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    J-D reacted to Syrian in Killing and Revival   
    iv always had an issue with killing and revival, especially with the introduction of eons contract, it seems a little much to be able to kill every week, there just isnt enough revival for that. there are people that say death isnt too bad, but the way i see it is, death isnt bad if you have an ally leader to jump to, or a leash, or you are very inactive anyway, it can be quite an annoyance if you have no way around the realm, even more so if you have no one that will be willing to help you with molly.i dont want to see other people leaving the game, we have too little people in the realm as it is, if people start leaving because they are dead this only hurts the game more.
    For solutions, possibly increase the cooldown of the contract? other killing items have a higher cooldown, and if someone dies once a week then the dead may outnumber the amount of revival items(assuming eon kills 1 per week, which may be an unfair assumption). we could introduce more methods of revival(items or otherwise), if the killing/revival items were balanced before, and molly helped with the greed of people, then maybe more items are needed to balance eons contract, or the cooldown of the existing items lowered. Im not sure how these options would effect the game but i thought i would list possible logical solutions that i thought of
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    J-D got a reaction from dst in Petition: Return of the Children of the Eclipse   
    I fully support this petition.
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    J-D reacted to Seigheart in Discussion about Revival Quest by Seigheart   
    I do not get any tangible reward. I get an item effect removed from me. That is all.

    I, as the Leader of the TKs, can use the Treasury as I see fit, bar a few restrictions, one of which, is that I may not use it for personal gain.

    Is getting an item effect removed a personal gain? No. I do not think it is, because that would imply that being killed is a permanent negative effect. Or that being "alive" is something that is a reward, not a normal state.

    A normal state is NOT a reward or a benefit of any kind. It's something that is the norm. Right? So, in my eyes it is not a reward. Of any kind.
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    J-D reacted to Ackshan Bemunah in Expedition through the East   
    Alright, so I made the mistake of beginning to arrange an expedition through the east, and not thinking about the extent of the barriers to such an expedition. Most notes are not meant for this medium.

    We met at the Tribunal Gates, east of Wind's Game and the Plains of Deceit, at 22:00. You can get there by heading right at the gates of Marind's Bell.

    It will be a long, long tour, but:

    (1) You will have company.

    (2) The presence of said company will expedite the tour, if things organize correctly and deliberately.

    (3) Those who come, move together.

    Any who wish to come, please come! The more the merrier. Any who wish to contribute, please say so! And better yet, come along.

    This may take a while. A path will be cleared, though, so if you can come late, do so. I'll be updating this post with the path we've taken and any other details that seem important.

    All pickle, tea, and kake donations for trailblazing purposes are welcome.

    Again, Tribunal Gates, 22:00. Preliminary work to clear the path to the gates is under way.

    List of participants:
    Samon (Citizen of Lands of the East)
    Plix Plox
    Eara Mereia
    Master of Mar
    Dante Lionheart
    Possibly Eon, hard to know, Eon being so quiet.
    DarknessRevealed i.e. Lib

    Rester locations:
    Ascent -- Master of Mar, Eara Mereia

    August 20
    22:19:00: Team departs from the gates, arriving at the Plains of Liberty. Eon seems to be hovering, carrying 134 tea. We do not buy any tea.

    22:30: Proceeded to the foundations.

    23:14: Proceeded to the ascent.

    23:51: Stepped in to the ascent stairs...
    Chewett is attacked by Eon.
    Samon is attacked by Eon.
    Eon sightings conclude.

    00:38:Party proceeds to the statue hall steps.

    00:56: Eon sends us all back to the gazebo. Not 100% sure why.

    01:04: Notes to self.

    10:00: Friend sends emotional PM about how Eon and dst are ruining the community.

    a. Next expedition will not be forum publicized.
    b. List of participants will not be publicized.
    c. I am not going to become an mp5 any time soon.
    d. Time will be specifically tailored to avoiding eon:
    e. Learn to make tea.
    f. Find pickles.
    g. Find cake.
    h. Find time when most LoE citizens are online.
    i. Super special evil secret additional thing, not actually at all related to this in motivation or effect.
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    J-D reacted to Fang Archbane in Selling Seighearts Leash   
    I would like to state that the screenshot i placed was there to prove i "owned" the leash. not to prove the amount of uses it had left.

    I never once said it would be sold with a certain amount of uses. that much was assumed by any that saw the screenshot.

    And yes, while it is petty to do something like i was planning, it is even greedier, to kill me over some coin, like Etluc did.

