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  1. Sorry, I figured that I shouldn't clutter up the board with several topics. And I know that there's the vault option, but I made sure to pick the option for to sell it to the store when I uploaded it.
  2. So, I uploaded an avatar to sell to the store. It got approved and is instead sitting in my vault. The only place I can see to "return" it to the store only give 1 credit (where the option in upload screen says 3 credits). I know I selected the right option when I uploaded it. Am I missing something here? Or did it just get put in the wrong place?
  3. [quote name='Grido' timestamp='1311058759' post='88237'] Avatars shouldn't have a background to them, so the shading around the figure would have to get erased when editing I guess (no idea whatsoever how the editing programs work) I know you said about cleaning up the linework, but a bit more detail maybe as well? I like the hand that's on show, but the feet look a little blank in comparison. No idea what the orb thing is either, and a little dark overall. XD I feel mean saying a long list, I do like the general idea though, and I think you do have some skill with a pencil, just needs a
  4. I decided to mess around and sketch an idea I had for an avatar. I'm really new to this game, so I was looking for some advice on how to make this better. I know I still need to make it translucent and I probably need to clean up some linework. Any other suggestions, thoughts? Am I on the right track? Concept: The Master of Light and Shadow [img]http://i58.photobucket.com/albums/g256/ThrawnFett/MD%20Avatars/masterLS.jpg[/img]
  5. My thoughts as a new player: Viscosity is extremely annoying and seems to only discourage exploring, which seems to be the main point of Magic Duel (at least at my stage in the game). All of the early quests I am working on are requiring me to explore new places, which I am really enjoying. However, most of these places are costing 40 AP to move one screen and I regenerate 30 every 12 minutes. So, I can move 3-4 screens per hour. While I was warned that Magic Duel is a slower paced game than I'm used to, this seems a bit ridiculous. Especially when the quests keep wanting me to go places where
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