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  1. Is there anything specifically useful that I could advise new players to contribute towards here (besides heat/time/etc)?

    1. Chewett


      Sorry I'm not sure what this refers to?

    2. Pipstickz


      Advise new players on how to contribute to enjoying themselves in MD

  2. Feels like I haven't been here in forever! 😷

  3. |:H:a:p:p:y: :B:i:r:t:h:d:a:y:!


  4. /remind @chewett2 to read my PM on the other chewett in 5 days.


  5. Long have I wished to walk underneath these blessed root shades.

  6. nb: Objects in Calendar may arrive sooner than they appear.

    1. ignnus


      can't wait for whirling dervishes festival every year...don't have no christmas here...

  7. 14/14 won fights Secret activated...

  8. Another link of the chain united into history. :-)

  9. What if some people start thinking I'm paranoid? o.O()

    1. MaGoHi


      start to listen to this all the time https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2hoSAY7Ye4Q

    2. dst


      And you're not? :D

  10. Many Birthdays today!

  11. : Murder! lashtal murders nadrolski

    1. Show previous comments  2 more
    2. nadrolski


      This is what happens when Hypocrites can't stand with you being fair in the battlefield.

    3. Azull
    4. Blackshade Rider
  12. Sinners repent!

    1. Rophs


      Is that what will fix the servers?!

  13. How do I unlock the Research Library?

    1. Ary Endleg

      Ary Endleg

      The key is under the doormat...

    2. Ars Alchemy

      Ars Alchemy

      First Research Depth (Quester)

  14. looking for an MP4 to set popes for help with combo multiplier

  15. This world is not my home I'm just passing through! -Larry Norman

  16. Enjoyed a Haiku written/ with not enough syllables/ but leaving my face in a smile

  17. My New Year Resolution is not to keep any of my New Year resolutions...

    1. Rophs


      Just don't make any, it's even less effort.

    2. Nimrodel


      mine is to look sexy and study well

  18. I'm going to sit on this computer until it hatches...

    1. Rophs


      don't when the computer hatches you'll need a new one D:

    2. Mallos


      Need a new D:?

    3. dst


      Who are its mom and dad? I would love to know what to bread to get a new computer.

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