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  1. I remember protectors saying they are losing adepts due to inactivity, wasn't it that if you go 5 days inactive you are no longer an adept of someone? Correct me if I'm wrong, but if you really didn't want to be an adept of someone, do that.
  2. Here is the chatlog for the meeting. [spoiler] [07/03/12 15:58] Fire Starter: *nods* Witch Doctor :0 [07/03/12 15:59] Fire Starter:Are you generally silent, or just you aren't in the mood. [07/03/12 16:01] :Fire Starter sits on the edge of his Cloud and sips some tea [07/03/12 19:28] The Witch Doctor:sorry, i was just idle [07/03/12 19:29] The Witch Doctor:i try not to start talnking cos is hard to stop afterwards [07/03/12 19:31] The Witch Doctor:talking* [07/03/12 22:43] lashtal:hello Clock Master [07/03/12 22:45] *Clock Master*: *nods to lashtal* Hey lashtal [07/03/12 22:46] *Clock Master*:Interesting things happening beyond the Gates right now [07/03/12 22:46] *Clock Master*:It seems the Empty ones gone missing [07/03/12 22:49] : *Clock Master* presented valid pass papers and was escorted safely to the Ivory Lighthouse [07/03/12 23:20] Fire Starter: *pulls out a map from his Cloud* Hmm... interesting indeed [07/03/12 23:40] lashtal:only 4 of them are present, including Abra [07/03/12 23:55] Azull: *nods* Lashtal.. [08/03/12 00:00] *Clock Master*: *smiles* 2 of my Imperial aramors long ago were named after 2 of those 4 present right now [08/03/12 00:01] *Clock Master*:Teresa and Tessara. But Flinn is no where to be found [08/03/12 00:01] Azull: *smiles* coincidence? [08/03/12 00:02] *Clock Master*:I hope so [08/03/12 00:02] :Azull grins [08/03/12 00:02] *Clock Master*:I spent a lot of time on the Island during my LHO training when they first arrived [08/03/12 00:03] Azull: *nods* That was part of the training at the time. Wasn't it? [08/03/12 00:04] *Clock Master*:Yep. We were helping the mp2's who were starting their journey over there [08/03/12 00:04] Necromancer Mortis:*walks down the path, curious as to the amount of activity [08/03/12 00:04] :Necromancer Mortis [08/03/12 00:05] :Brulant stretches [08/03/12 00:05] Azull: *nods* different times... [08/03/12 00:06] Isabella Finch: *glances at Lashtal, the older man who had wished to meet with her previously. She perks her brow in amusement, then looks to the gate, worry creasing her brow.* It we must pass through, I'm afraid I [08/03/12 00:06] Isabella Finch:can't go. I simply don't have the engery.. [08/03/12 00:06] Isabella Finch:*energy [08/03/12 00:06] Necromancer Mortis:I barely have the energy. [08/03/12 00:07] Falronn:No, we will stay here and speak. [08/03/12 00:08] :Isabella Finch looks down upon Falronn, still believing him to be a mkidget. She nods silently in response. [08/03/12 00:09] Falronn:So... Hello everyone. [08/03/12 00:09] Isabella Finch: (Ack... Sorry for my typos.) [08/03/12 00:09] Necromancer Mortis: (we all make them) [08/03/12 00:12] Falronn:I wonder if any more will show up. [08/03/12 00:13] Isabella Finch: *lightly knits her brows as shelooks at the others.* Are you waiting for a bigger crowd or are you going to get started? [08/03/12 00:13] Isabella Finch: (Oops.) [08/03/12 00:13] Brulant: *shrugs* Just begin, Falronn, they can always read the logs later. [08/03/12 00:13] Necromancer Mortis:Get started for what? *looks confused* [08/03/12 00:14] Isabella Finch:He wants to save a tree or something I think. [08/03/12 00:14] :Falronn laughs [08/03/12 00:15] Falronn:We are here because the aramors are stuck within Golemus. I hope that we can find a way to free them. [08/03/12 00:16] Necromancer Mortis:That would be a worthy goal. [08/03/12 00:16] Dragual Monarth:What do you think will happen once they are freed? [08/03/12 00:16] Isabella Finch:Ahh yes... The creatures who, when not stuck in the land, we use to our advantage like dogs, yes? So.. What is the point? [08/03/12 00:17] Falronn:That's a hard question to answer Dragual. Perhaps we could focus on that later. [08/03/12 00:17] Dragual Monarth:Shouldn't you focus on that first? [08/03/12 00:17] Falronn:Right now I would like to bring up the point of how most of them have dissapeared. [08/03/12 00:18] Falronn:If you have not noticed, take a look in the distance. The aramors, as well as tiny men, have left somewhere. Only a few remain. [08/03/12 00:18] Falronn:The same goes for the shades I am told. [08/03/12 00:18] Azull: *nods* So it seems. [08/03/12 00:20] Dragual Monarth:Where could they be going? [08/03/12 00:21] Falronn:I do not know. Abra walks off on occasion but he can usually be found somewhere in the realm, for instance, at the Aramory. [08/03/12 00:21] Brulant: *muses aloud* Do you think they left together, or the Shades reacted to the changes in GG? [08/03/12 00:21] Isabella Finch:These creatures you are talking about... Are they, or are they not the exact same ones we can buy and use in the shops? [08/03/12 00:22] Brulant:Not. [08/03/12 00:22] Falronn:They are not the same. [08/03/12 00:22] Isabella Finch:And what makes them different then? [08/03/12 00:22] Necromancer Mortis:Not quite. [08/03/12 00:23] Falronn:These ones walk around and do their own things. Perhaps even have their own free will. [08/03/12 00:24] Falronn:The ones you recruit are subject to your bidding. [08/03/12 00:24] Falronn:But that's a good question Brulant... [08/03/12 00:25] Falronn:I would suppose the shades reacted as the aramors decided to leave. [08/03/12 00:25] Isabella Finch: (Maybe isabella should leave since I really don't know what is going on, still, and I don't want her to come off as ignorant just because I am.. >.> ) [08/03/12 00:26] Falronn: (No, stay if you would.) [08/03/12 00:26] Necromancer Mortis: (I'm not entirely clear either) [08/03/12 00:26] Necromancer Mortis: (Can someone explain, please?) [08/03/12 00:27] Dragual Monarth: [Forum link] [08/03/12 00:27] Isabella Finch: (Yeah but I have already had someone tell me they disliked me the player for how Isabella spoke to Falronn about this last time...) [08/03/12 00:27] :Fang Archbane walks in, a tad intoxicated, and a slight migraine in its begginings [08/03/12 00:27] Fang Archbane:made it~... [08/03/12 00:28] Dragual Monarth:What about the Knator Commander? [08/03/12 00:28] Necromancer Mortis:So what's the plan? [08/03/12 00:28] Brulant:The plan is to discuss possible plans, I think. [08/03/12 00:29] Falronn:Yes. [08/03/12 00:29] Fang Archbane: (oh, anyone who wants can have at me, free wins and honor, go crazy people) [08/03/12 00:29] Isabella Finch:You still haven't said why you would blindly help this thing without knowing why it was put in this situation to begin with or by who... [08/03/12 00:30] Falronn:About Knator Commander. Abra took him hostage, and expected of the Knator Commander Guards to free Abra and his kind from Golemus, in order for Abra to give Knator Commander back. [08/03/12 00:30] Necromancer Mortis:What if all the Aramors were brought out of GG, overwhelm the curse. [08/03/12 00:30] Fang Archbane:right *nods* [08/03/12 00:30] Falronn:That is the thing. When they leave, they reappear back inside after a while. [08/03/12 00:31] Brulant:Is there a pattern to it? [08/03/12 00:31] joshdragon:And do we know what causes them to do that? [08/03/12 00:31] Falronn:No we do not. That is part of why we are here. [08/03/12 00:31] Fang Archbane:so were trying to break the teleportation pattern since that should fix all the problem in one small chain? [08/03/12 00:31] Isabella Finch:What does your King have to say about this? [08/03/12 00:32] Falronn:A pattern... I couldn't say there is one, I have not seen it happen more than a few times with Abra. [08/03/12 00:32] Fire Starter: *nods* Greetings. Have I missed why there are almost no aramors left? [08/03/12 00:33] Brulant:No, FS, we have a lot of questions and hardly any concrete answers. [08/03/12 00:33] Falronn:Abra told Burns they moved. To where we do not know. [08/03/12 00:33] Fire Starter:they are nowhere to be found, at least for the normally accessible places [08/03/12 00:33] Brulant:Nevermind. *grins* [08/03/12 00:33] Brulant:Has anyone checked the East? [08/03/12 00:33] Falronn:But lets focus on that for now. The aramors are gone. [08/03/12 00:34] Falronn:And so are the shades. Yes... if someone could check the East? [08/03/12 00:34] Fire Starter:Isn't that leaving Abra with no demands? [08/03/12 00:34] samon:last time I was there there were no aramors [08/03/12 00:35] samon:which was about two weeks back [08/03/12 00:35] :Fire Starter smiles [08/03/12 00:35] Necromancer Mortis:So the problem is solved? [08/03/12 00:35] Falronn:Ah. Well they left since I was awake last. Quite recently. [08/03/12 00:36] :Isabella Finch sighs as she is ignored yet again. She narrows her eyes and decides she doesn't much care anyway. [08/03/12 00:36] :Isabella Finch turns and walks away from the meeting of the males. [08/03/12 00:37] Fang Archbane:Ledah could always check the east. hes good at that. trust me on that one >->;;; [08/03/12 00:37] :Necromancer Mortis follows her [08/03/12 00:37] joshdragon:Good. [08/03/12 00:37] :Fang Archbane reminds everyone that they should probably keep attacking him mercilessly [08/03/12 00:38] Brulant:Unless they're crashing Knatty's house, I don't think they're there. [08/03/12 00:38] Fang Archbane:ill message him if no one else will. hes likely to listen to his Pet. [08/03/12 00:38] :Falronn laughs [08/03/12 00:38] Fang Archbane:ive checked Knattys vaca home, and trust me, Brulant dragged me around the rest of the east, and we saw none [08/03/12 00:38] :Fire Starter sends a small cloud after Isabella Finch, just to be sure the rain keeps pouring over her [08/03/12 00:38] :Fang Archbane laughs [08/03/12 00:38] Brulant:That was a long time ago, Fang, this just happened. [08/03/12 00:39] Fire Starter: *laughs* Indeed, a good idea. Trashing Knatty's house. [08/03/12 00:39] Fang Archbane:oh? its recent? yeah, well, i was in Knattys like two days ago. ledah finds stranding me funny. [08/03/12 00:39] Fire Starter:Should we go and party there? [08/03/12 00:39] Fang Archbane:by now, trust me, im a master of escaping the east. [08/03/12 00:39] Brulant:Recent as in today. [08/03/12 00:39] Fang Archbane:damn. thats damn recent... [08/03/12 00:39] Falronn:That might take a while to reach his house. Perhaps another time. [08/03/12 00:40] Fang Archbane:well. Ledahs fat butt is offline, so ill see what i can do as far as his searching gos. [08/03/12 00:40] Fang Archbane:Ledahs an outsider. he can roam the entire east in about an hour. hes a cool kid that way >->;;; [08/03/12 00:41] Fire Starter:We can roam pretty much everywhere... With the right company [08/03/12 00:41] Brulant:You were saying, Falronn? [08/03/12 00:41] Fire Starter:I forgot to put fast after roam. My bad [08/03/12 00:41] samon:I doubt they are in the east though, and if they are they're probably in mur's dominion [08/03/12 00:41] Fire Starter: *sighs* Indeed. What are gonna speculate about now? [08/03/12 00:42] Fire Starter:Is the Map working in the East now? [08/03/12 00:42] Falronn:About Brulants earlier question. Did the shades react to the aramors leaving, or did they leave as well? [08/03/12 00:42] :Fang Archbane is curious about that too [08/03/12 00:43] samon:it could very well be that they balance eachother out [08/03/12 00:43] Fire Starter:I am not edjucated as Brulant and I can only guess. The two lands are connected. That leaves no question for me about when the Shades left. [08/03/12 00:43] samon:and that when an aramor disappears a shade has to disappear as well [08/03/12 00:44] Fang Archbane: *pinches the bridge of his nose* now, i might just be too