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  1. I want a head banging thingy. :)

  2. uber cool, where do you get em from? :P

  3. hmmm.............I need to bang my head >.

  4. Check out my new head banging thingy and it will make you more to want to do the same :D

  5. There. Uploaded a new head bangin' thingy :D

  6. CRAP! The head-banging thingy makes me want to bang my head. :P

  7. well upload the other head banging thingies as well :P

  8. Yup, got more head bangining thingys :D

  9. what you got more head banging thingies ? :P

  10. Thanks :D but I got more mwahahaha

  11. the orange head banging thingie is awesome :D

  12. How come you don't like my head banging thingy? :(

  13. In my opinion, I think its...odd...

  14. gotta love that head-banging orange thingy :-D

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