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  1. You could add an exploring point cost to recruiting all creatures. I get maybe 100 points to spend in a day, so if recruiting took 5 or 10 points each time I could get 2-4 creatures immediately or 10-20 creatures across the day. This will be much more limiting than creature recruitment currently, VE and VP values can be gained easily through fighting in good circumstances, this will not change with percentage value costs as multiple fights can get you back to 100%. Yes an issue is that people can stack up 30+ trees a day and train them/sacrifice, get 60 more for the next two days and be abl
  2. 1. How do you like the new interface I like it 2. Compared to current MD interface, how do you find this one? Worse, just because of resolution issues and other small errors or missing features 3. Do you think its ready to be go live on main MD? No, same reasons it is worse 4. What do you like about it? Colors/Animations, darker page background is nice. Pin/unpin buttons are good, I think the compass wheel needs something similar to keep it open so we can use the left bar links more easily, as the compass closes quickly when you mouse away. 5. What do you hate about it Page structu
  3. Some misalignment on the bottom panel where the pictures for your items show up, after using the inventory icon.
  4. Well on 1920 x 1080 resolution there is a lot of overlapping elements, I also can't use the scene arrows For comparison here is the mobile client:
  5. Mallos returned to the way of cleansing, questioning his sanity, or more accurately questioning Fang's sanity. "What does he mean, shades? I've never heard of such things, the sun doesn't allow it, does it? They reflect us? No, I'm not very reflective. He's gone mad, too much time sitting in a graveyard I expect." As he relaxes by the fire he notices movement within it. One of the books used for kindling is turning pages as if being blown by the wind. Oddly he notices that it isn't burning like it should be. He gets up to inspect it closer. Upon further examination the book is comple
  6. Mallos walks into the graveyard and shouts "Fang! Where are you?" Slowly a puppy appears into view and floats upside-down above Mallos' head. Fang Archbane takes a moment to observe Mallos. He sees a cloaked figure below him with only an empty skull and long black, feathery wings. Mallos begins to speak: "I need to tell you that there's a change of plans. I can't perform the ritual anymore, there is no essence left over. Maybe we can find another way to revive you." ___ Meanwhile Fang sits next to the Stone of Twisted Souls as Mallos walks up to him. "How's it hanging old friend
  7. “The shades will poison you, you must help me, save me from this” ___ A primal urge surged in the young being, survival or fury, some mix of the two. It fled before it could be seen but attempted to regain hold of itself. Faintly the scent trail could be picked up, leading into Marind Bell and so it followed. -I will find you and you will be mine again- It stopped at Wind's Crossing, suddenly no tracks could be found. Confused the beast wandered further south. ___ Lashtal sauntered over and opened a hand to beckon to Mallos. "Ah I forgot" Mallos mused aloud. He ha
  8. Patiently Mallos awaits his rescue, pickles or a warm smile would do fine. He observes a dark figure silently collecting bones around the area. Mallos thinks to himself: "I wonder what he does with all those bones. Maybe I'll ask him. Actually, better I don't, maybe he causes them to appear. I mean, that's probably not right. Lashtal always seemed innocent enough... I'm sure these priests just need to learn how to plow and they wouldn't starve so frequently." ___ Arriving on the mainlands without incident, the youngling proceeds to head north. The gates of MDA prove no obstacle
  9. Wake up and take control of our fate, we must not be beholden to these ideas of what is or should be! 😽 ___ Mallos sat in the Way of Cleansing, wondering why the boots are battery powered when there isn't so much as a single outlet in all of Necrovion. "At least there is warmth here" he thought, contemplating his eventual escape. He could feel a dark presence within Necrovion but couldn't tell if it was some part of him or some amalgamation much worse than he was... Meanwhile, Fang Archbane continued to question the shade of eternal souls for what it will do in time. Without hints
  10. https://magicduel.com/member.php?p=Slotsh I object to your use of false characters when there is a perfectly real Mallos to make fun of!
  11. Princess Fang, my liege, heiress to the throne, vassal of Golemus, keeper of the sky flame, dethroner of tyrants, monicker of the foolish, infector of the wise, slayer of none, maker of MagicDuel great again, the dog which became bird, holiest of smiters, deepest of lacerators, leader of the pack, countess to the familia, bringer of redemption, savior of Azeroth, burner of nightshades, the one true prophet of the new era, I shall forever abide by your powers until I one day overthrow you. Until then we will bring new justice to these lands and unite what has fallen into ashes to be reborn anew
  12. Taking applications for an adept, one slot available. Apply below xD

