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  1. I think Peace is a good protector and would like to see her be able to continue doing well. I try to pray to her often and would like to see her revived to put good use to the heat from me and others.
  2. Really?? Death a pre-ban punishment? What have those killed done that is so severe to warrant such action (yes Seigheart included)? Im inclined to think anyone may do mostly whatever they please as long as it follows the ingame restrictions. Death stops this. As I see it death has been thrown around too freely lately. Take when the kings were killed as an example. Lots of death but wasnt it all planned out? They were all more responsible with it then. Nowadays.. Why was nadrolski killed? "Disturbance?"
  3. So nobody has been revived by this new method created specificly to revive people? It seems like people need a little more motivation then, ex. a wishpoint. Whether or not Seigheart gains from this (which there's no guaruntee he will) I think he's doing a good thing sponsoring the quest.
  4. No computer, will be gone for a while. See you all later :(

    1. Maebius


      Oh noes! Hope it's not too long, Falronn.

  5. I think the story shouldn't be optional. Splitting it up over the mind power levels could be a good idea, so mp3's get through it faster and don't get frustrated at the length. Wanting to see the rest of the story would also be another incentive to move up the next mind power level. Maybe if it's split up (and since they only get the 15 minute wait option) we wouldn't have to take out the wait times either, as that helps to teach patience in the game. The current tutorial has too much text and unnecessary situations as Burns has described. I agree with him that those should be removed. As I referred my friend the other day, he hadn't much of an idea what to do (told him to click the scroll, now click this, and such) and he quickly didn't want to play because of the numerous times he had to click the scroll, didn't want to read the text, and didn't care to do what was asked. I didn't mind any of the tutorial because the game genuinely interested me, but I'm sure there will be others who might feel the same as my friend did. I like the idea of having them do a pre-story mode sort of tutorial, like start them at the park and maybe after they do a few things on their own (a battle, speak a few lines in chat, move around a few scenes) then they get put into the Paper Cabin sort of tutorial.
  6. ISTP Introvert(33%) Sensing(25%) Thinking(38%) Perceiving(33)%
  7. I'd be happy to partner with other guilds to make tea, mostly to supply heat if needed. Otherwise, "little use as it stands" has a bit of truth to it I suppose. Heat stones aren't the biggest commodity around, but we're trying to do some cool stuff with them soon. Oh and if anyone needs heat jars/heat stones or just plain heat in a jar me and Gort would be happy to supply them.
  8. Mur gave us beer, that's sufficient right? Oh wait and we got cake now too. Welcome to MagicDuel, hope you stick around.
  9. I think the values would have to be raised a little, but it's an interesting idea.
  10. [b]0000110000101100010010101 0010110011[/b]
  11. I like the clickie type of quests ex: Burns' Shopkeeper Quest, Maebius' A little tour of sorts, Fyrd's Lost Path Adventure. But I would definitely like to see more types of quests that require ingame interaction between players, as how phantasm described it.
  12. [url="http://magicduel.invisionzone.com/topic/10496-shade-at-fields-of-abandoment-is-there-again/"]http://magicduel.inv...is-there-again/[/url] I retried the above and it happens again. Depending on what shade the player fights with your guardianarmy on him, effects which shade appears for you. Fighting the old mans shade in the Old Man's Road didn't make any appear. Fighting the first shade in the House of Liquid Dust made the second appear. Fighting the third shade in the House of Liquid Dust made the first shade in the Fields of Abandonment appear. I didn't want to test on the other ones, as it might have caused one of the shades that block your path to appear and cause some problems. Maybe this would be a good thing to test on a Chew x alt?
  13. [quote name='Fyrd Argentus' timestamp='1338929981' post='113516']The % power selected for an attack ritual should actually pop up as the default, not 50%.[/quote]
  14. So I was the red man, and I've ended this quest now. Congrats to AmberRune, Aelis, and Guillak, and thanks to anyone else who tried it.
  15. I would give a silver, but also agree that the heat voting will likely work much better.
  16. How about something a little more reasonable: Any stack of candy over 50 (or so) loses a fourth of it on each item regroup.
  17. I would be happy to help with whatever may be necessary to keep the garden going. Excuse me though as I am not much of a gardener myself, I may need help as to what to do.
  18. [quote name='Duke of Malfi' timestamp='1335779744' post='110405'] Where are them metalheads? [/quote] You called? I'll add some songs in there when Chewett adds me to the playlist. I'm loving the pokemon song.
  19. If you are still stuck in the tunnel or somewhere else, post here if you want a teleport to Mur's Gate. One of us will get you out I'm sure.
  20. I had fun being a challenger, it was interesting for me to do something like this.
  21. If it was to be permanent I don't think there should be any competition in it, that could skew the results in an unwanted way. More just to sit there so more people can sign up, and as time passes people can enter in what they think of you and you can watch your results grow.
  22. The hardest things to find are what hides in plain sight.

    1. Maebius


      I'll agree with that!!!

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