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  1. I can only guess he means this sign. While I am unaware of where or which side the mattock comes from I didn't seem to have a problem finding it before. I assume the real issue here is that how to find your inventory is not described well as I do remember explaining how to do just that to several of the new players.
  2. I cannot say for the Gateway island start, but for an mp3 who started at the paper cabin advancing to mp4 is once again sent to the paper cabin, the story mode tells you to click through it (without needing you to do anything) up until the point that it tells you to "deal with the threats you encounter on your way back" head to the house of liquid dust and fight the shades there and the fields of abandonment as per usual (interestingly the old mans shade can be ignored and will remain at the scene impeding your progress should you go there later) and it will put you into story mode, giving the
  3. 1. No, there is a lot of history on the forum and removing posts removes the integrity of that history, I would like to think I and others could go back and read these posts and be able to get the full picture of what was going on. 2. Yes, large swathes of redacted posts should be restored for reasons I give in point one, a single post here and there I am not so concerned about. 3. No... I deliberate to say no here as saying yes removes the need for redacted posts to be restored in the first place, but I feel being able to edit posts is a nice thing and I am unsure how to take away t
  4. Apparently not as he has informed me he has received underground loyalty since then.
  5. "Or are you "asking for a friend" Based on how Fang quickly mentions me as the option for who could hold such a tool it is reasonable to assume he may be asking so I don't have to. To clarify: I have no want for a wiiya tool outside of that if one was put into my inventory I would try to do a goob job of distributing wiiya bubbles. Prior to him posting this and mentioning me I had no knowledge of his want/need for such a tool. But I do find it odd that such a resource as to be used with a readily available creature would be not so readily available within the realm (one person inact
  6. I can vouch that Granite wolf is indeed Fang Archbane's account. Not only that, I have proof.
  7. Ok my misunderstanding and perhaps I'm still a bit confused, and not to spam this topic with my replies but I see making the aramors/etc attackable repeatedly a possible solution to this problem of mp3s/4s not being able to gain enough heat/wins to upgrade... I say possible, it can fix the issue but it's not elegant far from it. It just makes a whole mess of other issues then like wasn't it intended for there to be no combat dummies like that, people would sit and train on them all day.
  8. The aramors/shades/tiny men are defeatable at mp3, might not be easy but it's not impossible, and at mp4 they are quite easily defeatable. The problem with this idea is that, they are only attackable once if you win. Meaning even the 100 or so mp2 accounts around the realm like this will not be suffice to propel you to mp5. That is also if you don't mind not being able to see these creatures again after you have defeated them until you advance mindpower levels, which is a choice that should be made not forced.
  9. I would be inclined to agree with you, if you're on the forum are you really playing MD? ....... Except the simple answer is yes. Also it's not BS but I'm not sure how to reply because you don't really give me a solid reason to why you think it is.. anyways. MD is about what you make of it.
  10. I can only assume you mean this definition of loser: "a person or thing that is put at a disadvantage by a particular situation or course of action." As far as my negative stats go, I am not put at a disadvantage for having negative stats, in fact there are strict advantages for me. If you do not know what I am talking about you are either unable to comprehend or have "forgotten". Me choosing to have no stats has no bearing on this topic at large, asides from me refuting your point that everyone wants stats. I do not say that everyone or anyone should have no stats. The only "no stats" th
  11. What is your favorite scene in MagicDuel (why?) and what, if anything, would you change about that scene? My favorite scene is the Fields of Abandonment for various reasons, some relating to MD some personal and also because I like the way the scene looks a lot and the scene text is one of my more favorites if not favorite as well. I like how this is where the Shade Sentinel confronts us in storymode, the implications of this and the symbols within the scene towards defeating the shades. The choice we are given, accept or run. An old, dirty and beaten path between a wall and open fields,
  12. Similar to the ideas posted here: I like the fight messages.
  13. I think I have seen this recently with a single max level tree casting protect on itself I'd have better combat logs but it's been pushed out of my logs since then, these were some copy/pastes I took
  14. Cross MP fights: I'm not asking for fairness exactly I am proposing they allow fighting across mind power levels, mainly so new players will have more people they can actually fight, instead of waiting until mp5 to be able to fight the majority of the playerbase or ask someone to log into an alt. Logging into alts is archaic and not something you should have to do as a workaround to help these new players in my opinion. As far as not having fairness in these x-mindpower fights, I wouldn't mind that. But I am much more interested in the "fair fights" mechanics for these fights. It won't be fair
  15. If a newbie (a scrub! sorry Ledah) walks into MagicDuel and hears us all speaking Chinese about shades and victories and tokens and the pickaxe that breaks rock then... Yes, it is up to that scrub to learn our Chinese. How are you to learn Chinese? Why, have a teacher of course, to translate our Chinese MagicDuel talk into scrub language that any laymen that walks into MagicDuel can understand. And where do we find these teachers? In the free market of course! Those who get to the scrubs to teach them first are likely who the scrubs will begin to learn from. And if these teachers do a bad job
  16. I am collecting heads, doesn't mean they are for me. Now now let's not misconstrue statements.
  17. Either the blue anni aramor or the max lvl winderwild. The max lvl tutorial shade looks cool too, just not so beautiful
  18. Yes that: 1. I had to use an alt to take the heads 2. I gave the heads to Ledah knowing that he may end up passing them to Mallos Perhaps I should have kept the heads on my alt and logged out but that's no fun!
  19. I will admit to a slight mis-use of an alt to gather heads from an mp3 that which my main could not due to being an mp5 and since recent changes disallowed cross mindpower fighting I felt this was the best option to further subjugate heads holders since MRF refused my offer of a trade for his heads. Morlecid contracted the help of friend/protector Fang (who was unaware of alt status until later notified) and defeated MRF, soon after giving the heads to Ledah. Ledah asked Mallos to hold the heads for a while, of which Mallos agreed. I may be a bit corrupt but I am a Caretaker not a So
  20. I do believe the same popup occurs. As in the honor popup overrides anything else they can do the moment they click the compass, stops them from reaching the actual compass popup and disallows them to change their adepts/check heat/choose a worshipper. I don't have the issue myself but that's what I assume from what I've heard.
  21. It's a process of healing, old habits die hard, they will learn with time.
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    Some pictures I've decided to share.
  24. Since that's out of the way I'll give some thoughts on the discussion here... I like Fang's idea in his original post the best, make "fair fights" trigger across mind power levels only, not within mind power levels, while allowing all mind powers to attack eachother.This way lower mp levels have a chance to win against higher mind power levels in combat. There are some pros and cons to this, an mp5 attacking an mp3 looking to get free wins will have to be aware that none of their stats/tokens will count in that fight, and a mp3 attacking an mp5 could assume they will have some advantage in thi
  25. I will make my opinion very clear: Allow fighting across mind power levels
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