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  1. Hi guys.. I have a problem about my avatar. I have uploaded my own avatar but after a few hours i realized that that avatar does not have any "MD" letters in it so i tried to upload the new one (with MD) but to my surprise my avatar (the one without any MD) got approved. I understand that avatars are unique and should not have any similarities at all so i was wondering, should i upload the new avatar or is it legal for me to use an avatar without MD in it? Any help would be appreciated. Thanks in advance! I have attached a screen shot
  2. i don't think that everyone would agree to that. (though i would like that myself). Mur once mentioned that the Tribunal is not a place for newbies. I was also one of the reason he put up the viscosity idea. Anyway, i would really like to explore the land beyond the second door.. i once traveled to that point before the viscosity was implemented that made it impossible to go beyond
  3. so that's what you were scribling behind some signs.. Nice quest.. doing it now (really painful to walk though) Confused about the last clue.. O_o
  4. wow it sounds a little scary. never gone to the labirinth myself. a lot of players warn me not to go since i can get lost easily.. i may try it with my dummy account so i would not waste my main if i could not get out. xP
  5. welcome to the MP3 group :)

  6. Add me MoM! Havnt yet finished with y story yrt but i'm finished with the opening (at least) BTW i would still join even without a reward. ^^ Havnt had a friend in MD since i joined 5yrs ago so it would be an honor to support a friend.
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