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  1. And there you go... on and on about numbers. You should have taken a look when my post was made and you will see that it was in the morning and not before midnight. Those are just a fraction of players that are active.

    If you don't see them it doesn't mean they are not there. People log in, heal some creatures, do the story, have a few fights etc etc and log out. That's what this game is about, and you going on and on about how stretched is the player base is in fact stretched too.

  2. Dudes... There are currently 387 players at mp4

    To get to mp4 you need to be somewhat active and play the game. Even more, if you look at the stats when you log in you will see this:

    New last 30/60days: 4596/3536

    Registered today: 33 (84 in 24h)

    Playing over 1month: 582

    Active today: 335 (550 in 24h)

    Active 48h: 768

    Active 48h means that in 48h there have been 768 players that log in. Players that have been playing for over 1 month 582, so yes, this makes me think his calculations are in fact, pretty accurate.

  3. here is a little back history

    In the begining there were around 20 members of the forum and the game

    now me and revan are the only two people, except manu and ana, that were from this era as everyone else never logs on

    now he has returned from the dark side

    Hmm.. what about me eh?

  4. but as you can heal more you are stronger as you can use less vit healing and more in the battles

    indirectly making you stronger

    You are way wrong! You do not use less vit healing! You use the same amount but the amount you heal when you click on your creature is greater. That is all! You still use your VE no mater the percentage! If you can heal 16% in one click you will lose 16% for your VE.

    Adepts don't make you stronger!

  5. Ermm... "nice" is not the only way.. you can succeed in getting the same if not bigger bonuses by not being "nice". Every step you take in the story can change it, players that went through the story more than once know about the different outcomes of the story and almost all of them got burned more than once.

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