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  1. Sure, but that's the same for people who sell water or herbs... They haven't paid anything in the first place to get these resources.
  2. I think it's a good idea, but it gets difficult to 'control' how fenths are going to be used in the end. So I could tell you that it's for my personal use, while two days later I will decide to sell them... But because you have to sacrifice creatures in the first place, there's already a cost for collecting fenths, so not sure the coagulator should be made chargeable. Another point to consider: fenths might be the by-product of someone's else sacrificed creatures by the time you pick them up, so here it may be a but unfair to get an advantage for something you haven't done. Would it make s
  3. Zratam

    labyrinth trip

    Yes, and the maze is a good way to test it
  4. Zratam

    labyrinth trip

    I did it! I'm now through the maze! In the end, I decided to continue my search, after some much time already spent on it! I'm now on Mount Kelle'tha, shivering with impatience to discover the daunting island before me...
  5. Zratam

    labyrinth trip

    Personally I have been in the maze for 5 days now, and it seems to me there are only dead ends. I have been building a map along the way, but it seems I have tried all paths, without success. Quite frustrating, considering the time it takes to make every move. I have also considered the viscosity, but that didn't help much. I'm now on my way back, cold and low on food, need to reach MDA and Marind Bell quickly!
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