new and this question might be ridiculous, but last i checked the Drachorns also called GG home. has this affected them? [08/03/12 00:44] Fire Starter:Yes, but another question arises - Did they disappear, or they left/hide somewhere? [08/03/12 00:44] Falronn:Nobody here can enter the lair. It would be hard to check Fang. [08/03/12 00:45] Fang Archbane:i know no one here can, i know only the leader of that one guild can. is he/she active? [08/03/12 00:45] Falronn:They may have hidden, but where? Would we not see 60-70 aramors/tiny men somewhere? [08/03/12 00:45] lashtal:Indyra was inside today... Unluckily she's not with us at the moment [08/03/12 00:45] samon:maybe they got lost in the maze? [08/03/12 00:45] Fire Starter:I know places, that aren't shown correctly on this map. It won't be hard to hide. [08/03/12 00:45] joshdragon:Hmm. [08/03/12 00:46] Fang Archbane:ah. then someone message him.her asap, i only worry about the drachorns since all things in this realm bring balance. whos to say them leaving wouldnt destroy loreroot for some unknown reason? [08/03/12 00:46] Falronn:That is a possibility. [08/03/12 00:46] Fang Archbane:the maze... i didnt even think of that. anyone got a maze map? id be more than happy to check if i had one. [08/03/12 00:46] Fire Starter:Anyone been in the Underground lately? [08/03/12 00:46] Fire Starter:As of the past hours? [08/03/12 00:47] samon:GoC would make sence as well [08/03/12 00:47] lashtal: (there are no drachorns in the Lair ^ ^) [08/03/12 00:47] :Fang Archbane freezes [08/03/12 00:47] Fire Starter:Even with map it would take a day or two for a single person. [08/03/12 00:47] Fang Archbane:oh well thats not good... thats not good at all... [08/03/12 00:47] Tal:I took the gg route through the maze a few hrs ago [08/03/12 00:47] Tal:no aramors or anything els e there [08/03/12 00:48] Fire Starter:Nothing in lost, everything transforms. Maybe today is the Day. [08/03/12 00:48] Fang Archbane:so lets look at some facts. what do we know? the Empty Aramors and Tiny Men are gone. so are the Drachorns. i havnt heard a yes or no on the shades yet. so the question is... what on earth is going on [08/03/12 00:48] Fire Starter:Tal, you have some nerves [08/03/12 00:48] Tal:? nerves? [08/03/12 00:48] lashtal: (Fang, the drachorns have gone a long ago, it's not related) [08/03/12 00:48] Falronn:Yes the shades are gone. (The drachorns are just recruitable creatures Fang. Not like the aramors) [08/03/12 00:48] Dragual Monarth:I think you misunderstood Fang. [08/03/12 00:49] Fire Starter:Look at the map, only few Shades are left [08/03/12 00:49] :Fang Archbane thinks [08/03/12 00:49] Falronn:So. They are all missing. We do not know where to. What of the ones that remain? [08/03/12 00:49] samon:is there anything special about the aramors that are left? [08/03/12 00:49] Fire Starter: (@Tal, patience, or perhaps plenty of tea ) [08/03/12 00:50] Fire Starter:One of them IS Abra [08/03/12 00:50] Tal: (combo ) [08/03/12 00:50] Fang Archbane:... [08/03/12 00:50] Fire Starter:I can't say anything about the others, since I have spoken only with ze [08/03/12 00:50] Fire Starter: ( *facepalms* ) [08/03/12 00:51] samon:has anyone spoken to Abra since the aramors started to disappear? [08/03/12 00:51] Falronn:Abra, Teresa, Tessara, chix18, vernus, and justinjc14 are the aramors left. [08/03/12 00:51] Falronn:The names may not be important. [08/03/12 00:52] Falronn:Burns spoke to Abra, but he is not around at the moment. [08/03/12 00:52] Fire Starter: *turns his Cloud into a map and inspects closely* IF I am counting right, their number is shrinking more. [08/03/12 00:52] Fang Archbane:wait. question. Abra only said they moved. he never said that they moved somewhere else in this realm. it is very well that they could have left. completely. [08/03/12 00:53] Fire Starter:Anyone with access to the ship? They might try to repair and sail away [08/03/12 00:53] Fire Starter:But for that we should donate some lumber [08/03/12 00:53] Fang Archbane:you need special access to enter? [08/03/12 00:53] Falronn:Abra stands at the shipwreck. But there is no way to enter. [08/03/12 00:54] Fang Archbane:curioser and curioser... *thinks* [08/03/12 00:54] Falronn:And it is a possibility they have left for good. Or even just for now. But how would they do so? [08/03/12 00:54] joshdragon:Exactly. [08/03/12 00:54] Fang Archbane:FS makes a good point... does anyone know where that ship CAME from? cause wherever it is, they might just be going BACK [08/03/12 00:54] lashtal:And why today? [08/03/12 00:54] samon:do aramors need to breath? maybe they decided to walk back home [08/03/12 00:55] Fire Starter:If they leave, something else should fill the gap. The Realm will rebalance, just we don't know how yet [08/03/12 00:55] samon:through the sea [08/03/12 00:55] Falronn:That is an interesting answer to your question Fang. [08/03/12 00:55] joshdragon:If they could have done that wouldn't they already? [08/03/12 00:55] Fang Archbane:i wouldnt mind hitching a ride just to explore and come back some day... [08/03/12 00:55] Tal:could it be a reaction to the closing of the angien shrine? [08/03/12 00:55] Fire Starter: *nods at lashtal* That particular Q bother me most [08/03/12 00:55] Tal:angien/shade relation? [08/03/12 00:56] Fang Archbane:well, its not that they COULDNT do it before. im just guessing they didnt WANT to before. every day makes new changes. new reasons. they might have gained a reason to leave. TODAY [08/03/12 00:56] Brulant:The Angien/Shade relation isn't the same as the GG/Shade relation. [08/03/12 00:56] Falronn:The ship came from the sea... The reports said, it emerged DIRECTLY from the sea. [08/03/12 00:56] Fire Starter:Falronn, have Abra said any hint when this rescue should be done? [08/03/12 00:56] Fang Archbane:then... maybe that ship can travel UNDER the water?... maybe its not just a ship?... [08/03/12 00:57] Fire Starter:When did KC disappeared? [08/03/12 00:57] Falronn:No, Abra has not expected a time. He just hopes that we can. [08/03/12 00:57] Brulant:Falronn, what exactly has Abra told you? [08/03/12 00:57] joshdragon:Is it a possibility that the Aramors' originall home is underwater? [08/03/12 00:57] Fang Archbane:either way, the shades are related to both the angiens, AND GG. if the angiens leave, the shades go whack, if the shades go whack, maybe the aramors do too. maybe the aramors are following the SHADES. [08/03/12 00:57] Fang Archbane:not the other way around... [08/03/12 00:58] Azull:KC disappeared long before Abra announced his capture [08/03/12 00:59] Fire Starter:I was asking about a approximate data. [08/03/12 00:59] Falronn:That's something to think about. What if the shades did leave first? [08/03/12 00:59] :Fang Archbane nods [08/03/12 00:59] Fire Starter:Well, they didn't. So I don't see the point thinking over something, that didn't happened [08/03/12 00:59] Fang Archbane:my best guess, from what ive heard so far, and mind you im rather new and untaught, is that the shades are rebelling. or maybe just leaving to find a NEW balance. [08/03/12 01:00] Azull:Somewhere around the 320th day of year 5 FS [08/03/12 01:00] :Fire Starter nods at Azull [08/03/12 01:01] Fang Archbane:what we need is a time spell damn it... [08/03/12 01:01] :Falronn hands a note to Brulant [08/03/12 01:02] Falronn:What of the shades balancing the aramors. What do you guys think of that. [08/03/12 01:02] Fang Archbane: *jumps up* wait. we have locate spells. cant one of us just locate one of the missing aramors? [08/03/12 01:03] Fang Archbane:or shades for that matter? [08/03/12 01:03] joshdragon:If they are hiding they'll probably have some way of avoiding that. [08/03/12 01:03] Dragual Monarth:And if they are not? [08/03/12 01:03] Fang Archbane:that by no means make me not want to at least TRY [08/03/12 01:03] Falronn:It is worth a shot perhaps. [08/03/12 01:03] joshdragon:If they have left the realm entirely, I doubt the spell would work properly. [08/03/12 01:03] joshdragon:But yes, it is worth trying. [08/03/12 01:04] :Brulant nods his thanks to Falronn [08/03/12 01:04] Fang Archbane:im too young for spells, tenb days too young to be precise, i would if i could, any takers? [08/03/12 01:04] Brulant: *shrugs* Give me a name. [08/03/12 01:04] Fang Archbane:whether they are hiding or not, wether they are in this REALM or not, testing the spell would give us answers. good or bad. [08/03/12 01:05] Fang Archbane:Falronn would know, if any of us. have a name falronn? [08/03/12 01:05] Falronn:| Flinn [08/03/12 01:05] :[Spell] The song seeks | Flinn [08/03/12 01:05] Brulant:They're invulnerable, like LHOs and Mur. [08/03/12 01:06] Fang Archbane: *sighs* was worth a shot... damn... [08/03/12 01:06] :Fire Starter nods slowly [08/03/12 01:06] :joshdragon sighs [08/03/12 01:06] joshdragon:Wonderful. [08/03/12 01:06] :Fang Archbane thinks [08/03/12 01:06] Fang Archbane:is it possible to teleport TO someone?... [08/03/12 01:06] Falronn:You can teleport people to specific places. [08/03/12 01:06] Fire Starter:Wasn't SendToGazeebo working for Abra? [08/03/12 01:06] samon:I don't think so [08/03/12 01:07] Falronn:Though I would believe they could not be targeted either then. [08/03/12 01:07] Fang Archbane:right, i know that, but unless we plan on questioning one of them, thats no good... [08/03/12 01:07] Azull:It's possible, but none here has that abbility [08/03/12 01:07] Falronn:Hmm... I do remember Awiiya could summon Abra somehow. [08/03/12 01:07] Brulant: (They're offline.) [08/03/12 01:08] Fang Archbane:so what we need is an MP6 on crack with time twisting teleportation powers... anyone come to mind?... [08/03/12 01:08] Fang Archbane:other than the very obvious Mur who more likely than not wouldnt get involved >->;;; [08/03/12 01:09] Fire Starter:Mur isn't online [08/03/12 01:09] Brulant:Mur wouldn't get involved anyways. [08/03/12 01:09] Fang Archbane:i know that. even if he was, asking him questions would only most likely lead to trouble. am i right Brulant? [08/03/12 01:09] Fire Starter:at least like we understand the meaning of the word [08/03/12 01:09] :Fang Archbane loses a bit of color in his face as he remembers the yet to end days in Murs throne room [08/03/12 01:10] Fire Starter:And you're afraid of some trouble on your head? [08/03/12 01:10] Brulant:So what do you suggest, Falronn? [08/03/12 01:10] Brulant:You must have some sort of inkling. [08/03/12 01:10] Fang Archbane:i mean *scratches his head* for all we know, Murs responsible, in which case, theres no way in HELL hed help us... [08/03/12 01:10] Falronn:Well... [08/03/12 01:11] Fang Archbane:not trying to accuse Mur, but its a possibility... and not one im willing to ignore... *looks up to Falronn curiously* [08/03/12 01:11] :Fang Archbane cocks his head slightly, listening intently [08/03/12 01:11] Falronn:I think the interest here is quite high, if I'm not mistaken. Though we need to begin finding those questions and searching for the answers. [08/03/12 01:12] :Fire Starter sits on the edge of his Cloud, drinking tea from his bowl [08/03/12 01:12] Fire Starter:Any clues at the Aramory? [08/03/12 01:12] Fang Archbane: *scratches his head* who why when where what and how. as great a place to start as any. [08/03/12 01:12] Falronn:I can point ones in the direction but to divulge secrets out of nowhere may result bad. [08/03/12 01:13] :Fang Archbane accepts that as truth [08/03/12 01:13] Brulant:That's very vague, Falronn, how about a direction? [08/03/12 01:13] Brulant:Lay down as best of a path as you're able to. [08/03/12 01:13] Falronn:Well I think the path has been laid before us. [08/03/12 01:13] Brulant:It's easy for people to