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  1. No the problem occurred with more than just the tokens you have given me from that santa
  2. When using vial of token essences some of them have trouble applying properly to the creatures. Watching the popup box in the triggers when applying the tokens it didn't seem any problems occurred but when checking the creatures page it is obvious, certain creatures affected can no longer load the portrait correctly on the creature page (loads fine in the create ritual page though) as seen here. somewhat similar to http://magicduel.invisionzone.com/topic/18042-html-crit-inventory-page-bug/ The issue being that these tokens have no effects in battle, exhibited below. I'm not sure which
  3. "this role, in its current form, isnt needed in MD. That it may become more important in the future but for now it shouldn't be something that time is spent on managing and distributing tools for. Most agreed that it would be better to move them all to shared role based titles, so people who belonged to the land could become it as needed." I'll just echo this statement, very few times have the tools been used to ban a player and I see only one location that is perhaps in need of a guardian, which is the candy boxes since there is so few of those to take. The role isn't necessary to spen
  4. I have a similar issue, certain creatures with a broken token applied to them are not loading on the HTML 5 creature page (loads on flash) as seen: firefox browser These broken [] tokens were applied with gelled tokens, and I have several creatures that have this issue currently. The tokens have no effects in battle.
  5. I'd like to see more rainbow candy types added, particularly one that uses the language flask system that made you speak in a different language. Possibly ones that would add small amounts of stats to your profile similarly to how land/alliance bonuses work, for a short time. One for exploring points. One that can add a temporary bonus to one of your principles, or preferably permanently remove some of your principle points. Now personally I'd love to be able to use that nice golden avatar Sushi drew for me 💀
  6. I'd like to refute your presumptuous claims a bit, I know you think highly of yourself dst but thinking doesn't make things true. Now you're here essentially arguing in favor of continuing the AL as it would be common sense while simultaneously telling people they can't do anything and I assume by upvotes agreeing with subverting the process of (patiently, I might add) returning the altars back to a functional state through the actions of people within the AL, so consistency out the window now. I'd suggest you either relearn about the MD community or learn to be less critical. Currently
  7. Currently I agree that the altars not being functional is a bit excessive as that takes away a large portion of the combat system, being unable to recruit further and sacrifice creatures that you've been training being the main issues. If any character needs to lose heat I have had a heat loss ritual set consistently for a while now, and I'm rather active so I can help you build a combo ritual if you want. On one side I see how it can be annoying without the altars, but on the other I see some emphasis on player interactions as far as heat loss goes and further for wanting players to ban
  8. Well not your death, but consider that you won't have any copies of you running around passing on your genes. Often the older members of a species take on 'caretaker' roles for the babies while the younger fitter members go out and do that foraging stuff, to make the ant analogy this could be like the ants who protect the queen and care for the larvae but I think those are dedicated roles and not based upon age. Basically, you end up with a different role to suit the needs of the colony rather than what is the basic role (reproduction) although with the diverse society we live in that role can
  9. I've had an ant farm before and I think they do it mostly to clear up space. Most animals don't have an understanding of death save some rather intelligent ones like elephants who grieve for their dead. Obviously the pheromones are signalling to take an object to the burial spot, just in this case the object happens to be itself. Most animals role in life can be summed up to about two things, eat and reproduce. In a tribal species like ours the reproduction can serve to fulfill the eating aspect as the more children you have the more potential they will bring back some food for you. Nowad
  10. Which badge are you ridding us of? yours
  11. penguins!

    1. Dhyone


      Penguins are such fascinating creatures! 🐧

  12. looks fine to me :p is there a description we can see?
  13. uh, not that I ever tested those, but weren't they supposed to be so that users with less than 5 casts (considering 5 out of 8 as normal) of a spell could enchant their spell onto the tablet, the use would be the same as regular spell stones
  14. out of most if not all of these that I gathered for ledah (as in, ledah gathered some too) on mallos besides the 30 or so morlecid ended up stealing... It was definitely me that suggested to Ledah that we could hold the heads together, Ledah was sitting in deathwhisper gathering loyalty and it seemed like a good idea at the time. I suppose we didn't need to keep the extras, but idk, didn't seem such an issue to me at the time, although I was looking for mrf to give them back to him, he was very much offline, and I didn't want to abuse my heads powers ah yes, to answer your question pipstick
  15. I gave the heads back to MRF at one point when I was able to find him. (paid someone to do it actually)
  16. Downvoted due to choice of altars... although I guess it makes sense. I sacrificed fal in golemus because by some random turn of events most of mallos' principles ended up being GG principles... not that im going to start explaining my votes the only one i picked willingly was time
  17. 3 to 4 being because all the other ppl have up to 2? and they never got the crown, so i try to logically guess 3 or maybe 4 is more suitable and it was your Kdoc you know >.< I wonder if Sunfire has any right to any points by now??
  18. boredom not a reason to torment... tactfulness is something I've been trying to learn maybe you should too

    1. Pipstickz


      Maybe you should apologize.

    2. Mallos


      I'm sorry Pipstickz

  19. So uh hey guys and gals and goats I got a joke for you all today: A little old dwarf, 18 angiens and a tutorial shade walk into a dome... How many exit is up to you TKs.
  20. Mallos

    brain dump

    Inner sun anyone? *coughs* 🌻 I prefer this one but I'm not sure if it solves the problem Aelis was asking about recently
  21. The first thing I tend to think of is using pulsars, as described above, and the thought that follows that for me is exactly as you describe, to watch the flashes of light emitting from the angien egg and count them to be able to use them as our time keeping method. Something that theoretically should be visible at nearly the same intervals for everyone observing (considering flash player isn't some overarching factor denying characters from being in the same scene-universe and synchronizing the light rays, along with similar technical issues) and is something that is constant so our "clock" d
  22. Good points, good work and sad to see you go as always when players leave
  23. trust is something not to take lightly, unless MaleVoLence is absent
  24. Ok not the contest yet, sponsorships and likewise is on hold for now. Just an opinion grab, if you'll give, because I'd prefer to hear more thoughts on this in recent times. I'm going to try not to reply here unless quoted with a question (because I'd like to hear your suggestions, not mine). To start: How would a head contest be fun for you in the style that I ran previously? Essentially that I can spawn heads onto/off of players if necessary and we can work from there.
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