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  1. Thank you so much everyone! I miss you all quite a bit, and I cannot wait to be back. Hope you all are doing fantastic!
  2. Playername: Krioni I may not have been on the last few days or so, but mainly from my own work and schoolwork outside the game causing my attention to get pulled away. (I didn't sleep at all the last two nights, with project work and such).    As for my role, I am a Consul of Loreroot, and Innkeeper of the Root of the Matter Inn. I try to help with coordinating events and activity, and so my activity fluctuates with posting and keeping up with ideas here on the forum, and trying to be on when I can. Examples being more with the Summer Festival, the events surrounding Mya's death
  3.   We are currently waiting on the people with the proper abilities to open it up. Will happen soon, hopefully!
  4. That is what I meant, Ary. Most attacked with 0% influence, so tokens should have been at 100% application
  5. In Alyon's event, both alliance and tokens seems to have no affect on attack times and other such things. I am not certain on the ally part, but I definitely remember no affect of tokens. Tokens should have been applied at 100% most of the time, but they definitely didn't. Maybe there is a setting somewhere in setting up the BHC that will allow you to have this functionality?
  6.     Still thinking about this, but wanted to comment here. If this is about design goals, and not proposed fixes or changes, then these suggestions should be about goals. This differs by this: goals define what and why to change, based on what conflict or conform to the goals, while fixes and changes are meant to follow the goals.   What, then, are the goals for combat? Based on some of the suggestions in the pages like "Understanding the combat system.", this would be that there is a ritual, a combination, for whatever you want to accomplish. Now, this causes some confusion
  7.   Alright, since it is known, do you want me to hold off reporting it, or post it as a reminder? Just lemme know what I can do to help!
  8. Thanks MRAlyon! There is a bug we will be reporting though. Near the end, with  a couple hours left, we cloned the heads ball. During an attack, I refreshed the contest page at the same time. It meant I took the head ball, but my opponent also kept the heads. Boom: doubled the heads in play. Pretty big bug, but might be a severe corner case. I will be posting it in the bug forum. 
  9.   Ah, so tokens/stats/VE will not apply, no matter what we do? I have never participated in a BHC before, which is why I ask.    Thanks for the clarification dst.
  10. Pardon my ignorance, but with stats/ve/tokens not active, does that mean 0% influence with untokened critters?
  11.   Of course not. While I believe in this event, I have still been in contact and continued to reach out when I have been informed of another revive tool. I am still pouring heat in to the jar, and getting others to help as well. And, even though combat is not something I focus on, I have been training hard in the meantime. If not, I can see how this would be just me complaining about the other ways, and giving up without an effort. That is not the case at all. In fact, most of those efforts generate 'heat' in the realm, and are just more ways to play with this theme. 
  12.   Price is relative, there is also the cost of time, of effort. Since Mya's death, the majority of my own efforts in the realm, and some outside, have been towards discovering and pursuing methods of her revival. That is a cost, even if we disagree on its value. As for a love of MD, that can be argued as well. I can only say words, then do some things in game, to show that I want to increase activity for all, both older and new players that come through, from interesting activity.  In the end, I do not have another way to show that I am not trying to be greedy or anything like tha
  13.   I could see how this might be interpreted that way, certainly. Molquert and his guards are a way for an individual, through combat and understanding of that system, can bring about the revival of someone. But, as for an argument for these sort of events, MD is made by the players. I believe in that, and I think everyone should have that opportunity. That is why I don't cry about people being able to kill others, that is part of the game, the game being made by us, the players. In the same way, since my focus through time has not necessarily been on combat (and some aspects of the fight
  14.   As was I, when I replied to you. The main reason for the 24 hour deadline is that I wish to stir up activity for the realm and have her revived prior to the event Mur has set up, since that is supposed to start today. That is the driving reason behind this effort being a 24 hour one.    The 24 hours doesn't include the effort we have had over the past couple days raising heat, or all the people who have been challenging Molquert's guards, nor the other efforts in contacting others with revival tools. I wanted to create an event that could fit as a revival event for Mya, one
  15.   Then we keep trying. We don't give up just because our effort is not recognized as enough to revive her. As for the second part, there has been situations in the past where such efforts have resulted in the revival of someone. Why would this effort fail on those grounds?
  16.   I will start the bidding on these ones with 1sc each. 
  17.   Sure, I will walk through my thinking out of character, so others can see why I arrived at this event. There are, as I have discovered over the past week, multiple ways to revive someone. One is Molquert's guards. While one, Kraubawnis, is easier, the other fight, Rawquist, is much more difficult. And I am alright with that, I realize it is a challenge, and to limit death from being something easily beaten every time, however it is one I am not able to overcome. We have many others trying, but we have not succeeded yet. The next would be revival items. I have reached out to those peopl
  18. People of the realm, as some of you may know, Mya Celestia is dead. Over the past few days, many people, including myself, have searched for ways to revive her. From conquering Molquert's guards, to reviving items, there are some built in ways, but the revivals we all remember come from specific rituals. Many of you have alluded these to me, and after reading some of them, I have come to a certain realization. It was not these specific things, nor the repeat of any single one of them, that brought about the memories. It was the fact that a group of people rallied together, came up with an idea
  19. Grown up with both, so I love both. If I were to be forced to choose, I think dog would narrowly come out ahead, but I have met a lot of dogs I would not like. I grew up with some amazing labs, and they have always been the most dopy, fantastic, loving beings ever, so I admit my bias in that respect. 
  20.   Absolutely, and thank you very much Mur.    Good luck on the rest of the Titles! They are a neat concept, for sure. 
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