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  1. Lashtal is going to sponsor a Swordsman creature! This will be given to the winner of the first mind power level to reach 6 participants. In the event we do get 6 players to sign up I am going to put the 2 gold reward as the second place prize for that MP level. Assuming (as it is most likely) mp5 meets that requirement then the rewards will look like this: MP5: 1st place - Wishpoint, Swordsman and an assortment of herbs 2nd place - 2 gold coins MP4: 1st place - 2 gold coins MP3: 1st place - 2 gold coins I can now spawn the heads onto players to start the contest, so b
  2. The next contest starts in about a week from now. Signups are welcome as always and 3 are needed to start the contest for a specific mindpower level. The rewards this time around are 2 gold to the winner of each MP level along with the head count reward. The first MP level to reach 6 signups will be eligible for the wishpoint for first place. I will also give an assortment of herbs to the winner for mp5.
  3. It was closed today. Can't really tell on retention rates, probably little (slightly positive, few more stuck around for at least a little while) to no difference, but it helped us answer their questions about the game
  4. After the first round the current point totals are as follows: Aia del Mana - 325 Fang Archbane - 108 Nepgear - 108 Pipstickz - 108 Aia del Mana managed to win by returning 10 heads to me, which was 1 more than I gave out in the round! Congrats Aia.
  5. This contest is ending in a few hours, on the 24th. I will be at the Gazebo of Equilibrium or very closeby (hopefully) the whole day in order to allow players to return the heads to me. This can be done with the simple chat command *gives all heads to Mallos* while you are in the scene with me. Make sure to provide me with proof of you returning the heads and the amount, or I may not be able to tell who gave me what and thus you won't get any points. I will, after the contest has concluded, return any winnings of heads to the players who return them to me (detailed in my first posts rewards s
  6. Clicking the "Game intro" toplink just gives this error message, I believe it used to link to the paper cabin introductory sequence or otherwise our scroll in the left bar but since the ongoing quests are now placed in that section instead it seems to be causing this error, making the link rather useless.
  7. The contest has started! Good luck to our contestants and anyone who wishes to steal from them. It should be noted that I will not be attacking any player who holds heads until the contest is over vs vs
  8. We should know by now that dst prefers to take things public than to pms when it comes to drama like this. Yes, common sense is, unfortunately, not so common. It varies from person to person and place to place and you can probably only expect the average half of the population to have any of it, which means below that and the people wont have any, above and they probably wont need it. My idea of common sense for this topic is to pm the person who my card didn't reach and ask them why it got returned, this way we can reach a conclusion. Somewhat of the opposite happened here. I see three p
  9. I'm sure all mp levels would like to take part in this contest if there was enough participants @Aia del Mana
  10. Yes Blackshade Rider is going to sponsor a wishpoint! The winner from the first MP level to get 6 participants will be rewarded the WP. I should mention that you do not have to sign up to participate in this contest, only return heads at the end, but signing up is required to start the contest and for heads to be distributed (plus you get extra points so it is advised).
  11. Hello, I will be attempting to run a Heads Contest each month starting on the first (12th) day of tranquility and ending on the second (24th) day of tranquility. All participants must apply here in this thread by stating your playername, ID and mind power level. After doing so, if there is at least 3 players in your mp level, the contest will start for that mp level on the first (12) day of tranquility and all participants will be given an amount of heads. These heads must be returned on the second (24th) day of tranquility of that month. How to turn in your heads for the contest: Basically c
  12. Lone Wolf hasn't played in a few years it seems Although I saw them online during xmas. If you want a true mentor perhaps find an older player from a land that you like, there's at least a few from each land if you look hard enough. If you just want to be an adept of someone try adepting Fang Archbane he is trying to go mp6 currently. If you want to worship someone try MaGoHi, Chewett, or Syrian
  13. Mallos

    spam topic

    not enough spam,new a forum spam topic?
  14. Agreed, seems every time I tab back into MD (maybe every few minutes) I have to click through several tips that I've read many times to check the triggers.
  15. I believe No one's question for you Chewett was this: "It might just be that there is a "space" in my name which causes some issues as seen in "No's engraved ring" (id: 136283) where the second part of my name is missing." Basically that the ring should read No one's engraved ring but it (presumably because of the space in the name) only takes the first word No.
  16. I miss the water can Awiiya and Handy had, there was a lot of good stuff written in there.

  17. Is it just me or did Chew hack a floating 2 into his post just above above? (maybe firefox being odd when I hover over it i see "found two errors in this text") A lot of people, some mentioned, have put together lists like this. Personally I have a list of the scenes that have flavor text in them
  18. But I did it the other day and definitely got stats http://magicduel.invisionzone.com/topic/17792-mp4-darkness-bug/?tab=comments#comment-178503 There was just a lot less points where you do get them. And yes that is my point that people descending and ascending again could be coded to not send you through story mode (by story mode i mean the game intro where it asks you go to kill the shades) when you've already done it once for each mind power level. In that case, principle docs for the principle you lose and have to regain I would love to be able to descend mind power levels I woul
  19. Great idea in my opinion. Reminds me of this topic: Considering if losing a mindpower level would also cause you to lose a principle, then it would be useful to have ways to regain those principles when you advance again. Obviously this can happen through story mode as usual but I feel this opens up a potential abuse, story mode gives you stat gains (and aren't they percentage based? if so people could use that for huge stat gains, repeatedly losing/gaining mp level to repeat story mode for these stats) having these documents is a good work around so people do not have repeating story mo
  20. In the event you don't want to put it in the quest page... Perhaps a new use for the art page? (toplinks)
  21. I can only guess he means this sign. While I am unaware of where or which side the mattock comes from I didn't seem to have a problem finding it before. I assume the real issue here is that how to find your inventory is not described well as I do remember explaining how to do just that to several of the new players.
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