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  1. I'm stuck at Trial of Agony...
  2. Innos

    WTB angiens

    Please close this thread. Thanks
  3. Innos

    WTB angiens

    Looking for one more angien.
  4. Innos

    WTB angiens

    The credit code gives a random amount between 2.8 and 4.2 credits, when you activate it you also get a stat boost for 30 minutes. Check the payment section (phone).
  5. Hello, I'd like to buy 2 angiens, but due to lack of in-game currency I offer 1 allopass credit code for each. Innos
  6. Allright. Then I'll try to find another use for them. Thanks for the info, topic can be closed.
  7. Ok, so I guess if I ask the buyer to give the coins to my new account i'm acting against the rules? My old account has less than one-third Energy-value compared to my new one, so continueing playing on my old account is not really an option. But I'm sure there are other players who could use the crits...
  8. Well there are only common crits and an imperial aramor in case I would sell them. Is that considered low value?
  9. Good day everyone, I'm a returning player, who stopped playing 2 years ago. When I logged in again I saw I couldn't use most of my creatures, because of the MP restrictions. So I decided to start again on another account (this one), but now I still have quite alot of aged creatures on my old account, or main whatever you want to call it. If I sell them, is it allowed to send the profit to my current account? Thanks in advance. Innos
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