follow you if you already have the beginnings of a trail. [08/03/12 01:13] joshdragon:Didn't notice anything unusual in or around the Aramory. [08/03/12 01:14] Falronn:The aramors are gone. This is the biggest interest in my mind right now. [08/03/12 01:14] Fang Archbane:you can find a way Falronn. speak like an elf. speak with the edge of truth. say what you want, without saying it. [08/03/12 01:14] Brulant:Right. So how do we approach that interest? [08/03/12 01:14] Falronn:This doesn't happen everyday you know. [08/03/12 01:14] Falronn:I can say, if you attack an aramor, and win the fight, they will hide somewhere. [08/03/12 01:15] Falronn:I have done it once and did not see where the aramor went. [08/03/12 01:15] Falronn:This happens to the shades... Does it not? [08/03/12 01:15] Fire Starter:There is one problem. If you attack and lose, they hide too [08/03/12 01:15] :Fang Archbane thinks [08/03/12 01:15] Azull: *nods* I'm told it does. [08/03/12 01:15] Azull:Never tried myself and never will [08/03/12 01:15] Fire Starter:I have tested both ways [08/03/12 01:16] samon:so someone might have been killing them off? [08/03/12 01:16] Fang Archbane:well... what happens if one tries to attack without any living crits?... [08/03/12 01:16] Falronn:No, I have attacked and allowed them to win, they did not leave. [08/03/12 01:16] Fire Starter:I doubt that, samon [08/03/12 01:16] Falronn:I do not think someone killed them off. [08/03/12 01:16] Fang Archbane:with a mirror ritual and a bit of smarts, its not that impossible FS... [08/03/12 01:17] Fire Starter:There was hardly anyone in GG for the past week [08/03/12 01:17] Fire Starter:I have attacked with trees, tell me how I can win [08/03/12 01:17] Fire Starter:Yet the one dissappeared. [08/03/12 01:17] Fang Archbane:hrm... [08/03/12 01:18] Fire Starter:I was marking ze because there were some nice crits, and I needed some loses [08/03/12 01:18] Fire Starter:Anyway, a bit pointless this is [08/03/12 01:18] :Falronn laughs [08/03/12 01:18] Falronn:Hmm... What do you all suppose the aramors are empty of? [08/03/12 01:19] Fang Archbane:so, the real question is, WHY do they leave when attacked, and WHAT was different this time than all the rest?... [08/03/12 01:19] Dragual Monarth:A soul. [08/03/12 01:19] samon:or a body [08/03/12 01:19] Fire Starter: *smiles* Purpouse. Something to drive them. [08/03/12 01:19] :Fire Starter is hunted by Typos again [08/03/12 01:19] Fang Archbane:well, the simplest answer, empty of "all else". thats what "empty" means. a void. a "lack" of anything else. [08/03/12 01:20] Falronn:Anyone else? [08/03/12 01:20] Fang Archbane: (Won 1366 Lost 806 even that out for me people, go crazy) [08/03/12 01:21] :Fang Archbane thinks [08/03/12 01:21] Fang Archbane:well... [08/03/12 01:21] Fang Archbane:we know the shades and empty aramors are connected right?... [08/03/12 01:21] Fang Archbane:now, stop me if this is a ridiculous idea but... [08/03/12 01:21] Fang Archbane:what if the reason theyre connected... the reason one followed the other is... that they used to have SHADES inside them?... [08/03/12 01:22] Fang Archbane: (im a tad drunk, its just a thought, try not to bite too hard) [08/03/12 01:22] joshdragon:Wow. Um. [08/03/12 01:22] Fire Starter:Have you seen the Shades in person, Fang? [08/03/12 01:22] Fang Archbane:no, no i have not o-o;;;... [08/03/12 01:23] Fang Archbane:if im just bringing this discussion down, ill leave... *gets red* [08/03/12 01:23] Falronn:No, stay please. [08/03/12 01:23] Falronn:What do you think of his idea? [08/03/12 01:23] :Fang Archbane fights the pure instinct to leave due to his own stupidity [08/03/12 01:24] joshdragon:It's a bit far fetched, but... *shrugs* possible. [08/03/12 01:24] Fang Archbane:i thought shades had no real "form".... i didnt think that suggestion to be too crazy... [08/03/12 01:24] Dragual Monarth:What about the tiny men? [08/03/12 01:25] Fire Starter:I haven't said what you said, Fang, but some conclusions are made with lack of some information [08/03/12 01:25] :Fang Archbane thinks [08/03/12 01:25] joshdragon:What is their link to the aramors? [08/03/12 01:25] samon:from the map it looks like they're still there [08/03/12 01:25] Falronn:Excuse me a moment. [08/03/12 01:26] samon:the tiny men used to live inside the drachorn's liar until the aramors arived [08/03/12 01:26] Falronn:The tiny men are beginning to reappear at the fort. But the aramors are still absent. [08/03/12 01:26] Fire Starter: *facepalms* I completely forgot. They could be inside the Canon. [08/03/12 01:26] Fang Archbane:well, regardless of wether the tiny men have a direct connection to the shades or not, its safe to say the aramors DO... so maybe the tinys connection to shades is simply that the aramors are... [08/03/12 01:27] Fire Starter:Have you checked there, Falronn? [08/03/12 01:27] joshdragon:It makes sensse then that the tiny men might be reappearing because the aramors are gone. [08/03/12 01:27] Brulant:It's safe to say? [08/03/12 01:27] Falronn:I can not enter. (Does it still show up on the map?) [08/03/12 01:27] Fang Archbane:well, safer than any other assumption i could make anyways. once again. sorry. drunk. [08/03/12 01:27] Fire Starter: *laughs* You wanna hear something crazy? [08/03/12 01:28] Fang Archbane:every day of my life FS =] [08/03/12 01:28] Falronn:What? [08/03/12 01:28] Fire Starter:Tiny men have taken the Aramors. [08/03/12 01:28] Fang Archbane: *thinks to himself* kinda why i talk to brulant xD [08/03/12 01:28] joshdragon:Perhaps. [08/03/12 01:28] Azull:Assumption is the mother of all f ** k ups. [08/03/12 01:28] Fang Archbane:i... i... thats... a possibility... [08/03/12 01:28] Fire Starter:They are up to something, but need materials to build it [08/03/12 01:28] Falronn:Assume makes an A ** out of you and me. [08/03/12 01:28] Fang Archbane:and raw empty aramor power?... [08/03/12 01:29] Falronn:But wait.... [08/03/12 01:29] Falronn:What has been assumed again [08/03/12 01:29] Dragual Monarth: (I have the log) [08/03/12 01:29] Fire Starter:So, the Tiny men have done a tunnel below GG through Deathmarrow and have taken the shades too! [08/03/12 01:29] Fang Archbane:with so little fact we can do little more than assume... [08/03/12 01:30] Fire Starter:Now, with that much fine steel and some dark magic, A big bad thing is comming to get us!!! [08/03/12 01:31] Fang Archbane:the tiny men wouldnt take apart the empty aramors to do something like that... would they?... [08/03/12 01:32] Falronn:Can someone here educate us on shades perhaps [08/03/12 01:32] Fire Starter:Does the Tiny men have any relation with dwarfs? [08/03/12 01:32] lashtal: (LMAO) [08/03/12 01:32] Ratbert:lol [08/03/12 01:32] Falronn: *laughs* No I am much taller than them. [08/03/12 01:32] Fang Archbane:and tiny men and empty aramors. i would freaking ADORE being taken out of my stupidity barrier i seem to have cast since birth [08/03/12 01:33] Ensetym: *coughs* Or what they are trying to achieve? [08/03/12 01:33] Fang Archbane:well, i guess a better word would be ignorant... untaught... forest raised... hrm *thinks* [08/03/12 01:33] :joshdragon cannot stay any longer [08/03/12 01:33] joshdragon: (Dinner) [08/03/12 01:33] Fang Archbane: (same kind of actually, brb) [08/03/12 01:34] Fang Archbane: (dont forget to attack mercilessly, all here who can, free wins and stupid high honor go crazy) [08/03/12 01:34] :Ensetym sighs [08/03/12 01:34] Fire Starter:Falronn, isn't there anyone, who can get inside the Cannon and check? [08/03/12 01:34] Falronn:I don't believe anyone around at the moment can. [08/03/12 01:35] Falronn:Perhaps Grido. [08/03/12 01:35] Fire Starter:I see... *sips from his tea bowl* [08/03/12 01:37] :[Spell] Lunar reflection redneck [08/03/12 01:37] ~~Ghost~~:[Spell] Ghost [08/03/12 01:37] Falronn:Well... We were on the subject of what the aramors were empty of. [08/03/12 01:37] Falronn:Then Fang brought up that interesting assumption. [08/03/12 01:38] Falronn:I would like to hear your thoughts on those ideas. [08/03/12 01:39] Ensetym:Hm. [08/03/12 01:39] :~~Ghost~~ nods to Azull then Dragual [08/03/12 01:39] :Dragual Monarth nods [08/03/12 01:40] Fire Starter:The most close relation for me is a Fenth [08/03/12 01:40] Dragual Monarth:Leaving us? [08/03/12 01:40] :Azull nods to ghost [08/03/12 01:40] Fire Starter: *smiles* Ah, Darth, welcome to MP5 [08/03/12 01:40] Phantom Orchid: *grins* Greetings [08/03/12 01:40] Dragual Monarth: *nods* Thank you. [08/03/12 01:40] Falronn:Hello Phantom Orchid. [08/03/12 01:40] Fire Starter: *smiles* Don't you think we haven't noticed you, Phantom [08/03/12 01:41] lashtal:greetings Orchid [08/03/12 01:41] Fire Starter: *laughs, looking at the clock* (happy Women's day, miladies ) [08/03/12 01:42] Phantom Orchid:How has the meeting been? [08/03/12 01:42] Falronn:Good. [08/03/12 01:42] Fire Starter:Big theories, based on the absence of facts [08/03/12 01:42] Fire Starter:o.0 [08/03/12 01:43] :Azull chuckles [08/03/12 01:43] Falronn:May we evaluate those theories? [08/03/12 01:43] Phantom Orchid:How else could there be so many paths in the face of one truth? [08/03/12 01:43] :Brulant laughs [08/03/12 01:44] Phantom Orchid:That is what makes a fine mystery [08/03/12 01:44] Fire Starter:So, Falronn, what do you think? The Aramors resembles the outer shell of a Reality, which is caught inside. Only that the essence is nowhere to be found yet. [08/03/12 01:44] Fire Starter:Maybe we should provide some? [08/03/12 01:45] Falronn:These are your thoughts on the fenths, in relation to the aramors correct? [08/03/12 01:45] Fire Starter:Have anyone tried to pass some Fenths to an Empty Aramor? [08/03/12 01:45] Falronn:I have. [08/03/12 01:45] :Fire Starter nods at Falronn [08/03/12 01:46] Falronn:I first passed a fenth to Abra. That was when he first awoke and spoke to me. [08/03/12 01:46] Fire Starter:And? Nothing happened? How many you gave? [08/03/12 01:46] Falronn:I gave him one. I was suprised he awoke. [08/03/12 01:46] Brulant:Fenths are a whole lot of reality without much else. [08/03/12 01:46] Fire Starter: (laggy ^_-) [08/03/12 01:47] Fang Archbane: (k back) [08/03/12 01:47] Brulant:Maybe you could collect fenths for them. *smiles softly* [08/03/12 01:47] Fang Archbane:so what would happen if?... [08/03/12 01:47] Fire Starter:Exactly - a reality, that needs a shape to fit in. [08/03/12 01:47] Fang Archbane:my thoughts exactly =D [08/03/12 01:47] Falronn:They do not accept gifts anymore. [08/03/12 01:47] Brulant: (I have to depart, I'll be back later to take a log if Poe doesn't =) [08/03/12 01:47] Falronn: (Ok. See ya) [08/03/12 01:47] Fang Archbane:hrm... [08/03/12 01:47] Fang Archbane: (ill miss you Brubru) [08/03/12 01:48] Fire Starter:What do you mean they dont' take gifts? [08/03/12 01:48] Dragual Monarth: (So my logging this is pointless!!! D:) [08/03/12 01:48] Dragual Monarth: (Cya) [08/03/12 01:48] Falronn: (The heat jar incident) [08/03/12 01:48] Fire Starter: (stick with the scotch, soon nothing will be missing you ) [08/03/12 01:48] Falronn: (The ability to give items to them was taken away) [08/03/12 01:49] Fire Starter: (of which I have no clue lol) [08/03/12 01:49] Fire Starter: (oh, this one... but what about resources?) [08/03/12 01:49] Fang Archbane: (so NORMAL people cant gift them things. maybe abra can? what if we collected some fenths and asked him to distribute them amongst his empty aramors?...) [08/03/12 01:49] Falronn: (Same thing) [08/03/12 01:50] Ensetym:Can't they sacrifice their creatures? [08/03/12 01:50] Falronn: (You can't give them things, including Abra.) [08/03/12 01:50] Ensetym:At least it produces a few fenths.. [08/03/12 01:50] Falronn:They