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  1. Rob

    Story mode

    The biggest problem is that I should be able to read more of the story at once time and do less clicking. I click on continue now AT least 25 times if not more. Then had to pick a skill again. After I pick my 3 skills, then I just keep picking one of them 3 over and over again. Give a bigger story at once and get rid of 70% of them continue now . Like I said I click wait 24 hours the fist time hoping that it would be better and it wasn't I still had 50 more continue now . I hope this makes since. Peoples first impressions on game mean a lot and when they click over and over and see no result
  2. Rob

    Story mode

    Not being able to get out of story mode is enough to make someone quit and give up! OK it finally let me out of story mode. It kind of seem like that was all there was to game. Click continue and pick a skill and do it over and over. I understand the story part, and now you just do story mode when you want too.
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