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  1. I don't remember how long it was exactly (ask sasha lilias) but I remember it took a little while for the toadspeak part of the effect to wear off, not considering the actual illusion cooldown. Was longer than 20 minutes.
  2. When I was frogged there was a cooldown period of which I could not exit the illusion until it had passed. Considering DD got frogged a day before he got citizenship, it's very possible there was nothing he could do about it. DARK DEMON, email council and see what they say about it. Otherwise you will likely have to reapply.
  3. No the East doesn't yet, not sure if bugs is going to work on it either.
  4. No, guilds/alliances are separate from plain citizenship.
  5. POKEMO... Er... Welcome! No we can't go capturing Abra or Arcanine now.
  6. You all can come find me and give me the silver at the Road of Battles. I will then give you the ctc. This can be closed.
  7. Maybe should have mentioned, I will take any amount of silver. Offer will be invalid at Nov 15 server time.
  8. [u]Imperial Aramor #1 -[/u] Stored Heat 605421 Age 500 Tokens: [b][antifreeze] [/b][b][kellethafire][/b][b][claw3][/b] [u]Imperial Aramor #2 -[/u] Stored Heat 98630 Age 165 Tokens: [b][kellethafire][/b][b][claw2][/b][b][onyxfangs][/b][b][goldbelt][/b] [u]Pimped Grasan #1 -[/u] Stored Heat 363795 Age 328 Tokens: [b][stardust][/b][b][claw1][/b] [u]Pimped Grasan # 2[/u][u]-[/u] Stored Heat 86383 Age 221 [u]Elemental -[/u] Stored Heat 5993855 Age 408 Tokens: [b][stardust][/b][b][enlightning][/b]
  9. Dreams are very fuzzy to even the dreamer, not to mention for someone who was able to listen in on it. Perhaps any dream listened to could be under the effects similar to an acoustic obfuscator.
  10. [s][color=#FF0000][font=helvetica,arial,sans-serif]10) Eara Meraia - 1 Silver[/font][/color][color=#FF0000][font=helvetica,arial,sans-serif](Mallos is doing)[/font][/color] [color=#FF0000][font=helvetica,arial,sans-serif]11) Esmaralda - 1 Silver[/font][/color][color=#FF0000][font=helvetica,arial,sans-serif](Mallos is doing)[/font][/color][/s] [color=#FF0000][font=helvetica,arial,sans-serif]13) Jaime - 1 Silver[/font][/color][color=#FF0000][font=helvetica,arial,sans-serif](Mallos is doing)[/font][/color] [s][color=#FF0000][font=helvetica,arial,sans-serif]14) Jolla - 1 Silver(Mallos is doing)[/font][/color][/s]
  11. In relation to "dead can dance" http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vdvHsMqI6o0
  12. [img] http://th788.photobucket.com/albums/yy163/saidaisuke9/th_trollface-2.jpg[/img] Careful not to feed the trolls men, I would just like to point out how this topic started. Oh, my prediction earlier was pretty spot on I suppose. Fang succumbed earlier than I thought he would. Fang, perhaps we can talk sometime about your new job, there are some possible concerns I may have to express to you in person. If anyone else has concerns, perhaps voice them here or do as I plan to.
  13. [media]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-3c5-6N_4ys[/media]
  14. Fang you crazy rascal, I have a question for you. Have any of your rewards been late yet since you became leader?
  15. I'll be on Fangs side for this cause I like to be on the losing side of things (what's the point of winning if there was no challenge/what's wrong with losing if there was?) and well I am favored to him overall. [img]http://www.digitalmobile.in/styles/default/xenCODE/OldSkool/troll.png[/img] In my view Fang will break down under all your pressure (or maybe we like to think that) and end up letting his TKs reward stuff on their own. In fact in his reply to ZenTao he already said it would be possible. And he already stopped when he said he would be doing all the sponsoring, that's no longer the truth. With that said, do any of you even want to see Fang be a good leader? Do any of you think you can do better and want to apply for the position?
  16. I believe candy and pickles are the only items there are a limit to, and now candy goes bad after a while.
  17. I'll sponsor this with a WP to first prize.
  18. I'll give 5 memory stones, one locate stone, and one heat stone to the winner.
  19. Works for me. [color=#000000]Locating [/color][b]Fang Archbane[/b][color=#000000] ...[/color] [color=#000000]On 26/10/12 01:42:53 was at 1_0x2_1 [/color] [color=#000000]On 26/10/12 01:43:00 was at 1_-1x2_1 [/color] [b]On 26/10/12 02:07:32 was at 1_-1x3_1 --- Last known location![/b] [color=#000000]Locating [/color][b]Avindeca Gol[/b][color=#000000] ...[/color] [color=#000000]On 26/10/12 01:26:21 was at 1_0x0_1 [/color] [color=#000000]On 26/10/12 01:26:25 was at 1_0x1_1 [/color] [b]On 26/10/12 01:27:14 was at 1_0x2_1 --- Last known location![/b]
  20. How about lower the stat boost by a lot, and let everyone be able to compete every contest. And if you won it, you can't compete again until the next contest passes.
  21. I think it lacks a little motivation for players to try and change ingame things.
  22. @dst - MRAlyon specifically mentioned fighting contests, I did not have a suggestion for heads contests so I suggested something for torch competition. The depletion was part of the suggestion, take it or leave it. And I think not taking away the spells for heads would be a good idea, and adding spells could be interesting.
  23. I had an idea that there could be a sort of constant torch contest going on in the realm. People could pick up torches if they wanted to compete and have a little fun. The main changes I had in mind was there could be other ways to flag you as competing and run the risk of getting killed. Depletions have been a big issue in the past and we complain that theres nothing to be done about it. Say if someone depletes a lands resources below half (typical land law amount) they would be considered killable to that lands citizens, perhaps untill they left the land or a certain timeframe passes. Im not sure exactly how fast you get resurrected in the torch competition, but the values could be made a little longer, say an hour or a few hours?
  24. 1. I often give out resources and similar for nothing more than free, and would be glad to provide to this project anything that I might be able to supply. I will also submit my 8 sc and any other small coins I happen to get my hands on. 2. I already support the Garden effort. 3. You can definitely count me as a friend.
  25. Dark Tower reference, we even have Roland in the realm. Golemus/Loreroot = Gilead/Inworld MB = Midworld No Mans Land = Outworld Necrovion/Deathmarrow = Endworld/Dark Tower
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