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  1. The first thing I tend to think of is using pulsars, as described above, and the thought that follows that for me is exactly as you describe, to watch the flashes of light emitting from the angien egg and count them to be able to use them as our time keeping method. Something that theoretically should be visible at nearly the same intervals for everyone observing (considering flash player isn't some overarching factor denying characters from being in the same scene-universe and synchronizing the light rays, along with similar technical issues) and is something that is constant so our "clock" doesn't fail us a day later. From my observations there is 5 flashes of light before the cycle continues, so I posit we only need to count those 5 for an accurate measurement (feel like I might be wrong on that though). The main problem comes in measuring these flashes precisely as you need something else as a frame of reference to be able to determine exactly how much 'time' (" d/V. Basically, it's about movement over a distance") has passed since we began measuring the flashes of light. My initial idea was to use my pack of playing cards as my character has an uncanny ability to draw a card every 2 seconds. Unfortunately as the player I am unable to reliably refresh my inventory quick enough and redraw to be sure that I am continuing to draw cards at a steady rate. So, second idea was to use beer 🍺 as it has a short 60 second cooldown but another problem arises, the refresh that occurs prevents me from being able to count from start of consumption until the point that I would have another beer ready for an accurate measurement. Ok so third idea is to use a water bucket, and this one would work. I don't feel like counting those pulses for ten minutes though and then recounting, which would be part of the 'bootstrap' method for having a reliable result and refining the measurements. Anyways if I wanted to throw out a number , say I counted 480 pulses in that ten minutes, and the cycle is 5 pulses to a single time unit we are trying to find, you get 96 units of time within that 10 minutes, considering we know what a minute is somewhat independently as we know it takes me ten of them to be able to collect a full bucket of water, 0.16 seconds per cycle of 5 pulses (I hope I'm getting that right now, time maths bother me) That seems wrong to me and certainly because I pulled the number at random, but you can divide/multiply each 'time unit' as I'm describing them to be longer or shorter, and then use that to determine how long another process takes as long as you redo the measurement. Meaning to then know that it takes me a minute to finish a beer, we can count out the time units in relation to those 60 seconds IE count 9.6 cycles of light pulses within that one minute it took to finish the beer, if the figures line up, you have a time keeping method. Of course it's not so simple considering we already know what a minute is but you cross reference measurements to make sure you can arrive at an accurate one. A bit less science-y, I came into the topic with the idea time is between two players. Why not one? Who is to say they were ever there anyways, besides them, and they'd have to tell you.
  2. Good points, good work and sad to see you go as always when players leave
  3. trust is something not to take lightly, unless MaleVoLence is absent
  4. Ok not the contest yet, sponsorships and likewise is on hold for now. Just an opinion grab, if you'll give, because I'd prefer to hear more thoughts on this in recent times. I'm going to try not to reply here unless quoted with a question (because I'd like to hear your suggestions, not mine). To start: How would a head contest be fun for you in the style that I ran previously? Essentially that I can spawn heads onto/off of players if necessary and we can work from there.
  5. Well entropy is the general answer you are looking for I think. Entropy was --lower-- n the early universe, you could think of that as extra gas particles spread evenly-ish throughout, and due to gravity among some other nuanced interactions it can collapse to form the less organized, more strewn about in bits and pieces solar system including stars and planets. Some time in the distant future this entropy will (as always?) continue to increase, energy spreads apart in the universe, and the stars we see today will cease to exist as they fail the delicate dance of maintaining thermal equilibrium.. The weak interaction is what powers nuclear fusion in the sun, creating an equilibrium with gravity pushing the material into the core of the star and the heat trying to radiate outwards. Eventually stars lose the battle, but what is left is what I was asking about, or perhaps of what came before too. If/when most everything is set to dissipate, does the remainder react to itself/the rest?
  6. : Mallos sacrificed Falronn (Elemental V) Mallos: So close, yet so far... : Mallos throws the dice and gets 2
  7. I can confirm this: Applying Mallos's Creature Tokens at 0% [blooddrop2] Innocence (793959) gets 0 initiative (10 percent) Applying Mallos's Creature Tokens at 50% [blooddrop2] Innocence (793959) gets 0 initiative (10 percent) Applying Mallos's Creature Tokens at 100% [blooddrop2] Innocence (793959) gets 0 initiative (10 percent) Both of us are missing the prerequisite principle combinations for blooddrop2 and I can guess this is what is causing the token to apply stats that it doesn't list. Can someone else with the correct principles test their blooddrop2 token and see if it works as intended then?
  8. At the risk of necroposting so hard I get tempbanned or something, I had an idea a while back and this is a good place to post it. : test : test Chewett: Chat is working again : test Basically the idea would be a certain scene where names don't show up in chat, and possibly also the "Players online here:" list. I think the prospect of chat not showing who it is from is interesting enough, I also know we have those masquerade masks now and those can be rather fun, but a limitation I observe is that you can still somewhat easily determine who is who in smaller areas judging on badges among a few other details. So the point would be to make sure it is indiscernible who is who at least from a chat perspective. Similarly this could be a spell to cast to grant the scene these attributes for a period of time, like the voice spell, instead of a specific location (off the top of my head I can't think of where such a location would be appropriate). I prefer this idea, spells are fun, a set location permanently attracting people for the novelty is similar to GGG or a recent suggestion by Ivorak. I'm not so sure attracting attention to specific areas is a good thing when it is done by the system as opposed to by the people, think about how most system activities like mining allow you to gather in multiple areas, sacrifice in different altars, sit in various sanctuaries etc, allowing you to choose where to be . In my opinion things that attract a crowd are best left to the players to control so that they can reap the benefits of the interactions while they last, rather than siphoning all of the activity from various lands into a point that has no guarantee of player to player interaction. Bit of a tangent sorry
  9. "Herbs + Rainwater + Container = Base Substance " I have a bit of a laundry list of people's inventories that I want to fill with stuff but I think I can manage to supply you with some eastern (or otherwise) herbs for your practices.
  10. The title says blood drop 2, you paste blood drop two description and it is the correct one, claim blood drop 2 is giving you initiative, then begin to look at how blood drop 1 is affecting your stats: [blooddrop1] Blood Drop I Gives a bonus if owner has a certain combination of principles. Entropy and Darkness gives 10% attack, Imagination and Light gives 20% initiative, Cyclicity and Time gives 10% defence. Ledah has imagination and light, the blood drop two from the logs posted I believe is showing up as an error of some kind, that it is in fact blood drop one labeled as a blood drop two in the logs.See: A bit more of me being wrong I guess: [blooddrop2] Chochinbi (860222) gets 0 initiative (10 percent) Gaki (860223)'s creature tokens [blooddrop1] [blooddrop1] Gaki (860223) gets 1 initiative (20 percent) due to principles combination If my assumption is accurate then it brings to question why these tokens that would then be similar are behaving differently, I will try to look into this myself.
  11. That is easy enough nowadays Because why not: 200 candy!
  12. I vote no because its 'use' is a forced one, we have to use it as we cannot attack during it, if it were optional that may be a different story. For how it used to operate there may have been uses for it, as example I used it to guarantee a day I can move around the realm at no risk of losing my heads but the day itself doesn't register as very "useful" to me.
  13. Mallos

