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  1. Aelis wins the silver! ... Can a hollow warrior talk with cats? 🐱 This week let's hear what your favorite movie or movies are, and maybe why. Again don't spoil stuff __ Well my favorite is V for Vendetta, not much to add I guess except maybe vive la révolution! My others would be Boondock Saints, I am Legend, The Wolf of Wall Street, Django Unchained, Interstellar. All good.
  2. Well I think heads are rather iconic to the realm by now, I don't care what they are called but if you did rename them to toilet paper, it could be a fun joke for a while but hopefully not a permanent joke. There is more toiletpaper where that came from Syrian but sometimes I need to let others have a chance
  3. As the self-appointed King of Flowers I am the person that can help you with that goal.
  4. Mirus wins the silver! Dishonorable mention to Dark Demon, maybe we will roast you some day. This week I want to hear what your favorite character from a book is, and why! Also if spoilers be kind to mark it as such by using the spoiler tag, the eye icon in the formatting menu above the reply box Credit to Steno for the idea, using this one because I wanted to do similar, but yes if you have ideas you can PM them to me and I might use them some week. I just want them to be lower effort, no requiring an essay or something, you can see past ideas to see the theme. ____ Well
  5. Mallos

    infinite tea

    Fatal error: Call to a member function query() on null in /home/magicdue/public_html/ui/marketitems/iteminterface/itemmixer.php on line 32 So I was making tea with Tissy, we finished one batch, and I had them give me the teapot/recipe book, after finishing the second batch I notice upon clicking through the page of the teapot ITEMS READY HEAT BURNING FULL Materials to be processed are depending on instructions/recipe used. When heat extincts all loaded items required to operate the device will be consumed. You get all this stuff below in the scene: Teapot
  6. MaGoHi wins the... Just kidding. Chewett wins the silver! What an altruistic character. Anyways I found an extra silver for this week, that one will go to yokin for their not-so speechless not-so tadpole. My honorable mention to lashtal with their cat in the box cliche kitty. This week I want to know what your favorite food(s) are! Best favorite foods wins my silver in ~7 days. Maybe bonus points if you can give us a picture of it that you cooked. ____ Well my favorite is definitely fish, probably halibut. I also love white rice. Combine the two..? 🍣
  7. I hereby declare that I love *Chewett* MORE than Ledah. ❤️
  8. This is becoming a cat and mouse game! Notice the different alleles between left to right, daughter-father-mother Bonus:
  9. Currently I doubt I will notice this change, only when I hit 0 action points which only really happens if I cross a huge gate, then I will notice and be annoyed. The problem is that newer players will much more often hit 0 action points, this hurts them not us. The past approach to our action points was to give us viscosity, then to give us action points for active days, then to increase costs for gates, then to give us cartography. Excuse me if I miss one, like land loyalty, or this was out of order. But to put it in general terms: Higher AP cost, more AP, higher AP cost, lower AP cost.
