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  1. I want to participate in this quest :). Should I post my description here, or just edit my character's description?
  2. A cat sat on Zleiphners face and then died... Zleiphner woke up he said, "WHY!?" He shoved the knife into its sheath, slapping DD who's a GoB onto a bee. Zleiphner, thought that this was bizarre So he kicked the puppy Fang and Fang cried... hell broke loose! and licked BoB, poor BoB always whipped by demons. Then came Eon who finally said, "Enough you people!" and killed DD. DD's blood flowed down and down until it reached a river of chicken fat. Change with Lord Tipu is a good pair of idiots. After Eon's retirement, they decided to kill each other but were unsuccessful, so they slept embracing one another's anime collections. Meanwhile, Peace declared war to avenge DD and all bees, headed by *MasterB*'s biggest CrAzY BeE Eff Eff. The war was won! DD's revival was forever postponed but finally happened in his dreams and reality too! But! DD mutated into a glow, eventually becoming human 9000.1 years later. He killed Change's cousin named Chaos with bread knives and a toothpick killed DD again. This time Permanently. With no way (pickle radish turnip) to not revive without dying again. Peace killed Pothos with his scarf and disappeared. DD trains hardcore despite nadrolski copying him. Except DD's dead dog is revived and it kills DD, starting an apocalypse of pretty rainbows indeed. THE END is not here b̷̿u̘̦͈̺ͯͣ̏͑ͯ̃̊͞t̪̀ ͙̘̲̚͠s̸̲͎̳̬̣͉͂̄̇͋ͬͭ̃ͅo̷̳̣̬̺̹ͤ̌̓̅͊̎o͈͎̖ͣ̃͑̽͆̑ͣn̵ͭ ͮ̐́̉͗i͈̘͉̲͇̜̯͂͐̇͟t̞̲̱̰̪̏̓̚ will begin. "Hurdurdur" by syrians balloon that Jester popped, "NO" screamed Syrian, "STOP! HAMMER TIME!" Hammer time commenced, the realm dreamed of red buttons and lollipops galore comes to green buttons that were unpressable. Rophs found a new bannable exploit (and got banned). Lord Tipu appeared without a leg of a yak to munch on, complaining about mutton shortages and sighing. He died of (he is DD) over-eating Grasan Ferment, we don't even practice what we must practice. Loreroot Pass Papers are illegally distributed by headless drachorn wigs. Their floating hair while doing selfie impressed even nads' armpit hair. Rophs was unbanned by banning purplebunny instead, easy button banned! Rophs's red button was fake, too bad his plans turned out good for great justice! CM Punk shall not see John Lennon sing "Imagine". So nothing was written with cucumbers, Syrian pickled them after assuming they [went stale from]
  3. I want to join in on your adventure, quest.... thingy. Name : Vasilemacel ID:223626 AD:312
  4. I was walking through Loreroot a few days ago with my good friend Kindred. A strange storm suddenly started and we tried to get cover under a tree. He was faster then I was, but the second he got under it the tree got struck by lightning. I grabbed him fast and headed toward Mardin's Bell to get help. On the way back we ran into and old man. As I asked him for directions to get back to Windy's pub (I don't know my way around Loreroot all that well and I thought Windy will know what to do) he said he will come with us. When I asked if he was sure he knew the right way he replied that he was as sure of the right way as he was of the fact that only 2 of us will reach the pub alive. Right in front of the gates of Marind Bell another lightning struck. I almost dropped my friend and when I looked around the old man was gone, nothing left but his sweater. I didn't have time to go look for him, I just grabbed the sweater fast to shield Kindred from the pouring rain and went to the pub. Windy saved him and after talking to her about the old man she said she never heard of a man matching that description. The only one that could match him had died several years ago in a storm in Loreroot. He hid under a tree that got struck by lightning. When I showed her the sweater she said it was the one he was wearing when going into Loreroot.... (pardon the grammar and the punctuation)
  5. Trick or treat, Prank or feat, You'd best be finding Something sweet!
  6. I will present a very special drink. I call it, the Grasan Molotov. It can be served both as a shot and as a long drink. This wonderful drink consists of 1 part absinth, 1 part grasan ferment and a very small leaf of nightshade. You first put the grasan ferment and the dried and ground leaf of nightshade in the glass and mix them together, then gently add the absinth on top. You don't want the absinth to mix with the ferment because you will light the absinth and put a napkin on top of the glass to extinguish the flames. If you want to drink this a s shot then use a straw to pierce the napkin and drink the context as fast as you can, after which remove the napkin and inhale the vapors from the burnt absinth. If you want to make this a long drink do the same with the napkin, but don't pierce it. After the fire is out first inhale the vapors then drink the beverage at your own rate. One must be very careful though as to not fail the dosage of nightshade. If prepared correctly, you should see flaming grasans running around you - therefore the name. Enjoy!
  7. [b]Incantation to get out of the Trial of Agony[/b] You will need the following reagents: tears from a tormented soul essence of a barren soul an unholy priest (alive - you will need him to recite the incantation) an egg of a majestic winderwild 1 gallon of water 1 bottle of grasan ferment 1 branch from an animated tree You first place the water into a cauldron and heat it to the boiling point. Place the ferment along with the essence of the barren soul and the tears of the tormented soul and stir for a good 10 minutes with the branch from the animated tree. Place the egg into the concoction and tell the unholy priest to start chanting "Oh majestic bird of old, Take me from this dark place's hold" for about 2 minutes. If the incantation was correct the egg should hatch and a majestic Winderwild should appear to carry you to safety.
  8. [size="3"][b][color="#003366"]http://storenow.net/my/?f=3370[/color][/b][/size] "Wrapped in the guise of men, shall he walk amongst the innocent, and terror shall consume they that dwell upon the earth"
  9. (4sc for tormented soul 4) I would like to cancel my bid for a tormented soul...so the tormented soul i bid for should now be up for auction...sorry if this cause an inconvinience
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