may be able to Ensetym. Though we would have to be able to get them to try that. [08/03/12 01:50] Fire Starter:One more thing - we should try with ITCs. [08/03/12 01:50] Falronn:And then get them to harvest them. [08/03/12 01:50] Fang Archbane: (is there a way to... PUSH an item onto someone? not GIVE them something but forcefully GIVE them something?...) [08/03/12 01:50] :Ensetym nods [08/03/12 01:51] Falronn:Fire Starter, to what point were you heading about the fenths and aramors? [08/03/12 01:51] Fang Archbane: (i was thinking itcs too, but if we cant gift them things, why should itcs be any different?... thena gain, thats assumption, i know, i know) [08/03/12 01:52] Fire Starter:I said it somewhere above - we could try to fill the empty aramors with something. Something we can create. Maybe we could try and experiment with a formula for a Soul. [08/03/12 01:52] Fire Starter:Stuff like that. Mostly raw reality should be needed [08/03/12 01:52] Fang Archbane:or, we could sacrifice crits ourselves, so they dont have to lose thirs, make some fenths (dont know how that works, if this is impossible, forgive me) and just have them harvest the fenths... [08/03/12 01:53] Dragual Monarth:FS... [08/03/12 01:53] samon:or we try to put one on [08/03/12 01:53] Dragual Monarth:You speak of creating a cube. [08/03/12 01:53] Falronn:Good. Fill them with souls... [08/03/12 01:53] Fire Starter:or just to put the right amount of Reality into an Aramor. Haven't Abra said, that ze time is "Different" [08/03/12 01:53] Fang Archbane:a soul formula eh?... hrm... the problem isnt making reality to give them... its HOW we would make them accept it... [08/03/12 01:53] Falronn:Dragual, you mentioned you thought they were empty of souls. [08/03/12 01:53] :Dragual Monarth nods [08/03/12 01:53] Dragual Monarth:I did. [08/03/12 01:54] Falronn:I agree with this. My research has led me to believe the same. [08/03/12 01:54] Fang Archbane:so if we fill them, wouldnt they stop being so empty?... then theyd just be aramors... like abra? think about that... [08/03/12 01:54] Fire Starter: (Too much FullMetal Alchemist infront my eyes right now ) [08/03/12 01:54] Fang Archbane:would this place still be safe with that many living indipendant aramors?... [08/03/12 01:54] Dragual Monarth:And to create a soul, you need to create a cube. [08/03/12 01:55] Falronn:How many of you have read the Adventure Log? [08/03/12 01:55] Fang Archbane:well, then again, maybe thats WHY they reapearr in GG repeatedly... maybe Mur knew all this would happen and he made a precautonary defensive measure... [08/03/12 01:55] :Dragual Monarth raises a hand [08/03/12 01:55] Fang Archbane:never~ [08/03/12 01:55] Dragual Monarth:Read my "Hate List". [08/03/12 01:55] Fire Starter: *raises his hand half the way* (I have, but forgot most of it) [08/03/12 01:56] Dragual Monarth:Especially the part about Tales of the Cube. [08/03/12 01:56] samon:I've read it [08/03/12 01:56] Falronn:Who of you knows the history of Golemus? [08/03/12 01:56] Dragual Monarth:I know parts. [08/03/12 01:57] samon:the wizard, the book of principles... [08/03/12 01:57] Falronn:About how it was formed. [08/03/12 01:57] Dragual Monarth:That would be me. [08/03/12 01:57] Falronn:Man you tell us? [08/03/12 01:57] Fire Starter: *raises his voice a bit* One moment please. Can we finish the speculation about the "time" , which aramors experience? [08/03/12 01:57] Falronn:*May [08/03/12 01:58] Falronn:Abra has repeatedly mentioned he does not like the concept of time. [08/03/12 01:58] Dragual Monarth:In the beginning, there were three Wizards who attempted to create four cubes. [08/03/12 01:58] Fire Starter:Yes, I remember that. [08/03/12 01:58] Fang Archbane:... [08/03/12 01:58] :Fire Starter shuts up [08/03/12 01:58] Dragual Monarth:They created three, but failed on the fourth. [08/03/12 01:59] Falronn:We'll get back to that Fire Starter. [08/03/12 01:59] Dragual Monarth:This lead to the elements going wild, mountains raiseing from the ground, floods taking over lands. [08/03/12 01:59] Dragual Monarth:GG split from the main lands and Necro appeared. [08/03/12 01:59] Dragual Monarth: (brb) [08/03/12 01:59] Fire Starter: (if I don't forget where I was heading, Fal ) [08/03/12 02:00] Falronn: (write it in your notes haha) [08/03/12 02:00] Fang Archbane: (damn that explains a good amount, more questions arise, but im glad im getting some answers...) [08/03/12 02:00] Fire Starter: (do you know what time it is here? It's Server time. ) [08/03/12 02:01] Falronn: (Oh. Well, go ahead with your idea.) [08/03/12 02:02] Falronn:You were saying of time? [08/03/12 02:02] Fire Starter: (I was waiting for Darth to continue. I will most likely go to sleep) [08/03/12 02:02] :Fire Starter laughs [08/03/12 02:03] Fang Archbane: *flicks his Wolfen ear* im listening FS... [08/03/12 02:03] Fire Starter:Go on, Darth. I will see the end of this in the logs [08/03/12 02:03] Falronn: (hes afk) [08/03/12 02:03] Fang Archbane: (very much so) [08/03/12 02:04] Fire Starter: (exactly his style ) [08/03/12 02:05] Falronn:I'd like to hear your ideas Fire Starter, if you would share them. [08/03/12 02:05] Fire Starter: (Maybe I will see you in the morning, in about 5 hours till now . Sweet Nightmares to... me) [08/03/12 02:05] Fang Archbane: *taps the ground* what to do what to do... [08/03/12 02:05] Fang Archbane: (nighty night fs) [08/03/12 02:05] Fire Starter:Alow me to share them later in the trhead. Time is killing me [08/03/12 02:05] Fang Archbane:you sound like Abra 8D [08/03/12 02:05] Falronn:Ok. Well... As he brought up time... [08/03/12 02:06] Fire Starter: (I am up 20 hours already) [08/03/12 02:06] Falronn:Abra does not like time, and the aramors seem to not know what it is or follow it. [08/03/12 02:06] Fang Archbane: (go to sleep woman ) [08/03/12 02:06] Fang Archbane:why is that? [08/03/12 02:06] Falronn:From what I thought, the shades were timeless. That seems to be a resemblance. [08/03/12 02:07] Fang Archbane:does it flow differently for them than it does us? or do you mean that time does not exist for them at all? and is abras concept of time now different than a regular EA, since hes got life? [08/03/12 02:07] :Fang Archbane cocks his head [08/03/12 02:07] Falronn:I do not know how it works for them. I am not one of them. [08/03/12 02:08] Fang Archbane:did you not question Abra? [08/03/12 02:08] Falronn:Time is an invention by us, and we all run on it. [08/03/12 02:08] Fang Archbane:thats too true... [08/03/12 02:08] Falronn:I haven't had the chance to ask him much recently. [08/03/12 02:08] Fang Archbane:so they dont aknowledge or accept it... which means time doesnt exist to thme. hrm. interesting. [08/03/12 02:08] Ensetym:It might have to do with what they are "empty" of [08/03/12 02:09] Fang Archbane:what is a fenths relation to time if i may ask? [08/03/12 02:09] Falronn:I don't know exactly. That was something Fire Starter was on about. [08/03/12 02:09] Ensetym:I would bet they are timeless [08/03/12 02:09] Fang Archbane:well... lets start here. how does one MAKE a fenth? [08/03/12 02:10] Ensetym:And timeless dust is formed fro memory stones *smiles* [08/03/12 02:10] Kyphis:Logical extention: Memories are timeless [08/03/12 02:10] Falronn:To sacrifice a creature that is worth something, it will occasionally make fenths. [08/03/12 02:11] Fang Archbane:that makes sense. a memory has no sense of time. it is a memory, a PIECE of time, i can understand that. [08/03/12 02:11] Ensetym:Ideas are timeless, as well [08/03/12 02:11] Fang Archbane:ideas, memorys, feelings, [08/03/12 02:11] Fang Archbane:what if... what if we could make fenths out of something OTHER than creatures?... [08/03/12 02:12] Kyphis:Think of wiiya and how it is used [08/03/12 02:12] Fang Archbane:i mean, according to what i heard, the three wizards didnt just use anything. those cubes were made of elements. hence the destruction. [08/03/12 02:12] Falronn:Yes, back to that story. [08/03/12 02:12] Falronn:Allow me to make a few corrections. [08/03/12 02:12] Fang Archbane:and we have plenty of THAT *thinks of the 800/800 wiiya by Awiiya* [08/03/12 02:12] Falronn:At least... I think this is how it went. [08/03/12 02:13] Falronn:The three wizards seeked to create a Golem by making its cube. [08/03/12 02:13] :Fang Archbane darths hate list is quite the handy read [08/03/12 02:13] Ensetym:Wiiya allows for creation from ideas? [08/03/12 02:13] :Kyphis frowns [08/03/12 02:14] Falronn:This is where they failed. They had mastered the earth, fire, and water, but could not create the Golem because they could not create the soul that comes with each cube. [08/03/12 02:14] Falronn:Thus, the cube they tried to create broke, and Golemus appeared. [08/03/12 02:14] Fang Archbane: *whispers to himself* i wonder if things would have gone different had they used fenths as ingredients also... [08/03/12 02:15] Falronn:I don't believe fenths were realized as a reality back then. [08/03/12 02:15] Fang Archbane:right, but, think about this... [08/03/12 02:15] Fang Archbane:we know that NOW. fenths and empty aramors and shades are timeless and so are thoughts but what if... [08/03/12 02:15] Dragual Monarth: (back) [08/03/12 02:16] Kyphis:Do not confuse parables with facts [08/03/12 02:16] Fang Archbane:what if we could somehow, re incorperate the ideas that those three had used... try this one more time. except this time add fenths. if we could do that we could create a constant source of reality to [08/03/12 02:16] Fang Archbane:fuel the empty aramors. and if thats all they need then they wouldnt have to leave. if thats not the case, well, back to square one, pardon the pun [08/03/12 02:16] Dragual Monarth:It would still fail. [08/03/12 02:16] Falronn:I don't think it would wokr. [08/03/12 02:16] Fang Archbane: *sighs* my apologies. drinking and no slep are a bad combination... [08/03/12 02:17] Fang Archbane:ok then Darth, keep going with what you were, im listening intently ^^ [08/03/12 02:17] samon:you want to retry the thing that broke GG appart from the rest of the world? [08/03/12 02:17] :Kyphis frowns again [08/03/12 02:18] Fang Archbane:well... im one after knowledge. id do almost anything in the name of Knowledge. so maybe/ [08/03/12 02:19] Dragual Monarth:That was the entire story, I believe. [08/03/12 02:19] Fang Archbane:ah. okay then. so. the question stands. what can we do... [08/03/12 02:19] Dragual Monarth:Soon after, Marind's Bell showed up, then Loreroot. [08/03/12 02:19] lashtal: (going to sleep, be well everybody) [08/03/12 02:19] Kyphis:Do not confuse the present for reality [08/03/12 02:19] Fang Archbane: (nighty night Lash) [08/03/12 02:20] samon:has anyone ever been in the ship? [08/03/12 02:20] Falronn:You cannot enter the ship. [08/03/12 02:20] samon: (good night) [08/03/12 02:20] :Kyphis laughs [08/03/12 02:20] :Fang Archbane remembers the days of being an MP2 [08/03/12 02:20] Fang Archbane: *sighs* life was easier back then... [08/03/12 02:20] Kyphis: (cuO, lashtal) [08/03/12 02:21] :Dragual Monarth thinks Fang mean Mp3 [08/03/12 02:21] Dragual Monarth: (means*) [08/03/12 02:21] : Falronn throws the dice and gets 1 [08/03/12 02:21] :Fang Archbane knows for a fact he doesnt, mp3s dont get illusions [08/03/12 02:21] Kyphis: (No, back in the day you started as MP2) [08/03/12 02:21] Dragual Monarth: (I know this... But I started as Mp3) [08/03/12 02:21] Fang Archbane: (im MUCH older, than ANYONE here thinks... thats a given) [08/03/12 02:21] Dragual Monarth: (And this account is 400+ days old) [08/03/12 02:22] Ensetym: (Timeless?) [08/03/12 02:22] Kyphis: (I doubt it Archbane. One of my alts was created a day before you) [08/03/12 