    New ideas

    Alternative (once a year) day of tranquility
  14. Now that the day of tranquility is gone (that pesky day we had twice a month that disallowed anyone to attack on the 12th and 24th) I have been waiting for the $%@king day where we finally have some serenity, and I propose this would happen once a year. I suggest the date March 9th for personal reasons, to remind us of the day we lost our serenity < / 3
  15. As an Easterner, I would expect 3 to 4 points to earn the crown, I question why you would intend for 8 points. I only see one here that is worthy of a point in my eyes and it's not this one: 2. Having a plan to protect the herbs in the East (before Eon got his crown point for copying me, I should note) What's your plan?
  16. Mallos


    one of my avatars, only uploading so I can use it as my forum picture since it seems the regular way to change profile pics is broken or something D: can be deleted if someone with that power ever reads this
  17. Something like this maybe? https://magicduel.com/page/Announcement/view/all
  18. I see a lot of arguing about who holds the crown lately, but of the two who hold the most points to the crown neither are actively trying to become the King. Maybe they don't have enough points to do so yet or in Eon's case transferring points doesn't work, but I feel this is a very strong point towards what the King of the East would be likely to do. Join us, we have cake and tea Ann. 2773 Priority: 1 [2013-09-10 04:18:08 - Stage 12] Tribunal Crown I am starting a long term quest for whoever wants to become King of the East Lands (excluding DoM). It will be based on points that you gather..and how you gather them is a secret some will discover most won't. Eon and Shadowseeker are entitled to one ..or two..points as a start, if they can remind me (in-game only) why they deserve them. Once a point is obtained by someone I will post in TB forum the reason, so others can see it and understand the nature of this quest.
  19. Miq I'm sure we will have a spot for you as well as Pipstickz in the East, everyone is welcome. Specially Loreroot
  20. Burn the goat! Who needs goat milk anyways?
  21. I'd love to participate! But most my creatures have tokens
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