  10. Yeah I can help. Is there more information on what you want or a pm convo or something?
  11. The perks are a more succinct combat system, fewer creature choices and fewer stats on those who you could fight. Once you go mp5 these go wildly out of control (I'm looking at you drachorns)
  12. If we have enough NPCs so that any mp4 could farm them to gain sufficient heat to advance this is at least a bandaid fix to the wider problem being that there is not enough players that stay as mp4. In my experience most players will go to mp5 rather quickly, while a select few will stay mp3 for a long time or forever. Very few will stay as mp4 for great lengths of time. In the past this was not too big an issue, the playerbase was large enough to suit the demand of the few mp4s but many years now there has been no mp4s at all, likely the main reason we need so many mp7s now. I have sugge
  13. If you have 100 max health (here action points instead of health), and add 5 max health, the 5 extra max health does not matter up until the point you go below 6 current health and would have died otherwise. Decreasing our Ap gains from the timer is similar in that if we are above 0 AP the timer is practically irrelevant to how we function up until we hit 0 AP. Then it becomes a game of waiting, boring, I will sit and stare at online player list when I have nothing to do... The point being that we have too much max AP which isnt bad, but not enough to spend it on to make it relevant. The
  14. To clarify I just mean to remove the boots outside of Necrovion, as in MPD/Necro gates/meeting of the roads puzzle, the free AP boosts that can be easily taken advantage of. Maybe if removing them is not the best option, give them a cost to use like the boots inside Necro have. I think the movement style of using the boots inside Necro is just fine and you need to use the AP they give you in order to get out, generally disallowing use of the AP outside of Necro anyways. Tying the ap boost to the arrows might make it too prohibitive of which direction to move or require too many heat check
  15. Hard no from me, I can give two examples from today that this change would be very negative for. I'm collecting these heads from the bounties, and then giving them to someone else. Every time I want to transfer heads to a player it takes all of your AP to do so, I have to wait until my regen to be able to move and collect more. If the regen is much longer then I will just have to stop playing and come back tomorrow, no thanks on that I am having fun now. I'm heading towards Golemus but because I have low AP from gifting my heads, I need more to be able to enter the gates. Looking tow
  16. Well Steno wins the coin by default. This week I want to see pictures of your pets! Most lovely pet picture will win the silver coin
  17. I would like to point out that such features of growing costs for creatures would be easily avoided by asking someone to recruit them for you, transferring between each recruitment. edit Syrian also points this out I don't think we should be making them cost more for each, as stated this really just affects players that have little stats to begin with. Also this is quite inconsequential if the values are not very high after each recruitment, what does it matter when max creatures in a ritual is 6 or less. Of course stat farming comes into play, but this is exactly in opposition to the mai
  18. I would like to buy, with Fang's plushies Item 1: Anni creature 2019. Price: 15 plushies (limit: 1 p.p.) For a total cost of 16 plushies, being 15 of Fang's plushies and 1 of my plushies. __________ I would also like to redirect the remaining amount of Fang's plushies, which to start is 80 minus 15 for his anniv minus 15 for my anniv for the remainder of 50 plushies... 15 plushies to @Steno 15 plushies to @yokin 15 plushies to @Zetsuei to remain 5 plushies unused. To those I've quoted here, I choose this 15 plushies figure for a specific reason
  19. If you can manage to provide me memory stones I will give you my locate spell imprinted upon them free of charge, that applies to you and everyone else. This spell has been sitting pretty since my days as a treasure keeper, I used it to help me find the people I needed to reward, but after the addition of the online list and map dot locations it has slowly grown to be more or less useless. That's not to say I don't want the spell anymore but if it was to be removed I'd happily allocate that wish elsewhere.
  20. I would like to buy Item 12: 1 wiiya. Price: 1 plushie thanks
  21. Yes on the bottom bar there is an 'options' button that will take you to a page where it gives you the option to change it under the email tab.
  22. Chewett won the silver! My honorable mention to Steno, nice poem. Let me hear your favorite songs! Most favorited will win my silver in ~6 days ___________ I always end up thinking of this one in the context of MagicDuel...
  23. Attached you can see small view with and without the player list, and one wider view as normal. The only difference is the window size of the internet program (chrome here) as in I am not using the buttons to make the view smaller or larger, I am just resizing my internet windows. When resizing the player list slides left and right slightly, and sometimes the playerlist will show as normal, I suspect that the playerlist slides offscreen and is unable to be seen. There are no slider bars or way that I can scroll to where it can be seen again.
  24. This will be a weekly thing as long as I can continue to collect those activity coins. Anyways I too dislike my last challenge but I came up with it on the fly after seeing the word. I cancel that and issue a new one: I want to see your favorite poems, it can be your poem or quoted elsewhere. The best will earn my silver coin. “I walked a mile with Pleasure; She chatted all the way; But left me none the wiser For all she had to say. I walked a mile with Sorrow; And ne’er a word said she; But, oh! The things I learned from her, When Sorrow walked with me.” ― Ro
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