02:22] Fang Archbane: (this is not my main, or my first account, for that matter) [08/03/12 02:22] Kyphis: (I remember talking to you on them) [08/03/12 02:23] Fang Archbane: (my true name has been lost with time. im old enough to remember growing alongside Granos, Ledah, and Mur for that matter. why do you think im Murs pet? answer me THAT) [08/03/12 02:23] Kyphis: (Ah but when on Fang your age is that of Fang) [08/03/12 02:23] : Falronn throws the dice and gets 3 [08/03/12 02:23] Fang Archbane: (remember when i was nothing more than a young Lion Kyphis? the young lion with mindspeak? yeah. im older than THAT) [08/03/12 02:23] Handy Pockets: (shhh, keep secrets secret) [08/03/12 02:24] Fang Archbane: (not true Kyphis, Fang retained the memorys of his PAST lives) [08/03/12 02:24] Falronn:Let's get back on track. [08/03/12 02:24] Ensetym: (I'm sure you care more than the rest of us..) [08/03/12 02:24] Fang Archbane: (Fang has lived about ten different lives... just saying...) [08/03/12 02:24] Ensetym:Wiiya and fenths and time? [08/03/12 02:24] Fang Archbane: *coughs* indeed [08/03/12 02:24] Falronn:What is the significance of aramors, and shades for that matter, being timeless. [08/03/12 02:25] Kyphis: (Memories are established timeless, and age is a measure of time. Logical extention: Memories have nothing to do with age) [08/03/12 02:25] Fang Archbane: (Fang is a creature of REbirth. he has died and been reborn many a time. henc, timeless himself) [08/03/12 02:25] Fang Archbane: *coughs* what is the connection indeed >->;;; [08/03/12 02:26] Ensetym:They are a mind power below us, as well. Simplified [08/03/12 02:27] :Fang Archbane thinks [08/03/12 02:28] Kyphis:Not necessarily [08/03/12 02:28] Fang Archbane:you know what i just thought of? completely random, but what would happen if an empty aramor were sacrificed?... not that im CONDONING such behavior but... what would happen?... [08/03/12 02:29] Kyphis: *coughs* That's... actually part of a backup plan >.> [08/03/12 02:29] Ensetym:In a way [08/03/12 02:29] Fang Archbane: *stares at Kyphis* you dont mean to say?... [08/03/12 02:29] Fang Archbane:for that matter, Abras not a normal empty aramor, what would happen if we... *cant bring himself to say the unspeakable* [08/03/12 02:30] Fang Archbane: *pales as he thinks of something else* now im just wondering what would happen if we sacced Ledah o-o... [08/03/12 02:30] Fang Archbane: (oh snap, its getting fullmetal alchemist up in here~) [08/03/12 02:31] Fang Archbane: *scratches his head slowly, once again serious* its not a bad backup plan though... if they went rouge i mean... [08/03/12 02:31] Kyphis: *grins* I have a variety of backup plans. I dounbt any of them will become necessary, but I like to be prepared [08/03/12 02:31] Kyphis:And there are others with plans of their own [08/03/12 02:31] :Fang Archbane gives Kyphis a Pirate Five [08/03/12 02:32] Fang Archbane:cause it never hurts to be prepared~ unless Murs involved. but things always hurt when Murs involved o-o;;; [08/03/12 02:32] Kyphis:.... Mur is involved >.> [08/03/12 02:33] :Fang Archbane pales [08/03/12 02:33] :Falronn laughs [08/03/12 02:33] Fang Archbane:i... i... i think i left my Ledah running... [08/03/12 02:33] :Fang Archbane shivers as he remembers the days in Murs throne room [08/03/12 02:33] Fang Archbane:nyeeeeeee *hides behind his Queen and Leader* [08/03/12 02:33] Fang Archbane: *come back out with a Ledah outfit on* ignore the elphant in the room [08/03/12 02:34] :Fang Archbane realizes no one will get that unless they remember his old school avy from WAAAY back in the day xD [08/03/12 02:34] Falronn:Fang... You seem to have been apparent for most of this meeting. What have you learned. [08/03/12 02:35] Fang Archbane: *switches back to being serious* the basics. all we know is this. GG and shades are connected. shades and angiens are connected. the aramors are missing. they went missing first. and we want them back [08/03/12 02:35] Fang Archbane:and the creation of GG, cubes, fenths, all seem to be connected as well. [08/03/12 02:36] :Kyphis frowns again [08/03/12 02:36] Fang Archbane:not to mention the man with the cane and hat, and necrovion in its general... ness o-o... [08/03/12 02:36] Fang Archbane: *punches Kyphis in the shoulder* i sware to Mur man, if you dont like me being here, just say so, i WILL leave. [08/03/12 02:36] Kyphis:Why would I dislike you being here? [08/03/12 02:37] Fang Archbane:i have MANY an MP4 and MP5 to help grow, i DONT need to be here =^= the constant frowning is getting to me =_= [08/03/12 02:37] :Falronn sighs [08/03/12 02:37] Fang Archbane: *scratches his neck* or maybe im just too drunk for all this... [08/03/12 02:37] Falronn:I want to hear your drunken idea again Fang.,. [08/03/12 02:37] Fang Archbane:Shades. i believe Shades used to be what was IN the now Empty Aramors. [08/03/12 02:37] Falronn:Fire Starter is not here to accuse you of assumptions. [08/03/12 02:37] Kyphis:Oh, that. I'm frowning when someone mixes fact with assumption, and fiction with reality [08/03/12 02:38] Fang Archbane:then your gonna set your mouth lie that around ME, ask Mur, im a broken toy of reality... [08/03/12 02:38] Kyphis:Its not at you per say, its me saying that I disagree with what you are saying on a conseptual level [08/03/12 02:38] Fang Archbane: *turns back to Falronn* and i also believe THATS why they are connected. [08/03/12 02:38] Kyphis:For example.... [08/03/12 02:39] :Kyphis pulls a small wooden box from his coat [08/03/12 02:39] Fang Archbane:it makes sense to me, as far as i know, Shades have no definite SHAPE, they can morph to what they want, and thus, i feel they could have been the... Fenth, if you will to the aramor... [08/03/12 02:39] :Kyphis holds the cube uo so it can be seen [08/03/12 02:39] Kyphis:*The cube, does not exist [08/03/12 02:40] Fang Archbane:both are timeless, both work well together, and the shade has the will and way to make the aramor do as it wishes. i feel it could have been a perfect match [08/03/12 02:40] Kyphis:It has physical form if you acknowledge it, but it is an idea [08/03/12 02:40] Fang Archbane: *nods at Kyphis* true enough [08/03/12 02:41] Kyphis:Not to say an idea CAN'T be a physical thing, but to say that an idea ISN'T a physical thing [08/03/12 02:41] Kyphis:An idea can be represented phsyically... [08/03/12 02:41] :Kyphis turns the cube, throws it in the air and catches it [08/03/12 02:41] Kyphis:And an idea can be based on physical things... [08/03/12 02:41] Fang Archbane:there are SO many things i could say about that Kyphis, but my distorted logic is best kept inside me for now... [08/03/12 02:42] Kyphis:But the idea itself isn't physical. [08/03/12 02:42] Fang Archbane: *turns back to Falronn* i have an idea Fal, if i may suggest something craxy?... [08/03/12 02:42] Kyphis:So while an idea CAN be physical, it itself still isn't [08/03/12 02:42] Kyphis:So ask yourself, what is the cube? [08/03/12 02:42] Falronn:Go for it. [08/03/12 02:42] Kyphis:And at what point does the idea end, and the reality begin? [08/03/12 02:43] Fang Archbane: *pokes Kyphis' cheeck* shush! the big boys are talking pirate, be silent, you might learn something [08/03/12 02:43] :Fang Archbane is obviously joking, but now gets back to his main point [08/03/12 02:43] Kyphis:I don't know why you keep calling me a pirate, I am no pirate [08/03/12 02:43] Fang Archbane:first, to say anything further, i must ask, who currently has murs leash? [08/03/12 02:43] :Fang Archbane smiles a smile that would make the devil shiver [08/03/12 02:44] Falronn:The idea is the search for reality if you asked me Kyphis. Find me the point at which the reality is not within the ideas, and those are where the idea is shut down. [08/03/12 02:45] :Fang Archbane cocks his head slightly as he waits for his answer [08/03/12 02:45] Falronn:I do not know who has Mur's leash. [08/03/12 02:45] Fang Archbane:ok then, its not too important, but what i want to suggest is this [08/03/12 02:45] Kyphis:Non euclidian mathematics (also known as economics, hehe) [08/03/12 02:46] Fang Archbane: *organizes his thoughts* i know mur. hes a... interesting guy to say the least. if we tried to make Mur do anything, all of us would be banished to the shadow realm. [08/03/12 02:46] Fang Archbane:so what im about to suggest, is both crazy, and dangerous... to me =] [08/03/12 02:47] Fang Archbane:i suggest, whomever has his leash comes here, tugs him, and we wait till he appears. we stay here ant think till then, brainstorm to our best [08/03/12 02:47] Falronn:I asked Mur if he would help me on Maebius's quest once. *laughs* [08/03/12 02:47] Fang Archbane:my plan is this. Mur is a man of intellect. he likes to learn, and teach equally, so if we were to get him here, i feel we could... make him want, to help us [08/03/12 02:47] Falronn:His reaction was a *facepalm* [08/03/12 02:47] Fang Archbane:by which of course i mean, guide us in the right direction. [08/03/12 02:48] Fang Archbane:right falronn, which is why we need to make him think he WANTS to =] [08/03/12 02:48] Fang Archbane:thats right. im talking about manipulating mur. SO well in fact, that even this genius of a demi-god doesnt know ere doing it, or maybe he DOES, and thats why he wants to, =] [08/03/12 02:48] Fang Archbane:if anything, simply to see where this all leads. hell be testing US, but well be testing HIM >=] [08/03/12 02:49] Ensetym:or he can read these logs? [08/03/12 02:49] Falronn:Well, I think we need to show him we want this done first. [08/03/12 02:49] Falronn:I know I am trying my best to do so, this meeting was a lot about raising the interest of others. [08/03/12 02:49] Fang Archbane:i feel he would react well to our attempted manipulation of him >:3 [08/03/12 02:49] Fang Archbane:i mean, he took the leash like a boss~ on his knees and at the ready 8D [08/03/12 02:50] Falronn: *laughs* You can try Fang. Perhaps I will help you [08/03/12 02:50] Kyphis:If you "trick" him, he will "TrIcK" you [08/03/12 02:50] joshdragon:Why would he react well to that? [08/03/12 02:50] :Fang Archbane prays to God Mur doesnt read that, since he knows it would mean swift punishment and a whipping [08/03/12 02:50] Fang Archbane:becaues, its just like Mur, to be unpredicatable as all HELL =] [08/03/12 02:51] Fang Archbane:to beat Mur at his own game (pardon the pun xD) ya gotta think like him :3 which is why i think my twisted misguided ever learning mind is the best bet here :3 [08/03/12 02:51] :Kyphis frowns as he realizes something [08/03/12 02:51] Kyphis:It won't work. Ever. [08/03/12 02:51] :Fang Archbane quirks an eyebrow [08/03/12 02:51] Kyphis:At least, not for this case [08/03/12 02:51] Kyphis:Definetly not [08/03/12 02:51] Fang Archbane:please explain. prod you though i may, i have yet to ignore your words. go fot it. [08/03/12 02:52] Kyphis:Its outside the parrameters [08/03/12 02:52] Fang Archbane:of?... [08/03/12 02:52] :Fang Archbane facepalms [08/03/12 02:52] Kyphis:Of Mur. [08/03/12 02:52] Kyphis:Okay.... [08/03/12 02:52] Fang Archbane:hes the freaking leader of the tribunals and nothing else... is THAT your point?... [08/03/12 02:52] Kyphis:The GOAL is to free the aramors, yes? [08/03/12 02:52] Fang Archbane:yes [08/03/12 02:52] pho ra: *charles walks in carring erik* is this a party? [08/03/12 02:52] Fang Archbane:i think *shifty eyes* [08/03/12 02:52] Kyphis:But that is our goal [08/03/12 02:53] Fang Archbane:right... [08/03/12 02:53] pho ra: *pho walks in behind charles* it looks like it.. [08/03/12 02:53] :Fang Archbane gently clotheslines phopho [08/03/12 02:53] Kyphis:The target we strive for is not the same as the try objective [08/03/12 