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  1. Yes, any below 50% is not allowed. Though 66% is recommended to have the max amount of resources regenerate at the next interval.
  2. Mallos


    From the album: California, USA

    This is where I live.
  3. Mallos

    MD Player Map

    You won't show up with a knife in your hand right? Haha no I don't really care if people know where I live. The map doesn't show my exact location, but close enough. If you want to stop by sometime let me know.
  4. Not since I have upgraded to mp5, the shade is no longer there. I have been wanting to repeat this, and have tried on a couple mp3s at the same spot but none have fought them when I casted the spell.
  5. [size=3][size=3]Part of the land rules:[/size][/size] [size=3][size=3]"The king and leaders of Golemus have the right to refuse/reject or remove anyone joining any guild or alliance in Golemus as well as citizenship in general."[/size][/size] As for kicking Azull from the alliance that was the land leader's decision. I don't think it should have gone so far as to jail him though.
  6. I was around for Murmas eve/Murmas, and went to the GoE a couple of times but didn't see the Confused Santa myself. I wasn't able to stick around much though because of real life. A present would be appreciated if I qualify for one. Thanks to BFH for his christmas gift exchange (and everyone who participated), I still got some nice presents.
  7. 700 is too much in my opinion, I like it how it is currently and I believe Golemus [i]is[/i] at the moment semi-closed. Out of the time I spend there I mostly only see other Golemus citizens walking around and don't see other land's citizens too often.
  8. The Flask of Liquid Dutch did not work for me either when I tried it during the heads contest, though I haven't tried it since then. I would be willing to try them again if it's needed.
  9. "I've fought mudcrabs more fearsome then you!" - To Skyrim players, they weren't lying... Here's my experience haha.

    1. Ledah


      At least you didn't take an arrow to the knee.

    2. Brulant


      I had the crud scared out of me by a mudcrab today. It was horrifyingly hilarious.

  10. Thanks for the nomination but I'm ineligible for that award. (I think) This account was opened on (DD.MM.YYYY H:M): [b]05.12.2010 08:32[/b] Activity days: [b]55% [/b] (A total of 203 out of 369 days) (I left MD for a couple of months shortly after creating my account)
  11. "I take the beauty of chaos over ugly perfection" - Johnny Hobo

  12. Mallos


    From the album: California, USA

    My dog, he is part German shepherd. Around 2 years old now.
  13. Mallos

    Cahuilla mountains

    From the album: California, USA

    Me in the mountains in Anza. My uncle owns a claim there and he mines the mountains for gems, to facet.
  14. Mallos


    From the album: California, USA

    Me fishing in Fallbrook, my hometown.
  15. Mallos


    From the album: California, USA

    Part of the Sierra mountains, with some cool clouds.
  16. Mallos

    Lava canyon 3

    From the album: California, USA

    One side of the canyon. You can see me standing near the bottom, which was only about half way down the whole thing.
  17. Mallos

    Lava canyon 2

    From the album: California, USA

    A little further down in the canyon.
  18. Mallos

    Lava canyon

    From the album: California, USA

    A canyon (I guess it could be called that) that was created by lava and water.
  19. Mallos

    Rock climbing

    From the album: California, USA

    Where we camped to do some rock climbing after coming down from the Sierra's.
  20. Mallos

    Cottonwood lakes 2

    From the album: California, USA

    This is the lake on the right of the other picture.
  21. Mallos

    Cottonwood lakes

    From the album: California, USA

    Two of the lakes up at our campsite in the Sierra Nevada's. Elevation ~ 11,000 feet
  22. If you really want to find out who did it, try to find who's ID is 169283. Watch the triggers box, or just start casting spells on all the Golemus citizens until the right one comes up. Or try to use other clues, like how do the logs get to be like that (with the blanked out info)? Is there anyone clearing the chat in Tempest Fort? Or look at the times it was done then see who was around there next time if they do it again.
  23. I would like the idea only if it were usable on tranquility days. That or have it be a very limited spell cast, 1 spell per person, usable without needing heat (for mp3 or players stuck without heat), and only usable on yourself. I think the reason it would be better as a spell is so that players may choose when to cast it, not just on tranquility days.
  24. My only suggestion for this topic is to make teleport spells not be able to teleport players out of sanctuary locations (or maybe give them a pop up to accept in a sanctuary). Sanctuaries are where people go to be safe from attacks and many people idle in those locations, this way they could be truly safe from attacks, rather than waking up to find they have negative stat damage or having to log out whenever they go away from the game. It also wouldn't mess with heads contest as you aren't supposed to be able to score in sanctuary locations anyways.
  25. If you grab a drink from the pub, when the drink is consumed it will return to your inventory even if you are the one consuming it. They will only return to the pub during the item regroup. That's what I have figured out and probably others know as well. I don't believe that would count as a spoiler, but it may be a bug though depending on how the drinks were intended to work.
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