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    If anything... the seats shouldn't be 30, more like 5. Interesting idea but a little rediculous as well. And how would you prove (or require) genuine interest in exploring?
  2. I have the IDs of each. No fooling me.
  3. With the holiday seasons the realm has grown rather cold lately. In an attempt to correct this, Ive solidified heat and spread it throughout the realm. In the four mainlands, No Mans Land, and the MDA, Ive hidden heat stones in strategic locations (inside clickies, retrievable by ITC). There are 19 in total. There is a catch though: In each of these lands, there is a single stone of which can only be claimed by a member of that land. This leaves 14 (13 free plus one for your land) retrievable by anyone. In order to win you must gather a majority of the heat stones. 10 or more for first prize, and the collector with the second and third most heat stones will win second and third place. Prizes are as follows: First place- A wishpoint Second place- A soulweaver Third place- An aged angien ________ While collecting, be careful not to use the heat stones or you will not be able to turn them in to me. When someone collects 10 turn them into me for the wishpoint. If nobody is able to collect 10 by the end of the Xmas festival second and third prizes will be given to the top two collectors of the heat stones. [U]The quest will begin at December 21st, 00:00 server time.[/u] Clues to retrieving the heat stones will be posted here at that time. If you have questions you may ask here. (Thanks to fellow Fusioneer Gort Hedera who provided the coding and other aspects to make this quest possible)
  4. I can walk again! Heh... Oh, and Ive got a quest coming soon.

  5. Try using your Id instead of your player name: 214273
  6. Could either increase the rate at which the system counts you as inactive for the votes or make it so if you dont vote it doesnt have such a negative impact. I'd opt for the second option. If you didnt vote, its probably not because you wanted to vote no. Abstain would work well in that case, its basically the same thing. And if theres a lot who dont vote, it wont necessarily make it easy to control the votes. If you didnt want Eon in your land youd vote against him if you cared so much. Same if you did want him in your land.
  7. This and MDA visit can be closed now.
  8. Well... Whoever comes to visit me at the weapon smith and impress me will have a shot at winning a rare creature (soul weaver... subject to discretion). *coughs* You should visit the aramory/paper cabin on the way for a better chance to win.
  9. Mallos

    MDA visit

    The first 15 to find me in chat at Awiiyas Way will get a silver coin. (possible chance for you young ones to get into MDA)
  10. Innocence won't be accepting any rewards. As to why I think AmberRune should be in the adventuring category, shes always partipating in quests. She was second in the dominion event, won my quest, participated in the summer fest and other events, did all monthly mini quests, etc.
  11. ^ I still remember when viscosity came out. Heheh... I would free the aramors. ... Ok on a more serious note, [u] I would bring kings and queens back.[/u]
  12. As such is why if they had names... We might be able to sympathize. And if we don't, so what people get bad reputations all the time. Although I would not put councils decisions to be results of bad character on the players part, they are a council, and that needs to be understood. We should not be being ran by an unknown source. And if you say that them having names will cause trouble then thats something they should have to deal with as part of their jobs. They have full power and we shouldn't be able to affect that. But they should at least take strong consideration of our opinions if they truly care about MD.
  13. 173) The council members were never given names as children, so they insist on remaining nameless.
  14. Thought Innocence didn't want to be nominated for stufff? Well if not, then: Pre-eminent role player: Innocence
  15. [quote name='BFH' timestamp='1354757848' post='127554'] Which is the reason of why council should remain as a secret unknown group[/quote] In my opinion, that would only make it easier to make such personal decisions. I'm not saying they do or not.
  16. 170) And aramors are the real angiens. And we are the... (to be continued) 171) There are no Loreroot guards, they really are just trees.
  17. Adventuring Award: AmberRune Best Beatification: Dante Lionheart Champion Fighter: [s] Would say MRAlyon (land related)[/s] Fossil of the year: Awiiya The Golden Protector: Peace Helper of the Year: Peace Most Addicted: Most Popular: Eon Outstanding Service to MD: [s] Would say BFH (land related)[/s] Pre-eminent Role Player: Prime Quest: lashtal Rookie of the year: Tom Pouce (young enough still?) Top Techie: Maebius
  18. 163) The sun isn't really out, it's in.
  19. I've graciously donated ONE SILVER in hopes to help stop this "noob syndrome" from occurring in the realm!! Only time will tell if it works..
  20. Users online right now: 47 (27 idle): Kanoshi, Innocence, Anruil, John Constantine, Pipstickz, Necare, ERO, Antyvas, smatr, lashtal, Myron, ignnus, Dante Lionheart, nadrolski, Plix Plox, Irkantu Donegar, Rellic, *Peace*, *Lightsage*, Leixer, Esmaralda, Falronn, Xarr, laylah, jessepenny, Eon, Ackshan Bemunah, Fate Weaver, Amoran K Kol, Eara Meraia, Ackshan Bemunah, Kyphis, Aelis, Boaroth, Quizok, Hadrian, Fire Starter, darkraptor, Sajura Oninay, samon, I am Bored, Seeker white, VorniC, dst, Mallos, Tal, Fyrd Argentus, Bit of an interesting thing I've found. Theres two Ackshan Bemunah's on the list. Could this be from multiple windows or what? I couldn't take a screenshot as I'm on my phone so I just copy/pasted it.
  21. Hehe ease up on poor Tipu he just needs a dragon or two. Hey Tipu find me in Necrovion I'll give you some stuff and not sue you over it.
  22. [url= http://www.google.com/search?q=vote+for+zentao%2C+do+it.+Shes+better.&hl=en&safe=off&tbo=d&nomo=1&biw=320&bih=455&oq=vote+for+zentao%2C+do+it.+Shes+better.&gs_l=heirloom-hp.12...24719.38265.0.44591.]ZenTao[/url] Well then... I've seen how she does the job and she does it well. I don't think it's necessary to try our luck with "new blood." If you want new people in hopes that it'll be ran differently somehow, remember that this alliance has a specific purpose for a reason. (Insert everything said above about ZenTao here, because I agree with it all.)
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