02:53] Kyphis:The objective is the journey [08/03/12 02:53] Fang Archbane:Shh. big boys talking. pop a squat and join in if ya want. share your ideas. [08/03/12 02:53] Kyphis:Without the journey, the goal has meaning external of us [08/03/12 02:53] :Fang Archbane stands back up and keeps listening to Kyphis [08/03/12 02:54] Fang Archbane:right. [08/03/12 02:54] Kyphis:However, where the Demon to be involved, his interest would be to have a goal Internal to us [08/03/12 02:54] pho ra: *pho blushes and sits down* er... [08/03/12 02:54] Fang Archbane:so he wouldnt help us, in laymans terms, because this is something we have to do for OURSELVES... am i wrong?... [08/03/12 02:54] Kyphis:And while he can take action to affect our results, he would not be working to help us to our goal, of freeing the aramors, but to his goal [08/03/12 02:55] Kyphis:No, he might help us [08/03/12 02:55] pho ra: *charles looks confused and drops erik not really caring* huh.... [08/03/12 02:55] Fang Archbane:which is make us learn and forever grow. *thinks* crap [08/03/12 02:55] Kyphis:Yes. He won't take away the journey [08/03/12 02:55] Fang Archbane:so if he would do ANYTHING... it would simply be to make the journey HARDER for us... so we could learn MORE?... [08/03/12 02:55] Kyphis:He might change it, but he won't see us to the end [08/03/12 02:55] Kyphis:Or if he takes us to the end, it will only lead back to the begining. [08/03/12 02:56] pho ra: *erik falls down his head landing in pho's lap* mh! [08/03/12 02:56] :Fang Archbane frowns [08/03/12 02:56] Kyphis:A bad sort of result no matter how you look at it [08/03/12 02:56] Fang Archbane:so Murs no good... no offense to him, but i meant, to this journey... [08/03/12 02:56] Kyphis:Yes [08/03/12 02:56] Fang Archbane:so in the end, we really only have ONE choice [08/03/12 02:56] joshdragon:Then I suppose we should try not to get Mur involved. [08/03/12 02:56] :Falronn laughs [08/03/12 02:56] :Fang Archbane closes his eyes as he thinks over what must be done [08/03/12 02:56] Falronn:Mur is involved in everything. [08/03/12 02:56] pho ra: *pho looks down at erik and smiles at him* hey.. [08/03/12 02:56] Kyphis:He might interfere, but he would only change the parrameters. And that, ultimately, just makes us have to start again [08/03/12 02:57] Fang Archbane:we need to make fenths. and find a way to FORCE them onto the aramors that are left. maybe the rest will come when this happens. maybe not. [08/03/12 02:57] joshdragon:Who here can gather fenths? [08/03/12 02:57] Falronn:Giving the aramors fenths does not do anything. [08/03/12 02:57] pho ra: *erik turns red looking into pho's beautiful dragon blue eyes* uhh.... [08/03/12 02:57] Kyphis:That.... that would be catastophic.... [08/03/12 02:57] Fang Archbane:and we need to do the same with the tiny men. if they ARE indeed creating something and have taken the aramors hostage to use, then fenths would be a better building block [08/03/12 02:57] Falronn:If you would recall, I told Fire Starter of when I gave Abra a fenth., [08/03/12 02:57] Fang Archbane:Fenths are our only real option. [08/03/12 02:58] pho ra: *charles sits down* .... [08/03/12 02:58] Kyphis:Fenths are an insidium [08/03/12 02:58] Fang Archbane:yes, it woke him up, and maybe we can wake up the rest. ask them what happened. recruit their help to find the rest if lost [08/03/12 02:58] joshdragon:And if the Tiny Men have chosen to use the aramors because they feel threatened by them? [08/03/12 02:59] Falronn:Abra did not wake up for the first time when I gave him the fenth though, he had awaken before. [08/03/12 02:59] pho ra: *pho pets erik's head* hmm.... [08/03/12 02:59] pho ra: *erik closes his eyes* ..... [08/03/12 02:59] Fang Archbane:if they are frightened of them, then it is not their place to imprison them simply because they feel threatened. the Human in this Wolf cant simply let that happen. [08/03/12 02:59] :Kyphis claps his hands over his head to get Fang and Falronns attention [08/03/12 03:00] :Fang Archbane looks [08/03/12 03:00] Kyphis:Thankyou. Now tell me, what Principles most closely relates to the Fenth? [08/03/12 03:00] joshdragon:I am simply saying they may not wish to release the aramors if they have captured them to use for whatever it is they're making. [08/03/12 03:00] Fang Archbane: (every mp4 and guilded mp5 feel free to attack me at will) [08/03/12 03:00] Falronn:Syntropy? [08/03/12 03:00] Fang Archbane:Ciclicity?... [08/03/12 03:00] joshdragon:Imagination? [08/03/12 03:01] Fang Archbane:i mean, a fenth is just a stage of a never ending cycle of rebirth. so ciclicity sounds logical [08/03/12 03:01] :Brulant walks back up to the Gate [08/03/12 03:01] joshdragon:There could be arguments for many, I suppose. [08/03/12 03:01] Kyphis: *sighs* Does anyone here have a fenth with them? [08/03/12 03:02] Brulant:Primordial formations that store elemental bricks of information. Fenths are the "stem cells" of reality." [08/03/12 03:02] Falronn:To put it rather simply, Entropy heads towards the end, the sacrificing the creature, and Syntropy gives back the fenth. [08/03/12 03:02] Brulant:Quoting the announcements. I don't have any fenths. [08/03/12 03:02] Fang Archbane: *points at Brulant* you see that man over there? hes our greatest tool right now. he and Falronn to be precise. Brulants mind is amazing. Falronn holds secrets he can not speak. [08/03/12 03:02] Fang Archbane:i say we play to our motherloving strengths =,= [08/03/12 03:03] Brulant: *arches his eyebrow at Fang* No. [08/03/12 03:03] Kyphis:The principles closest to Fenths are Syntropy, Cyclicity, and Entropy [08/03/12 03:03] Fang Archbane:i knew youd say that. your you. your about as helpful as Mur is in this situation *raises an eyebrow* [08/03/12 03:03] Kyphis:Balance is also a major player [08/03/12 03:04] Brulant:Turns back to Kyphis. Fenths are matter, and nothing but. I'd go with element. [08/03/12 03:04] Falronn:Those are all my main principles... Hehe. Time being the last. [08/03/12 03:04] Kyphis:What else in the realm is an embodiment of those principles? [08/03/12 03:04] Brulant: ( *turns back to Kyphis* ^) [08/03/12 03:04] :Fang Archbane thinks [08/03/12 03:04] joshdragon:Hmm. [08/03/12 03:04] Fang Archbane:what would you all say empty aramors and shades are made of?... [08/03/12 03:05] :Fang Archbane hopes the others realize where this misguided wolf is going with this [08/03/12 03:06] Brulant:Are there more empty aramors online now than there were earlier? [08/03/12 03:06] Falronn:I will check [08/03/12 03:07] :Kyphis sighs and rubs his eyes, leaving them to make their own realizations [08/03/12 03:07] Falronn:Yes, a couple more have reappeared, including tiny men. [08/03/12 03:07] Fang Archbane:its hard huh Kyphis? *chuckles* being a smart man amongst slightly less so? ^^ thats why im glad im as foolish as i am, ignorance is bliss, i find genius in simplicity son xD [08/03/12 03:08] Kyphis:Its not that at all. [08/03/12 03:08] Fang Archbane:*takes out a small bag and starts to work hope yall dont mind if i smoke some Nightshade? O:? [08/03/12 03:08] Handy Pockets:Brulant, that is perfect avatar for you. [08/03/12 03:08] Falronn:We are an embodiment of the principles, aren't we? [08/03/12 03:08] Kyphis:I fear I often share a motivation common to Mur. The value of knowledge is the price you pay to get it [08/03/12 03:08] :Fang Archbane starts to roll it, fill it, and fold it [08/03/12 03:09] :Fang Archbane licks it closed [08/03/12 03:09] Brulant: (Thank you, Kets =D) [08/03/12 03:09] Fang Archbane: *chuckles to himself* being an Mp2 or an MP7, isnt the ONLY way to see illusions son 8DDD [08/03/12 03:09] Falronn:Knowledge is the greatest thing to have, along with patience and time. [08/03/12 03:10] Fang Archbane: (i was thinking the same thing Brubru, but i knew if i liked it, you would deem its value lower so... i kept quiet xD) [08/03/12 03:10] Fang Archbane: *lights up* ok. im in my thinkling mood. i have my htinking tool *chuckles to himself* lets do this >=D [08/03/12 03:11] Kyphis:Fun thought for you to think on while I nap.... [08/03/12 03:12] Kyphis:The Aramors are Not trying to Leave Golemus Golemicarum. [08/03/12 03:12] Fang Archbane: *looks to Falronn* i have patience, and time. my patience has a limit i have yet to reach yes, and my time has a limit, that much is true =] i have little intelligence, but i try, i try :3 [08/03/12 03:12] Falronn:Intelligence and knowledge are seperate. [08/03/12 03:12] :Fang Archbane stops and stares at Kyphis, his newest statement grabbing his attention [08/03/12 03:12] :joshdragon glances sideways at Kyphis [08/03/12 03:13] Fang Archbane:so that means one of two things. they do not know what they do... OR, they are being taken. [08/03/12 03:13] joshdragon:The second one seems much more likely. [08/03/12 03:14] Falronn:To quote Abra: "I wish to be freed of the shackle named Golemus for now. Perhaps one day I will wish to sail once more? But not now. " [08/03/12 03:15] Fang Archbane:the ship is broken. abra is unpleased with his imprisonment. and the tiny men might be using them to make something? [08/03/12 03:15] joshdragon:Falronn... didn't Abra speak to you because he wanted help escaping? [08/03/12 03:15] Fang Archbane:my two Wolfen cents? i think theyre repairing the ship, thats why theyve gone missing (theyre in it) and the tiny men want to tag with [08/03/12 03:15] Falronn:Yes, he has asked me to help free him. [08/03/12 03:16] Brulant:There's a difference between not wanting to leave somewhere and being unable to leave that place, isn't there? [08/03/12 03:16] Falronn:Yes, but what do you mean Brulant? [08/03/12 03:17] joshdragon:Maybe they want to stay in Golemus but don't want to be FORCED to stay. [08/03/12 03:17] :Fang Archbane thinks [08/03/12 03:17] Fang Archbane:so call golemus home, but be allowed to leave whenever they want?... [08/03/12 03:17] Falronn:Yes, but he also wants to visit the aramory. He did so not long ago, did any of you notice? [08/03/12 03:17] Brulant:If you're chained to a wall, you may hate the the chains but enjoy the view. Imprisonment, if Abra is speaking truly for all empty aramors, is never fun. [08/03/12 03:18] Fang Archbane:or maybe they dont WANT to leve, but abra and the tiny men are working together and MAKING them work?... [08/03/12 03:18] Brulant:Yes, we noticed Falronn. [08/03/12 03:18] Brulant:Is it just Abra, or is it all empty aramors? [08/03/12 03:18] Falronn:I am led to believe all of them. But there is little proof. [08/03/12 03:19] Fang Archbane:i think that since Abra is the only living empty aramor (that can speak) it should be safe to assume he speaks for all of them. but hell, i might be wrong. [08/03/12 03:21] Falronn:So another point arises, what sets Abra apart from the others? [08/03/12 03:22] Fang Archbane:the fenth, that was given to him oh so long ago [08/03/12 03:22] Handy Pockets:what do you mean Fang? [08/03/12 03:22] Fang Archbane:it wasnt the FIRST time he woke up though. do you know how he woke up the FIRST time Falronn?... [08/03/12 03:22] Falronn:I do not... [08/03/12 03:22] Fang Archbane:Aparrantly Handy, the fenth that falronn gave him that time, kind of stirred him awake, since abra spoke to him shortly after that [08/03/12 03:23] Handy Pockets:so when do you think is the first time [08/03/12 03:23] Fang Archbane:we should probably ask him that Falronn, if there is another way to wake them, we should know, anything helps at this point my good sir [08/03/12 03:24] Fang Archbane:wait... wait. you dont think the other time he was awake was... when GG was formed do you?... i dont know why, but i have this odd... gut feeling. if it was any time, it would be