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  1. Sick of being called impatient... >> I don't see it.

    1. Show previous comments  8 more
    2. Pipstickz


      Do they need to know you? If you only wanted to talk to certain people, you should've messaged them.

    3. Dragual


      What I mean is, have they seen my impatience? This is somewhat of a feeble or loose lash out.

    4. Quas


      Rhaegar was.. impersonating Yoda :/ .. Child was..um.... Anyway, this is a public thing. If we're bored enough we can go and say what ever we want when we want because it's a <b>Public</b> thing. As Pip said, make it private if you don't want to be disturbed or if you want to talk to yourself :D

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