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  1. People ask me what I’d most appreciate getting for my eighty-seventh birthday. I tell them, a paternity suit - George Burns Love you tons Azull and hope you had a great day.
  2. Thanks guys, Love you!!! I got Sparkley things.. I love themmmm!!!!
  3. Happy Birthday!!! *coughs* old man:P <3
  4. Miss Jaden if you please.
  5. Step by step instructions (Murrfecct):   https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iqODbP1T3nk
  6. Kiley

    Secret gort

    super cutie!!!!
  7. Dear Santa:   http://storenow.net/download/f933bfea3f8b664f09088478939e8651/dear_santa.jpg
  8. So terribly sorry for you loss.  My thoughts are with you and yours.
  9. Are you pondering what I am pondering Pinky:P   https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=e_mPrhwpZ-8   Narfff:P
  10. My random thoughts:   I love MD because of the people.  Simple really.  If not for this game I would not have met my husband (lol..yep true enough..for those that don't know, i'll let you ponder that one)...and so many others I can not list them.  I have grown because of MD.  In game and out, I have learned so much about culture and life.  In game MD allowed me to explore my mind.  In OOC I have learned what life is like beyond my own borders.    Magic:)  Merry Murmas all!!!!  Love ya.  Even if ya'll are a bunch of weirdos:P
  11. 2 incredibly large bags of berries:P
  12. I got a big old bag of berries with your name on it Nimmy:PPP
  13. Roses are Red. Violets are Blue. He is Necrovion. Mwuhahahahaha!!!!
  14. LOL ohh I am around.  Just lazy.  Learned it from a goat:P Thanks guys!!!!
  15. All work and no play..belated but with the best wishes for a blessed day:)
  16. Two were destroyed Syrian.  Gort and I blew them to hell and back:P
  17. Ohh yes Tipu he shall give into my every whim...hehe!!  You have the merriest of merriest my sweet friend:))
  18. I love it you guys.  This makes my night...puts a smile on my face after an unsually tough day at the work.  Thank you!!!  @ Curi and Eara: You make a fine point.  It is not really about being happy, but about being content with where one is regarding this moment in time.  I have to agree with you Eara.  It is all about shifting that focus lady:) @ Z: I just miss you man!!!  When I run across you in game, please expect pink bows and a wreath placed over your neck:P @Burns: CONGRATS YOU!!! You're all gradumated!!! That is really awesome:) 
  19. Happy days Nim!! Sounds like we both have some awesome things happening next month.  We'll have to gorge on berries together:P
  20. BFH.  I am so jealous!! Relax and don't do anything I wouldn't...but if you do, you will have one hell of a good time:)))
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