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  1. Make sure to go around telling people ingame about it, and have someone put it in the mood panel. You will hopefully get a lot more people to show up by doing that.
  2. I would participate in this. I think it would be fun, if I think of any ways that could make it better I will discuss them with you.
  3. Maybe we could have a carnival in Marind Bell?
  4. I don't think so but I'm not sure. I know it wasn't because of a wrong playername, password, or security letters though.
  5. [quote name='Muratus del Mur' timestamp='1310500318' post='87764'] so far these letters were not working: DH, DL, EE ..add yours when its happening but be sure you are 100% sure of them. [/quote] Just got the logout cooldown a minute ago. The security letters were: VL
  6. I'm a bit late but I could join if you want. I'm an mp4 and could go to whatever team wants me.
  7. 66) The labyrinth changes every day, hopelessly confusing new players who try and find their way through.
  8. 61) Mur is your schizophrenic alter ego whom you do not know about.
  9. I think MoM has a point here, a lower AP cost to exit would be more reasonable. Perhaps the exit cost should be something around 80-140, so it is still reasonable to get out. You want them to stay out but why make them stuck in if they get there through other means? I believe there are people who can summon other people... what if they were a bit mischievious and summoned people inside the gates to get them stuck? (I laughed at myself when I saw the announcement. If my activity days were at 100% I would just be gaining the ability to enter Golemus Golemicarum today. Still got a long way to
  10. Mallos

    If not MD...

    A few of you mentioned minecraft, I have my own classic server that I like to play around and act like god on . I'm not on it all that often though, as I am usually playing ogame or (more and more now) MagicDuel. Ask me sometime if you would want to come see my server. Occasionally I will play xbox or something, that's only if I get really bored though. I prefer to hang out with friends than do anything else, but lately my friends have been very busy so I don't do that much.
  11. Mallos

    Music Thread

    I like metal and hard rock, and stuff like that. Here's my favorite band: -Avenged Sevenfold [url="http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hbFFGOv2gtg&feature=fvwrel"]Bat Country[/url] And some of my other favorites: -Atreyu [url="http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Dq6zRL8EXkY"]Storm To Pass[/url] [url="http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rjJL2kQnvP8&feature=related"]Slow Burn[/url] -Disturbed [url="http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZVinwOpllQk"]Ten Thousand Fists[/url] [url="http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=t_254H1rX-Y&feature=fvst"]Criminal[/url] -Korn [url="http://www.youtube.com/wat
  12. My town's name will never be the same to me, MURrieta. Hahaha.

    1. MoM



  13. You know you've been on MD too much when... -You read every page of this topic. -You laughed at a lot of the jokes. -You read these while waiting for your AP to regenerate. -Some of your ideas were said already. -You've done several of the things mentioned. (above were things I did, below are things in real life) -You didn't hear someone and try to look in the chat for what they said. -You think you can hear what people said several hours ago. -You notice there is nobody around and are worried there will be a lot of viscosity. -You get lost and cant find any arrows telling you wher
  14. Hi, my name is Trent, and I play the character Falronn. I'm not exactly new in the game but I have decided to introduce myself here now. I will probably not be roleplaying here on the forum much, not sure if people do that all the time or not at all or somewhere in between, but I guess I will when it seems necessary. I will try to be more active on the forum. I am a regular forum user in other another game I play (ogame) so I probably will do fine in this forum. Hope to see you ingame sometime. [url]http://magicduel.com/players/Falronn[/url]
  15. [quote]The first is among the researchers. I think we could start with the four cubes, the three roads, and the dark slime, as these elements stand out quite a bit. [/quote] Lots of speculation is done while researching when there is little factual information to study, so I will speculate on a few things. In my opinion the cube we encounter in the storyline in some ways represents the world we are in, and we are within its walls. Now these four cubes, lesser in significance to the first cube, are within this world (and the first cube) and could therefore be representing places within the
  16. I would be interested in helping with research and possibly seed gathering along with whatever labor may be necessary in putting the garden together.
  17. What about blackberry or boysenberry bushes? They do well in the heat and sun, and can survive through quite cold winters. They also taste great.
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