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  1. [quote name='SkyArmy' timestamp='1323212715' post='97368'] i need 3 mil heat creature do you have? [/quote] dear friend, i m looking to buy one -smiles-
  2. looking to buy heat creature 1 mill to 4 mill heat ..
  3. [quote name='Chewett' timestamp='1323104330' post='97282'] all ID's are unique /end spam What are their ages? [/quote] i bought the today, Chewett u mentioned /end spam (what does it means)
  4. unique IDS for sell [color=#999999]ID:755440 [/color]Remains [color=#999999]ID:755441 [/color]Remains [color=#999999]ID:755443 [/color]Water Being I[color=#999999] [/color] [color=#999999]ID:755444 [/color]Water Being I call ur offer
  5. i want to buy creatures High heat 2+mill doesn't mattes which the creature
  6. sold,,, ADMIN plz close this
  7. 450 branches for 2 GC, if any one interested do let me know
  8. i m looking o sell my branches more then 400+. plus 75 lamber.. start bidding .. creatures ,coins , credits etc are acceptable ... Regards, Asad
  9. EON are u sure that your skill damage did not affect when u attack the registered players .. and this competition starts from December 3rd at 16:00:00 server time and when will it ends.. Regards, Asad
  10. 2sc for last one ID:265907
  11. as per the requirement mentioned i can provide 34 branches , 75 lamber , 4 glasses...
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