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  1. No I am saying without sacrificing them, how can we make sure they can roam the land without having to battle against others in your cruel rituals all the time. Drachorns just want to relax
  2. I have often given my drachorns to others (who I thought would be good owners) but without sacrificing them I fear there is no assurance they will be set free and able to roam the lands without the constant distress created by being used in creature battles. I hope your cause will be the one to change that, Draconas.
  3. I have repeatedly asked them to talk to the people in chat in those scenes when they ask for help, but I will also attempt to answer questions when they are asked to me. Please try to be more gracious, even if Fang is being inept. The newbie in question was stuck in a scene they should not have been able to get to yet, no way to exit and nothing to do. It is obvious we needed someone who can fix that to help them..
  4. personally so far I love the changes, except maybe a minor detail or two like it seems much more difficult to lose heat now but being able to attack cross mindpower level is great and it helps being able to train with these new mp3s... Being able to have more fair and balanced combat (no huge token/stat discrepancy) is very fun at the moment and I'm only losing to people with more/better crits (usually drachs/snowmen in a rit) and I would like to experience it in more detail I understand likely a large amount of players do not like how it is now, I can agree, it's not perfect. But I think
  5. Ann. 215 - [2008-01-23 07:05:37 - Alpha 5] - Permalink - Posted By Muratus del Mur Players in sanctuary with more than 15 heads can be attacked...no more hidding to keep those heads. " Ann. 291 - [2008-03-15 04:48:03 - Alpha 5] - Permalink - Posted By Muratus del Mur Number of heads that will cancel your imunity in the sanctuary is now 6 instead of 15, so if you have more than 6 heads and you are in a sanctuary you are no longer protected by it. As soon as you lose your heads you are again protected. "
  6. It is quite suiting that the mp7s be among the island to help with the new players in their training.
  7. Well good work so far and you know you have my support.
  8. "I really dont care who it goes to, as long as its someone active" I am fairly active and would be able to hold onto the wiiya tool if it were to be redirected to someone.
  9. To beat a quickly dying horse, I tend to agree, while this may be a personal achievement and bring some bragging rights it is not quite worth the mark of the beast.
  10. Apologies for the delays, I would like to know of anyone who has interest in the roles as described by the original post in this topic.The current tool locations that need a guardian are shown in the table below being the Golemus Lab, Wind's Sanctuary, MDA Bathroom and the Tea Market. All applications are welcome, and since it has been a while I would ask anyone to reapply now following the guidelines in the original post, state the co-ordinates you are applying for, your playername and " .write 1-2 rows , not 0-1 not 2-8 etc, but 1,2 rows about why you want the role or what makes you de
  11. Probably Mya Celestia as she was one of the main LHOs when I was still new here, and the one I preferred to talk to. Otherwise Rumi and Brulant were the first people I became friends with as they taught me how GGG worked and we trained together.
  12. Maybe if you could only give them damaging creatures?
  13. Back when I started creatures weren't restricted by mind power level and it was rather interesting to level them up. At some point that was changed, and now there are quite a few creatures that remain rather basic at mp3, I'm not sure if this is good for the diversity or integrity of the combat system or whether it helps mp3s understand it. "could you implement some training in rituals or explanations as part of the starter island if there is no such thing yet?(to maybe even let them experiment "in a safe environment)" " would it be easier if you just gave them a certain amount of honor t
  14. Thanks for coding (among other things) for this awesome game.
  15. I would be left with wisdom for greatest effect, power close second but outshined and devalued by my own principles, not that I'm the best for any of these three. In my opinion Fang Archbane inherits the courage as I see him try often against severe odds, continuously defeated to still continue and persevere once more. And as such Dst encompasses power for sheer effectiveness in enacting change within the realm time and time again whether liked or hated. I may leave out old/inactive vets in my choices, but they aren't so eligible because of that.
  16. Is there anyone willing to take the tools for the MagicDuel Archives and the Tea Market in the East?
  17. The tools listed below are currently in my possession and may be open for reassignment, please apply in this topic if one of these spots interests you. WindSanctuary Tool Legislator MDA Tools Legislator TeaMarket Tools Legislator The Golemus Lab Tools Legislator ^Is also open as it wasn't initially assigned though I am not in possession of it. Your application has been received Fang, I will resend it soon and hopefully we can get some more people in the mean time.
  18. A shade to fight with or against? I suppose I want that bloodthirsty feeling back.
  19. With the new "Favourite" link there is a lot of red links to be seen, perhaps if the "upload picture" link was only available through the "Full Details" page it would be easier on the eyes.
  20. After having spent over 2 and a half years not defeating the tutorial shades at mp5, I would like to document a few of the effects of leaving them around. This means to not finish the tutorial in its current state. To start, the tutorial shades are the NPCs you encounter on your way back from the Aramory to the Path of Loneliness while following your scroll's directions, as part of the tutorial for the game. They initially appear at the Old Man's Road to block your progress north, and continue to show up at the House of Liquid Dust and finally the Fields of Abandonment. Defeating the last
  21. I will be hosting the first Newbie Focus day on September 25th, anyone who wants to participate can meet us in the Paper Cabin or throughout the realm as the day goes on. I am particularly looking for individuals who would be willing to provide tours of their lands and anyone who has simple quests they can give to younger players, PM me if you would be willing to provide such (even if not for this event). We will be emphasizing activity around the realm and hoping to provide targets for newer players to train on and interesting players for them to meet.
  22. About how much resources in herbs would you accept for a shmsh? PM me if you want. I'd want one but coins are not a preferred payment method for me (I can possibly "haggle")
  23. Well a combination of fenths heat water maybe some syntropic dust and clothing items (possibly from personal items like an eyepatch for instance + woven clothing out of unidentified herbs) would be what I would expect could *recreate* a Water daimon if necessary. I do believe (though quite likely mistaken) that the database can some way track creatures you've had previously through old IDs and maybe logs of sacrifices? I know there's lots of database logs for items currently in MD it wouldn't surprise me to see similar for creatures. Similar recipes like for a regular elemental egg might
  24. Mallos

    A good game

    I think the opposite in a sense... At infinities things break down and don't make sense anymore (to our finite brains) and thus limiting infinities in a game could be the sole reason players have to continue playing such a game as grinding endlessly without some sort of reward or endgame, while fun at times, is impossible to humans. This is why most games cap out level wise. I do like your metaphor for creating an image of infinity but I disagree with the premise. These "images" are rather abstract if you do not set a specific value to them, and as such players also will not be able to set a s
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