then... [08/03/12 03:24] Handy Pockets:I mean since here [08/03/12 03:24] Falronn:The aramors did not appear until much after the formation of Golemus. [08/03/12 03:24] Handy Pockets:when do you think he had contact? [08/03/12 03:24] :Kyphis wakes suddenly [08/03/12 03:24] Kyphis:HOLY HELL I've solved it [08/03/12 03:24] Fang Archbane:well, whos to say the first time h awoke was in G? it could have been since BEFORE he was in GG [08/03/12 03:24] joshdragon:And? [08/03/12 03:24] Falronn:Yes Kyphis? [08/03/12 03:25] :Fang Archbane looks at him suddenly [08/03/12 03:25] Handy Pockets:we speakk of here only [08/03/12 03:25] Handy Pockets:not before he got here [08/03/12 03:25] Kyphis:Soon as this meeting is over, I'm paying the Demon a Visit [08/03/12 03:25] :Fang Archbane looks oddly at him [08/03/12 03:25] Handy Pockets:Do you know who made contact first? [08/03/12 03:25] :Brulant smiles at Kyphis [08/03/12 03:25] Kyphis:Awiiya did [08/03/12 03:25] Fang Archbane:you, my good sir, im keeping an eye on. your almost as dangerous as Mur in my book. [08/03/12 03:26] Handy Pockets:yes [08/03/12 03:26] Fang Archbane:so maybe awiiyas wiiya?... [08/03/12 03:26] :Kyphis winks at the solid jug of Bru [08/03/12 03:26] Handy Pockets:? [08/03/12 03:26] Falronn:Kyphis, what is your revelation? [08/03/12 03:27] Kyphis:Can't say as I would tell, but here are four facts: [08/03/12 03:27] Fang Archbane:enlighten us oh Fossil~ [08/03/12 03:27] Kyphis:The Mirror is a window, the window not a mirror [08/03/12 03:27] Kyphis:The Mirror is Broken [08/03/12 03:28] Kyphis:The Window is not broken [08/03/12 03:28] Kyphis:The Mirror is round [08/03/12 03:28] Brulant: *nods* Nice. [08/03/12 03:28] Kyphis:I don't quite understand why that last one is important, but it is [08/03/12 03:28] :joshdragon arches an eyebrow [08/03/12 03:28] Dragual Monarth:Kyphis... [08/03/12 03:28] Falronn:Interesting. [08/03/12 03:28] Dragual Monarth:Circles. [08/03/12 03:29] Brulant:Circles! [08/03/12 03:29] Kyphis:If you insist, Dragual.... [08/03/12 03:29] Dragual Monarth: *nods* I do. [08/03/12 03:30] Dragual Monarth:PM. [08/03/12 03:30] Kyphis: *runs around in a circle, flapping his arms* Whoop! Whoop-whoop whoop [08/03/12 03:30] :Handy Pockets giggles [08/03/12 03:30] :Falronn laughs [08/03/12 03:30] Kyphis: *ceases this fullishness* Satisfied? [08/03/12 03:30] Falronn:Run home Kyphis! Run and do not stop! [08/03/12 03:30] Fang Archbane:extremely. the bird bit did it for me, honestly [08/03/12 03:31] Dragual Monarth:Not yet. *grins* [08/03/12 03:31] Brulant:Run, Kyphis, run! [08/03/12 03:31] Fang Archbane:i like that foolish side of you better Kyphis, and old fossil like us needs to know when to let loos ;D [08/03/12 03:31] Handy Pockets:or when to be quiet and listen. [08/03/12 03:31] Handy Pockets:oh, [08/03/12 03:31] Handy Pockets:did I say that [08/03/12 03:31] Handy Pockets: *covers her face* . sorry [08/03/12 03:32] Fang Archbane:Kets, ive been told that so many times, its almost lost its meaning =] [08/03/12 03:32] :Falronn passed Silver coin to Kyphis [08/03/12 03:32] Fang Archbane:ask Mur =] i drive Mur nuts :3 [08/03/12 03:33] Brulant: *sighs wretchedly* You give me a headache sometimes, Fang. [08/03/12 03:33] :Kyphis bows politely to Falronn [08/03/12 03:33] Falronn:Sometimes it's a good thing to not know when to stop. [08/03/12 03:34] Kyphis:Handy, you better than most know my preference as personage of the silent watch [08/03/12 03:34] pho ra: *erik coughs loadly* .... [08/03/12 03:34] Kyphis:And Falronn, it is never a good thing not to know when to stop [08/03/12 03:34] Fang Archbane:well Brulant, ive made myself a hard to forget character have i not? *waits for his answer* [08/03/12 03:34] Falronn:Hmm... Why not? [08/03/12 03:34] Paracelsus: *blinks* hello, sorry i'm a bit late [08/03/12 03:34] Handy Pockets:I suppose a little of each goes into an idea. [08/03/12 03:34] Kyphis:One should always know when to stop. Doesn't mean you SHOULD stop there, but one should always KNOW [08/03/12 03:34] Brulant:Oh, yes, I'll never forget you. [08/03/12 03:35] Falronn:I can think of one situation here. [08/03/12 03:35] Fang Archbane:well then. indulge me Brulant. want to know a secret? [08/03/12 03:35] Brulant:That might serve you well when you visit Mur, Kyphis. [08/03/12 03:35] Falronn:Well, that is a good point. [08/03/12 03:35] Brulant:Or you'll get burned like Fang. *grins* [08/03/12 03:35] Brulant:One of the two. [08/03/12 03:35] :Fang Archbane is waiting [08/03/12 03:35] Handy Pockets:oh, my [08/03/12 03:36] Brulant:What, Fang? [08/03/12 03:36] Handy Pockets:burned like Fang? really [08/03/12 03:36] Fang Archbane:when i first met you, i oput you on a level with my teacher, and FATHER, Granos [08/03/12 03:36] Fang Archbane:i had the utmost respect for you. [08/03/12 03:36] pho ra: *charles smiles at pho and erik* awww.... [08/03/12 03:37] Fang Archbane:call me childish, but at that moment, i decided to etch myself into your mind forever. somehow. [08/03/12 03:37] Fang Archbane:the easiest way? to be myself. the spaztic, never quiet, ever lo9ving foolish wolf that i am. [08/03/12 03:37] Handy Pockets:wolf hair burning, yeck [08/03/12 03:37] Fang Archbane:i pulled myself closer to you, slowly, to earn your love and trust. [08/03/12 03:38] pho ra: *pho yawns and looks at charles* what are you looking at? [08/03/12 03:38] Fang Archbane:even when you insult me, fight me, and deny me, with every bit of your being, i just remember Granos [08/03/12 03:38] :phantasm passed Box of rainbow candies to falronn [08/03/12 03:38] pho ra: *charles looks away* uuhh...nothin [08/03/12 03:38] Fang Archbane:THAT is why i will always respect you. THAT is why i will always follow you. and THAT is why i have the utmost respect for you, and would follow you till the worlds end. [08/03/12 03:38] Falronn:Thank you. [08/03/12 03:39] Fang Archbane:just thought id let ya know. *has a serious face, not something seen often on this Moon Child* [08/03/12 03:39] :[Spell] I dont know where the life begins [08/03/12 03:39] :Fang Archbane takes his leave [08/03/12 03:39] :Paracelsus ?????? [08/03/12 03:39] :Brulant is speechless [08/03/12 03:40] : Falronn throws the dice and gets 3 [08/03/12 03:40] :phantasm passed Box of rainbow candies to brulant [08/03/12 03:40] : Falronn throws the dice and gets 8 [08/03/12 03:41] Dragual Monarth:Back to Abra. [08/03/12 03:41] Kyphis:Kadabra [08/03/12 03:41] Brulant:Alakazam. [08/03/12 03:42] Kyphis:WIN! [08/03/12 03:42] :Falronn used Ulta Ball [08/03/12 03:42] :Kyphis apirs Brulant [08/03/12 03:42] Falronn:(Oops. Ultra. [08/03/12 03:43] Falronn:Well, anyone have any hair-brained schemes to free Abra/ [08/03/12 03:43] Brulant:Keep him awake for eternity. [08/03/12 03:44] Paracelsus:wear him [08/03/12 03:44] Dragual Monarth:Kill him. [08/03/12 03:44] joshdragon:Summon him to wherever he wants to go and movelock him every five minutes. [08/03/12 03:46] joshdragon:Do we have any non-harebrained schemes? [08/03/12 03:46] pho ra: *pho yawns and lays down erik's head still being in her lap* ..... [08/03/12 03:47] Brulant:Danke, Amber. [08/03/12 03:47] : Fang Archbane presented valid pass papers and was escorted safely to the Ivory Lighthouse [08/03/12 03:47] Brulant:Welcome back, Fang. [08/03/12 03:47] AmberRune:No problem. Have leash, will drag [08/03/12 03:47] Brulant:Goodbye, Fang. [08/03/12 03:48] :Brulant chuckles [08/03/12 03:48] Brulant:What about you, Falronn? [08/03/12 03:49] Nightbane Strongarm:hello all [08/03/12 03:49] Falronn:Me? Hmm... [08/03/12 03:49] Dragual Monarth:Kill him. [08/03/12 03:49] Falronn:No not kill him... [08/03/12 03:49] Nightbane Strongarm:Kill Abra? [08/03/12 03:51] Brulant: *shrugs* I guess it would make the problem go away. [08/03/12 03:51] Nightbane Strongarm:hmm seems a bit unessary, and i fail to see how it would make the problem go away [08/03/12 03:52] Falronn:Perhaps it's just another fancy answer. [08/03/12 03:52] Falronn:This was an idea of mine. The meeting. [08/03/12 03:53] Nightbane Strongarm:yes im well aware, saw your annoucmen in the mood panal ^^ [08/03/12 03:53] Nightbane Strongarm:excuse if this seems a dumb question. but it is belived that the armours are connected to GG correct? [08/03/12 03:54] Falronn:Connected how? There are connections I am sure. [08/03/12 03:54] Nightbane Strongarm:my bet is the boat [08/03/12 03:55] Falronn:Yes, the boat brought them to Golemus. [08/03/12 03:55] Nightbane Strongarm:so it is not reasonble that the boat is might be what connects them to Golemus [08/03/12 03:56] Falronn:It could be. [08/03/12 03:56] Kyphis:The Aramors have no furthe connection to the boat. Once it conveyed them to land, they left it [08/03/12 03:56] Kyphis:They have not returned, nor do they pay it much attention [08/03/12 03:56] Nightbane Strongarm:Perhaps that becuase it is on land Kyphis [08/03/12 03:56] Falronn:They were heading to the aramory were they not? [08/03/12 03:57] Nightbane Strongarm:dont know, im just connecting the pieces I know of [08/03/12 03:58] Nightbane Strongarm:@Kyphis so despite it not being payed attention too, it could still be someway connected. just an opion is all [08/03/12 03:59] Falronn:Opinions are what I am looking for. I want to know what you all think, and get you thinking more. [08/03/12 04:00] Nightbane Strongarm:i think it might be worth a try sticking that boat on the mainland and see what happens [08/03/12 04:00] Falronn:Hmm... [08/03/12 04:01] Brulant:How're they chained? [08/03/12 04:01] Nightbane Strongarm:the thoughts abit of a stretc, but i do have a reason behind it [08/03/12 04:01] Nightbane Strongarm:That sorrta what im thinking brulent [08/03/12 04:02] Nightbane Strongarm:for if im understanding, they were pretty much stuck on the boat till it crashed on Golemus. So what woulda happened if they crashed on the mainland instead? [08/03/12 04:03] Falronn:Yes, if Golemus was not in the way, and they crashed here? [08/03/12 04:04] Falronn:Next to the aramory. [08/03/12 04:05] Dragual Monarth:What if we deliver Abra to the Aramory? Will he disappear then? [08/03/12 04:05] Falronn:No. He has visited it before, but he continues to return to Golemus. [08/03/12 04:05] Nightbane Strongarm:Do the armors usaly leave through this gate? [08/03/12 04:07] Falronn:That is the only way I have seen Abra leave. I do not know if they can leave through other ways. [08/03/12 04:07] Falronn:With the exception that Awiiya used to summon Abra to him. [08/03/12 04:08] Nightbane Strongarm:then perhaps they should try leaving Golemus through the maze. That seems more connected to the main then this gate [08/03/12 04:10] AmberRune:Have they been to Mt. Kelle'tha? Or have they always been along the beaches? [08/03/12 04:11] Falronn:They stay along the beaches. [08/03/12 04:11] Nightbane Strongarm:then perhaps it is time for them to venture around Golemus some more [08/03/12 04:12] Falronn:They do not head to Golems Mill or Fenths Cave, and the do not head past the Drachorn's Lair. [08/03/12 04:12] Nightbane Strongarm:will they linger around the drachorns lair? [08/03/12 04:12] Falronn:No, I meant they do not enter that area. [08/03/12 04:13] Nightbane Strongarm:ahh [08/03/12 04:13] Dragual Monarth:Why? [08/03/12 04:13] Nightbane Strongarm:Exactly what part of Golemus do the armors stay in most? As in number wise [08/03/12 04:13] Falronn:There is no specific spot, they shift back and forth. [08/03/12 04:14] Falronn:And I do not know why they stay along the beaches. Perhaps they are afraid to head towards the tiny men. [08/03/12 04:14] Nightbane Strongarm:so there an area, but no specific spot. hmm and why are they afriad of tiny men [08/03/12 04:16] Falronn:I don't know if they are afraid or not, and why. [08/03/12 04:16] Nightbane Strongarm:Has anyone even consider building and boat and trying to trace where exactly these guys came from? [08/03/12 04:16] Nightbane Strongarm:that might give a clue [08/03/12 04:17] Falronn:But perhaps they can be compared to the shades inside and outside of Necrovion. [08/03/12 04:17] Nightbane Strongarm:hmm. how so falronn? [08/03/12 04:17] Brulant:How? [08/03/12 04:17] Dragual Monarth:He has a point. [08/03/12 04:17] Falronn:Well, think of the reaction earlier today. [08/03/12 04:18] Falronn: (I have to go for a little bit, will be afk) [08/03/12 04:18] Nightbane Strongarm: (okay) [08/03/12 04:18] Nightbane Strongarm: *looks around* what happened ealier? (wasnt here ealier -.