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  1. People fight, people argue, death items become increasingly common while those with revival items won't use them. Death prompts arguments, accusations, more chaos, more death. 'Tis a truly vicious cycle.

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    2. Seigheart


      Easy to say when you have friends with revival tools.

    3. Phantom Orchid
    4. Ackshan Bemunah

      Ackshan Bemunah

      I think he means Peace's necrosic smelling salts.

  2. I'm going on vacation for three weeks and may be slightly inactive for a little bit after I get back, but should be back to my normal MD activity level within five weeks.

  3. I like lots of different quests. But my favorite ones are probably those that have a complicated and engaging storyline and include a variety of different challenges that the player must complete in order to win the quest. I like them because they test the mind and keep the player interested throughout. Next up are those calling for players to create something, whether it's an idea, a piece of writing, a drawing, etc. since they provide a chance to exercise creative skill.
  4. I did not remember at the time of the meeting that I'm actually going to be gone most of July . I can help with the quest planning but unless it's in the first week I won't be able to attend the actual event.
  5. Same thing happens at Raven Hold.
  6. This was lots of fun. Thanks Fyrd, and congratulations to the winner.
  7. J-D

    Heat Orb

    Also, sometimes I just want to see how much heat I have when I'm not trying to store any, then I click on the orb and suddenly all of my heat gets stored, which can be quite annoying. This would be a welcome change.
  8. I like this idea. If bound to one location people won't be able to RP nearly as much. If a person is RPing being dead, they are probably doing so as a ghost rather than a corpse, so they should be able to move around a bit.
  9. Farewell. It's a shame to see yet another one disappear.
  10. People who have slot internet connections could have problems with this, too, as it shows the pictures for every single round.
  11. It is quite short, but apart from that it's a nice start.
  12. I uninstalled the toolbar and stopped having the problem. Thank you for the help.
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