    1. Tissy


      I'm not sure if we match. But I'm interested in how to apply.

  13. I will indulge in your vote need just to share in the frustration of the lack of coffee. ☕
  14. Mallos

    An odd fear

    Yeah I'm at a point where random day to day conversations seem very pointless to me, so often I go days without speaking. It would just be better if figuring out immortality was a little easier and maybe I'd have more to talk about. Would you forget how to ride a bike if you haven't done so in a long time? I'm sure you will retain the ability to speak, just that your vocabulary and pronunciations might degrade over time. Practice makes perfect as the saying goes.
  15. That may be the case considering the 6 I applied recently all went onto creatures with preexisting tokens, one of which the token was a broken one.
  16. This bug doesn't seem to be occurring anymore as I've applied 6 tokens since then that all worked, not sure if random luck, but I still have 6 creatures that have broken tokens. Is there some way to fix the problem with these tokens? 854381 854853 861468 861469 863544 867661
  17. As stated, not being able to participate after a win destroyed the amount of participants after a while. I'd suggest making the winners be disqualified for the next contest or next two contests, but no more than that. This way they rotate out who is playing and you can make tactical decisions whether to fight this one or the next based on who is going for it currently. Also most of my heads contest ideas involve some form of distribution of heads through a player considering I cannot control automated spawning of heads, so making either an npc that can hold heads or a "container" that can
  18. My straightforward opinions here are that only the leader or players designated by the leader should be able to invite players to an alliance, and that alliances should not be able to be disbanded by any action other than an administrator of the game deciding an alliance is no longer needed. Allowing just any player to invite other players is a recipe for disaster in that you need to strongly trust any new invitee if you are worried about your loyalty values being overwritten by some rogue invitee kicking you and all your members out. This creates, in my opinion, a distasteful attitude in
  19. More death anchors and ability to get between them on occasion while dead. That way players aren't shut out from playing MagicDuel, considering that interaction with other players is a key part of the gameplay, rather they have various limitations on doing so. I'd argue that alone would fix about half of the issue of being dead which is being stuck in the graveyard the whole time. Currently very few players are able to kill other players so retaliation is almost a moot point. Revival items are also very rare and in some senses more costly than the kill items. If you revive a player you ri
  20. Torch contest was so long ago that I was still new and I don't remember it too well, but it was a bit intimidating to participate in from the whole dying mechanic even though you would get resurrected afterwards. I suppose this could conflict with the current death mechanics by giving the dead a free way to resurrect by participating, if that is even possible while dead, or it could be looked at as a free resurrection opportunity for long since dead players perhaps depending on how frequently the contest would be run. The problem with torch in some sense is the rewards, if I remember corr
  21. Just a quick idea: Change how the mp6 adept count is done, make it so you only have to meet the adept count to become and stay mp6 allowing you to drop below the 15 adepts and stay as mp6. What will cause you to lose mp6 status is if someone else from your land reaches 15 adepts as well as passes you in number of adepts, thus allowing only one mp6 for each land determined by who has the most adepts. *slight correction: you will need both 15 adepts and to be the highest adept count in your land to become mp6
  22. 0 currently, 1 maybe but it is generally not worthwhile to do. It is less likely now with tool guardians being able and ideally ready to counter such actions. In the past it has happened at least 3 times I can think of, between passing to npcs or hoarding on other players.
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