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  1. I remember this.  Are we still talking about this?!  <.<

    *dst* was being her usually snarky self and it seemed like you were baiting her but now I have confirmation of it.  :P


    Perhaps I recall when this occured but it could have been any one of a number of times.



  2. A good barter and exchange system is always more commendable the better each transaction is understood.

    With things being spelled out clearly beforehand in a sense of currency or labor can allow informed judgements be weighed upon with relative value.

    (would I do it for a Klondike bar? No, but I might do it for two.)


    I have been trying to get some people to redesign the avatar management/costs system for a couple years but never really got feedback or anything fixed from the avatar people. When discussed before with the council we couldnt find a decent solution to all the costs and other things.



    The current system, with the buying an avatar returns your current one to the shop is based on when there was no way to store avatars. Since when buying one you would return your current one. This page was never redesigned when the avatar storage was added.


    Im welcome for someone to redesign the entire way of it works, you can contact me for more information.


    Is there any, any to recover these if discarded before it can be set into your vault?  Common logic would state that a user recognition would be prompted before permanently discarding anything so personally important as a player's Avatar.

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