work and I'm pretty busy and also I like the rewards better While I was reading your post I just got a few ideas for the game and I'll write you a pm to tell all about them and make this some sort of a surprise for everyone
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