-) [08/03/12 04:19] :Hedge the Green nods to all. [08/03/12 04:19] Nightbane Strongarm:evening hedge [08/03/12 04:20] :Dragual Monarth nods [08/03/12 04:21] Nightbane Strongarm:so dragual what has been your thoughts on this? [08/03/12 04:22] Dragual Monarth:I want to know why we should free them. [08/03/12 04:22] Nightbane Strongarm:hmm i have a strange feeling that you have a reason not to free them [08/03/12 04:22] :Dragual Monarth smiles [08/03/12 04:23] Nightbane Strongarm:if i am correct, may i hear your reason [08/03/12 04:23] Dragual Monarth:I will say nothing further on that matter. [08/03/12 04:23] Nightbane Strongarm:very well [08/03/12 04:24] Nightbane Strongarm: *looks to the gates* mabey it has to do with numbers [08/03/12 04:25] Nightbane Strongarm:or even time [08/03/12 04:26] Kyphis:Or... Hammers? [08/03/12 04:27] Nightbane Strongarm:mabey. no one really knows [08/03/12 04:27] Nightbane Strongarm:perhaps it right under our noses, or in the far reaches of md [08/03/12 04:27] Nightbane Strongarm:!!! umm excuse me for a moment [08/03/12 04:32] Nightbane Strongarm:okay back. Im corious, do any of you think it might be a problem like the device at berserkers way? [08/03/12 04:36] pho ra:*charles yawns and wakes up [08/03/12 04:36] pho ra: *charles yawns and wakes up* ...a-are we still here? [08/03/12 04:37] Nightbane Strongarm:yes [08/03/12 04:37] pho ra: *charles looks at nightbane* ah....i see... [08/03/12 04:37] Nightbane Strongarm:yup [08/03/12 04:38] pho ra: *charles stands up and stretches* aaaahhh...... [08/03/12 04:38] Brulant:Log time? [08/03/12 04:39] pho ra: *charles looks at erik laying on pho's tummy* hmm...seems there still asleep... [08/03/12 04:40] Nightbane Strongarm:might be a good idea Brulent, but its your call i guess since Falronn a bit spaced out right now [08/03/12 04:41] Falronn: (back) [08/03/12 04:41] Nightbane Strongarm: (wb) [08/03/12 04:41] Falronn:What did I misss? [08/03/12 04:42] Nightbane Strongarm:not much it seems [08/03/12 04:42] Brulant:Not much. [08/03/12 04:42] Falronn:Ah. Does anyone have any final questions then? [08/03/12 04:43] Nightbane Strongarm:i simply wonder if what up with the armours is similar to the berseker way device [08/03/12 04:43] Phantom Orchid:Similar, how? [08/03/12 04:43] Nightbane Strongarm:well if im recalling correctly. the device traps something, a soul apprently [08/03/12 04:44] Nightbane Strongarm:and the armours seem trapped here [08/03/12 04:44] Falronn:Who's soul did it trap though? [08/03/12 04:44] :Kyphis waits patiently to take the log [08/03/12 04:45] :Brulant passed Box of rainbow candies to AmberRune [08/03/12 04:45] Nightbane Strongarm:i dont know. but what reall makes me consider that these might be similar is something i have reread in the devices notes [08/03/12 04:45] Nightbane Strongarm:not sure if i should aywhat part of the notes since it may be considered a "spoiler" [08/03/12 04:45] Falronn:It is indeed an interesting thought. Perhaps it is something you can research? [08/03/12 04:46] Nightbane Strongarm:hmm, guess i now have a mission to head to the mda archives. i see no harm looking further into the matter [08/03/12 04:47] Falronn:If anyone gains any further knowledge on the aramors situation, or anything that might be related I would be happy if you were to share it with me. [08/03/12 04:47] Falronn:For now though I guess we can end this meeting. [08/03/12 04:47] Phantom Orchid:Falronn, I thank you for putting forth this effort and engaging people with it [08/03/12 04:47] :Phantom Orchid smiles [08/03/12 04:48] Kyphis:Any other final words before I log? [08/03/12 04:49] pho ra: *charles stomach growls so he pushes erik off pho and gets on top of her then bites her neck* mmmm.......... [08/03/12 04:49] pho ra: *pho opens her eyes* ow ow ow ow ow ow ow!!!!!!!! [08/03/12 04:49] Kyphis:I will assume not then [08/03/12 04:49] Axel Keravnos:Anyone have a badge I can borrow for a while? [08/03/12 04:49] :[Spell] Echo [08/03/12 04:50] Nightbane Strongarm:echo eho [08/03/12 04:50] :[Spell] Morphing thru time [/spoiler]
  3. They landed at Wraith's Wreck Liberty. The line is pretty close in a matter of degrees. The meeting will be in about one day now. I welcome all of you to come to the Gates of Ages and discuss the subject. I will try to be there all day and hope that if you cannot make the time of the meeting that you can show up at a later time if you wish.
  4. Last I checked his inventory, it had like 184 uses or something.
  5. There are many things I don't know yet, why exactly he returns to Golemus being one of them. So same answer as Seigheart got yes I am blindly helping them. Like I stated though I don't have a reason to not want to help him out yet and don't seem to have a need to worry. If you believe there would be reasons to worry I'm sure that could be a great point to bring up within the meeting.
  6. Pretty much, that's what it started off as when he asked me. Though the topic has caught my interest and it is fun to research the matter.
  7. I don't have a reason to not want to free them yet. Abra has asked for my help and I would be glad to help him.
  8. I will be holding a meeting concerning Abra and the Empty Aramors at the Gates of Ages. It will be at Wednesday, March 7th, 0:00 Server Time (Day 67). The goal will be to find a way to release the aramors from Golemus. I will try to be there all day and I hope many of you will come and discuss the subject. Lets try to keep the talk of the aramors ingame please. This also relates to the quest recently posted by Phantom Orchid: [url="http://magicduel.invisionzone.com/topic/11636-liberating-knator-commander/page__p__103541#entry103541"]http://magicduel.inv...541#entry103541[/url] Below is the statement in my alliance page. [b] [u]Abra and the Aramors[/u][/b] An Aramor by the name of Abra has tasked me to find a way to release him and his kind from Golemus Golemicarum. Although Abra can leave Golemus on his own, he later mysteriously reappears within the gates. I must find a way to break this binding of the Aramors to Golemus, and I will need help. If you can provide me with any information or join my cause I will be grateful. Soon we may be able to solve this mystery and release the Aramors to wander the rest of the realm.
  9. Golemus Golemicarum Flag (ID: 16033) A big flag with Golemus symbols on it Beer stein (ID: 15939) A nicely decorated stain full with top quality beer. || Returned by Falronn at 1_0x-2_1 on day 37, 12:33 00sec, storing Herbs Basket (ID: 15437) tool A rattan basket good for holding herbs while you gather them. Loreroot Brass Gears and Parts (ID: 19392) Quantity: 20 Mixed gears and different mechanical parts. They seem to be leftovers from some machine. Some of them might be reusable but most are garbage. Golemus Golemicarum
  10. I don't know why the chat breaks, but a simple way to fix it is to click out of the error messages and clear the chat. Works every time I've done it.
  11. [quote name='Pipstickz' timestamp='1328310161' post='103357'] BHC competitors regain the ability to take heads from people when they sign up. So, that's how that works. Quite honestly though, MP5 HC has so few real competitors that it can be used to see who logs in most. With the BHC influence, at least there's some sort of competition, and it allows BHC to be more fast-paced, the downside being that HC drags way on. Whether it's good or bad overall comes down to opinion, and mine is that it is indeed a good thing. You said yourself, you've only lost heads to people not in HC, and you're still more than 5000 above second place. Unless you log out, you're almost sure to win. Just go (deep) into someplace BHC competitors can't go if you get some heads, and watch for teleports. Be paranoid, because heads is unfair. [/quote] During Heads Contest, I log out when I would usually idle so that I don't accidentally win. Even now I'm 5th place.
  12. To be honest I like Kings better.
  13. You find something in your pocket, and wonder how long you have had it in your inventory for.
  14. I was one of the best soldiers the Stormcloaks army but I took a sword to the chest.

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    2. Mallos


      Here you go Fyrd:


      And yes, I am a Stormcloak. Faithless Imperials...

    3. Dragual


      @Fyrd you can do the Azura's Star quest...

    4. Chewett


      They owned me on that :P i think i did it much too early lol

  15. I'm not sure if it was just me, but in quite a few of the links the Captcha boxes didn't show up and I wasn't able to vote in them.
  16. I thought of having it on the needle (besides for simplicity) because then it would have weakening and disabling causes, and the land cleansers would have movelocking and the ability to move players, basically paring the two items could work great. But I do think having the effect on another item is a good thing as well.
  17. 125. The free credits and all of the voting sites were set up by BFH just to see how loyal/greedy of a player you are depending on whether or not you actually vote on the sites.
  18. How about adding another use to the needle. People could fight to 'disable' (or a similar word) the person, causing them to not be able to use any inventory items. This could help to deal with issues like Eon and others depleting resources in locations, and would pretty much complete all the ways you can really disable a player.
  19. [quote name='Brulant' timestamp='1327218845' post='101771'] I was thinking a week, and it would be applied to everybody all at once. It'd be an event, not really a typical illusion spell. I suggested illusions because that seems the best mechanic we have for making it happen. [/quote] That sounds pretty good in my opinion, and I like the idea in general.
  20. Or everyones names get jumbled up. Dragual might be named Brulant for the time being, Brulant might be named Falronn, and so on. Basically you only know who the person isn't and even then who knows? What if Brulant was still Brulant but decided to act differently? Just an idea I had but probably not the best way to handle it. How long would the illusion last? How often could it be used? *Edit: How large of an area would it affect?
  21. [quote][color=#808080][i]it[/i][/color][color=#808080][i]'s everyone's best interest to leave it between the 50%-66%[/i][/color][/quote] I would recommend no less than 66% simply because there are more then. I don't harvest them beneath that. And Golemus citizens (as well as Loreroot citizens) are emphasized not to deplete resources in other lands as well, so I apply the laws stated above to anywhere else. It would be nice if others would as well, including in places not in your land (such as Tribunal or MDA) [b]"To be an ambassador for the land:[/b] Golemus citizens are expected to apply these laws beyond Golemus."
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