    And as my in game father would say. "An eye for an eye. A tooth for a tooth. And everlasting evil, for those who have earned it."
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    J-D reacted to Fyrd Argentus in heat collection   
    Let me add a complaint about SilverTounge. The 100 point heat limit per step does NOT go up when this spell is used.

    I'm a pretty "brisk" fellow, and SilverTounge only increases my briskness less than 50%. I'm capped at 100 heat per scene without the spell, and capped at that same 100 heat per step with the spell.

    Older players tell me there did not used to be a cap.

    I was taken in by the spell description saying certain things WOULD happen to heat gain. Looks like I wasted a wp for this spell.....
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    J-D got a reaction from Chewett in Alliance Chat Broked   
    So MD thinks I have a virus on my computer but my antivirus doesn't? That's a new one...
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    J-D reacted to Chewett in MD Tutorial Reconstruction   
    The most popular option is not nesscarily the correct one?

    Im sure most people would love a morph or twelve, but giving everyone them isnt a good idea.
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    J-D reacted to biermann in Dante's Avatar Attempts   
    EDIT: current avatars that are either not uploaded or in my vault...and thus for sale: 0!

    Ok, I can draw a bit. I also failed to finish any drawing in the last 5 years (could even be 10) before coming here.
    And dealing with the size conversion has prove somewhat tricky as wll.

    There, I reckon that's enough excuses to lend me a bit of startup credit.

    My second attempt at an avatar (the first is already in the store)

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    J-D got a reaction from Peace in Happy Birthday Peace!   
    Happy birthday!
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    J-D reacted to Phantom Orchid in Empty Cabin   
    During the past few weeks I've walked into the PC several times to find it empty except for some confused new players. Sometimes there is not even a Live Help button on the right because there are no LHOs online!

    I'm not sure what's going on, but I'll try to spend more time there - hopefully some others will as well.
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    J-D got a reaction from The MoM in MD Tutorial Reconstruction   
    [quote name='BFH' timestamp='1344350658' post='119559'][list]
    [*]We should include a new interface which allows them to give tokens to those creatures. It should explain what tokens are and how they help.
    [*]Immediately when they click any token they choose, system should show them an interface explaining the relationship between token and principles and allowing them to choose a couple of principles.

    Isn't the way that individual tokens work something that players are supposed to discover for themselves?
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    J-D reacted to Tarquinus in The Children of the Eclipse   
    Over four months ago, four people met in secret to share a dream: a new alliance devoted to the worship and lore of the Moon. Since that time, their leader, Penelope LightMoon, has left the game... but the other three have continued her work.

    Penelope spoke to the God Muratus and informed us that we were on the verge of being approved as a new alliance, that all we lacked was our badges. So we waited. And we waited. We took our astronomical ideas to Bootes and worked out a consensus with him. We took our need for a home to Loreroot, and agreed to become a guild of the Guardians of the Root alliance. Penelope and I swore allegiance to Lady NelyaSetesh, to the Loreroot High Council, and to Loreroot itself, and I was given a seat on the High Council.

    A month passed. Penelope encountered RL difficulties that kept her from MagicDuel for a protracted period, and ultimately left the game. I, Tarquinus, went to the Demented Path in Necrovion to mourn her loss. But I waited, hoping for her return, hoping for our official sanction to come. I tire of waiting, and I tire of being attacked by characters from my homeland and characters in alliances with treaties with my homeland. [i]If you know of us and what we represent, [b]please post here[/b] to show your support.[/i]

    We, the Children of the Eclipse, will come out of the shadows now. We are:

    [*]Tarquinus [featured in the AL]
    [*][unnamed spymaster, featured in the AL]
    [*]Blind God
    [*]Strong Willed Legna
    [*]meru chi
    [*]Dark Mystic
    [*]Priestess Aia
    And departed comrades, forever welcome should they return:
    [*]Penelope LightMoon
    At one time or another, I have recruited some of the most exalted characters in the game, including the now-adopted son of Khalazdad. You know us. You respect us. We are all around you. We are the [url="http://lorerootmd.forumactif.net/sermons-f29/the-heart-of-the-order-t249.htm"][b]Children of the Eclipse[/b][/url]. Keep your eyes skyward!
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    J-D reacted to Shantu in MD Tutorial Reconstruction   
    Maybe it's just me, but it was the story and all the beautiful art that intrigued me in this game. However, I agree that a newbie (with other games in mind) will always choose the highest number like biermann said. I honestly don't remember how bad the waiting was, but it might have had its magic. Patience is a virtue and all that. I agree however that making it faster is probably a good idea. You still shouldn't be able to breeze through the story in 10 minutes.

    As for the fighting part.. it seems to be a good idea to tutor the players on it, but please don't make the story mode optional. It just seems to go against everything the game is built on.
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    J-D reacted to Rumi in MD Tutorial Reconstruction   
    Our incomplete story mode can be confusing and is in some ways irrelevant to gameplay, yet it certainly contributes heavily to our culture with hidden meaning and symbology, gorgeous artwork, and (somewhat) personalized character development.

    If the (up to 24 hour) wait times turn people away and make them bored, can't we just do away with the wait times and stats/principles bonuses they give? You can make up all those stats in a short period of dueling and we all know it, but newbies don't.

    It would also be nice if the story wasn't repeated at each MP, but split into the chapters. Maybe shades and marind @ mp3, carnival @ mp4, under construction @ mp5.

    Of course, I'd like to see the story continue instead of under construction, and it would be cool if choices defined more than keys and access. Perhaps different paths could offer land loyalty or specific creatures or items. I dunno, just brainstorming.
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    J-D got a reaction from Watcher in Happy Birthday Peace!   
    Happy birthday!
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    J-D reacted to DarkRaptor in MD Tutorial Reconstruction   
    Some of my considerations:

    1. Hardly a newcomer WILL understand a MD Fight Log.. Hardly he will be tempted to read it! A newcomer just want to see : [b]YOU WIN![/b]
    possible solutions:
    a) Redesign the battle dialog to display in graphics (instead of text) the token aplication (maybe one by one with some delay) before the before the battle rounds start
    [i]( please make it just for the tutorial!! )[/i][/indent]

    2. Tokens in the tutorial would require that the new player have some relevant stats, otherwise most of them will have little or no visible effect.
    possible solutions:
    a) give temporary (?) stats to the player
    b) use some kind of mirror stats (although this May add some confusion to a newcomer )[/indent]

    There is also a issue of "[b]Equity[/b]" IF the tokens are to be added in the tutorial.
    Up to now All players, like ME, did NOT have the advantage of knowing the effects of the principles BEFORE choose them, a newcomer will have that chance.

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    J-D reacted to awiiya in Death is coming   
    My first instinct towards all this mess is - adapt, gather together, brainstorm, do it yourself, work around it.

    But that only works up to a point. And I'm thinking this may be that point.

    [i][u][b]COUNCIL[/b][/u][/i] I'm tired of your silence. Do something or wait for the consequences, it's your choice. Just because Mur appointed you doesn't mean we can't overthrow you. By the time you get around to things, they're no longer important. If you can't commit the time to your job, then step down.

    And I don't use bold/underline/caps lightly. I'm angry.

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    J-D reacted to BFH in Death is coming   
    First: Seigh, why you repeat the useless try that Marv did when trying to recover CotE? It's the same thing your removed Chew's life and will probably reach anything, just like what happened with CotE...

    Second: We all now that Death is broken, unfinished, not implemented correctly, or whatever, so what are you trying to prove? the fact that everybody knows?

    Third: Why you didn't killed yourself if you wanted to prove any points? It's selfish removing another player liberty without any reason. (Note this is general I see no reason to kill people without any reason to do so)

    Fourth: Using Spar case as excuse is just stupid. I tried to get him revived doing some "under" work. But what you did for his case? Anything?

    Fifth: I moved Chew to GoE, if anyone wants to help organizing any community efforts to revive him, please do so. [Today I started summer university and I'm very busy, but I'll try to collaborate with any efforts "public" or "under" just let me know.]
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    J-D reacted to Liberty4life in A funeral   
    lets play it safe and kill seighart again, he already returned from dead so he is our best bet for bringin all dead players back to life
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    J-D reacted to Isabella Finch in A funeral   
    I think, if you are hoping to revive the Spartan by killing someone more popular to have them both revived... You chose the wrong target. But then... I am bias.
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    J-D reacted to Seigheart in A funeral   
    Chewett was murdered because of the realm's inhabitants unwillingness to have him revived.

    Save the Wookie, save the Spartan.

    Do you think you can do it?
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    J-D reacted to Dragual in Seigheart   
    You have my full support in this. Seigheart does a lot for MD and people should recognize and respect this. I will, however, be unable to attend the actual Vigil.
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    J-D reacted to Tom Pouce in Which sorts of Quests you like?   
    Instead of saying what kind of quest i like ill say kind of quest i dont like

    I dont like quest that kill teams leader
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    J-D reacted to Seigheart in Seigheart   
    Wow... Over 500k Heat so far. O.o

    Thanks guys. This actually means quite a bit.
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